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This is the "Statistics" page of the "Mathematics and Statistics Research" guide.
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Mathematics and Statistics Research  

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Books from the Warner University Library


Statistics Books

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Applied Regression Analysis for Business and Economics - Terry E. Dielman
Call Number: HB 137 .D54 2001
ISBN: 0534379559
Publication Date: 2000-07-01
Designed for undergraduate and MBA courses in regression analysis for business and economics, this text requires very little mathematical expertise beyond college algebra. Terry Dielman emphasizes the importance of understanding the assumptions of the regression model, knowing how to validate a selected model for these assumptions, knowing when and how regression might be useful in a business setting, and understanding and interpreting output from statistical packages and spreadsheets.

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Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences - Dennis E. Hinkle; William Wiersma; Stephen G. Jurs
Call Number: HA 29 .H6525 2003
ISBN: 0618124055
Publication Date: 2002-10-07
This introductory text provides students with a conceptual understanding of basic statistical procedures, as well as the computational skills needed to complete them. The clear presentation, accessible language, and step-by-step instruction make it easy for students from a variety of social science disciplines to grasp the material. The scenarios presented in chapter exercises span the curriculum, from political science to marketing, so that students make a connection between their own area of interest and the study of statistics. Unique coverage focuses on concepts critical to understanding current statistical research such as power and sample size, multiple comparison tests, multiple regression, and analysis of covariance. Additional SPSS coverage throughout the text includes computer printouts and expanded discussion of their contents in interpreting the results of sample exercises.

Cover Art
Basic Statistics : a primer for the biomedical sciences - Olive Jean Dunn; Virginia A. Clark
Call Number: RA 409 .D87 2001
ISBN: 0471354228
Publication Date: 2000-10-16
An introduction to the use of statistics in biomedical research-now fully updated for the information age Since the second edition of Basic Statistics was published more than two decades ago, there have been significant changes in the way statistics is applied in the biomedical fields. To provide relevant, up-to-date coverage of biostatistics for professionals in public health, medicine, and other biomedical fields, this popular primer is now thoroughly revised. The new edition emphasizes biomedical research methodology and clearly explains the design, graphical methods, and exploratory data analysis as used in contemporary studies. Through short, concise, nontechnical presentations (high-school algebra is the only requirement!), readers will learn to interpret and examine data from biomedical studies and apply such tools as sampling, random assignment, and biostatistical analyses in their own research. Basic Statistics, Third Edition: * Describes major types of biomedical studies and how to design them * Discusses the samples used in different types of biomedical studies * Emphasizes the use of confidence intervals in data analysis * Offers a new introduction to survival analysis, including clinical life tables * Substantiates with examples some of the major statistical theorems * Adds new graphs, figures, problem sets, and bibliographic references * Discusses using statistical computer programs in data analysis

Cover Art
Making Sense of Statistics: a conceptual overview - Fred Pyrczak
Call Number: qQA 276.18 .P97 2006 qQA 276.18 .P97 2006 I. Guide
ISBN: 1884585701
Publication Date: 2006-01-01
The research context --Descriptive statistics --Correlational statistics -- Inferential statistics.

Cover Art
Number Freaking: how to change the world with delightfully surreal statistics - Gary Rimmer; Mary Rimmer
Call Number: QA 276.12 .R56 2006
ISBN: 1932857273
Publication Date: 2006-04-01
This isn’t a book of statistics and it isn’t a book of science. It has nothing whatsoever to do with actuaries or accountants.Number Freakingis a book of surreal sums and absurd arithmetic: it’s doodling with numbers, doing sums in your head just for fun, playing dice with the universe. It’s the art of putting numbers where none existed before to take an off-the-wall peek behind the curtains at how numbers rule our lives. It’s about taking numbers that were never meant to be in the same room, crashing them together and seeing what comes out the other end.Number Freakingreveals the low drama of life, the unexpected realities and unforeseen truths that emerge only when numbers are tested to destruction. " How long would it take to drive your car to the moon? " How many people on Earth are drunk right now? " If you were falling from the world’s tallest building, would you have time to phone a friend to say goodbye? " Which is more crowded: Jakarta, an IKEA store or Hell? " How long will it take for America to eventually collide with Japan? " What's a decent boyfriend worth& in chocolate? Discover for yourself how far you walk in a lifetime, how many people have ever lived and how to cure world debt in this essential guide to modern life. Gary Rimmeris a journalist, author, and film and television producer. As well as writing for national press he is the author ofLonely HeartsandThirtysomehow, as well asThe A-Z of Street Cred.

Cover Art
Probability and Statistics: based on Schaum's Outline of probability and statistics by Murray R. Spiegel, John Schiller, and R. Alu Srinivasan - John J. Schiller; R. Alu Srinivasan; Murray R. Spiegel
Call Number: qQA 276.19 .P76 2009
ISBN: 0071544259
Publication Date: 2008-08-26
Schaum's Outline of French Grammar delivers a comprehensive and efficient review of French grammar, with exercises, quick drills, and helpful verb charts. The fifth edition includes the latest usages and carefully explains challenging grammatical topics.

Cover Art
The 3,000 Hit Club - Fred McMane
Call Number: GV 865 .A1 M3778 2000
ISBN: 158261220X
Publication Date: 2000-05-15
It is an exclusive club. So exclusive that it has only 23 members. Not everyone can join. Membership is reserved for only those select few who were able to collect 3,000 hits during their Major League Baseball careers. Babe Ruth did not make it. Neither did Lou Gehrig. Rogers Hornsby won seven batting titles, but is not a member. Neither is Joe DiMaggio. The men who are included were unique in their personalities, yet they all shared two common threads that link them together: durability and consistency. The 3,000 Hit Club takes a close look at the men who comprise this special club. From the angry Ty Cobb to the hard-drinking Paul Waner to the avowed racist Cap Anson to new members Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs, each chapter explores the lives of these gifted men and the challenges, controversies, and conflicts they had to overcome to achieve their goal.

Cover Art
What Americans Believe: an Annual Survey of Value and Religious Views in the United States - George Barna; Ron Durham (Editor)
Call Number: BR 526 .B38 1991
ISBN: 0830715053
Publication Date: 1991-08-01


More Statistics Books

Cover Art
Business Statistics on the Web: find them fast-at little or no cost - Paula Berinstein; Charles Cotton (Foreword by)
Call Number: HF 1016 .B47 2003
ISBN: 091096565X
Publication Date: 2003-05-01
This practical guide shows researchers how to tap the Internet for statistics about companies, markets, and industries; how to organize and present statistics; and how to evaluate them for reliability.

Cover Art
Conducting Online Surveys - Valerie M. Sue (Editor); Lois A. Ritter (Editor)
Call Number: HM 538 .S84 2007
ISBN: 1412937531
Publication Date: 2007-03-20
Online surveys provide promising opportunities in today’s technological world. Conducting Online Surveys is a comprehensive guide to the creation, implementation, and analysis of e-mail and Web-based surveys. Authors Valerie M. Sue and Lois A. Ritter specifically address issues unique to online survey research such as selecting software, designing Web-based questionnaires, and sampling from online populations.

Cover Art
Data Analysis for Social Workers - David Royse; Denise Montcalm
Call Number: HV 29 .M66 2002
ISBN: 0205289037
Publication Date: 2001-06-01
This book provides readers with an understanding of the important considerations directly related to analyzing various forms of data - both qualitative and quantitative. While practice problems are included so that readers can self-test their knowledge of major concepts, the book does not drown its readers in page after page of problem sets and tedious calculations. The numerous practice examples of concepts, and the engaging, conversational writing style will be appealing and effective for many types of learners. For anyone with an interest in introductory statistics as it relates to social work.

Cover Art
Designing Surveys: a guide to decisions and procedures - Ronald Czaja; Johnny Blair
Call Number: HA 31.2 .C93 2005
ISBN: 0761927468
Publication Date: 2004-12-09
The Second Edition of Designing Surveys: A Guide to Decisions and Procedures accounts for changes in telephone, Internet, and email surveying and provides a more comprehensive treatment on questionnaire testing. Despite changing technologies, however, the principles of scientific survey design remain unchanged, including the selection of the sample, the writing of questions to solicit an unbiased response, and the ethical treatment of human subjects. This new edition addresses these issues in the context of new and emerging technologies and their relationship to survey design and the social sciences. Designing Surveys provides an accurate account of how modern survey research is actually conducted, but with the needs and goals of a novice researcher in mind.

Cover Art
Distance Sampling: estimating abundance of biological populations - S. T. Buckland; K. P. Burnham; D. R. Anderson; J. L. Laake
Call Number: QL 752 .D57 1993
ISBN: 0412426706
Publication Date: 1993-07-01
one can choose a point instead and measure the radial distances of the animals detected. It is very appropriate that the leading exponents in this field have come together to produce an authoritative description on 'how to do it'. They bring with them many years of experience in this research area. This book is a must for all those involved in estimating animal abundance as the methods can be used for such a wide variety of animal species including birds and marine mammals. The methods also apply to clusters of animals such as schools of dolphins and to animal signs. The beauty of such methods lies in the fact that not every animal has to be seen when a population is investigated. At the heart of the methodology is a 'detectability' function which is estimated in some robust fashion from the distances to the animals actually seen. Many species are not always visible and may be detected by the sounds they make or by being flushed out into the open. Clearly animals can have widely different behaviour patterns so that different models will be needed for different situations. This book provides a tool box of such methods with a computer package which helps the researcher to select the right tool for each occasion. The authors have a reputation for being very thorough and, typically, they endeavour to cover every conceivable situation that might be encountered in the field.

Cover Art
Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences - Gary W. Heiman
Call Number: QA 276.12 .H46 2004
ISBN: 0618252002
Publication Date: 2003-07-28
This text uses the same conceptual, intuitive approach of Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, but eliminates extensive reference material and advanced or obscure statistical methods. Essentials presents only the procedures undergraduates need for reading research literature and conducting their own studies. New terms are integrated with more difficult concepts in an accessible, non-threatening format that provides concise explanations, creating a foundation and making further elaboration easier to understand.

Cover Art
Health Science Research: a handbook of quantitative methods - Jennifer Peat
Call Number: R 852 .H43 2002
ISBN: 0761974032
Publication Date: 2002-03-28
This informative text has been written as a user friendly research, reference and study tool. It has been organized into eight chapters, each of which covers a specific area of conducting a research study. All areas from forming the research question, planning and conducting the study, and preparing a grant application are covered. This book will be of particular value to scientists, research assistants, qualified or trainee physicians, nurses and allied health workers. The book will also be an essential companion for students in all disciplines who want to learn more about how to do good research.

Cover Art
Just Plain Data Analysis : finding, presenting, and interpreting social science data - Gary M. Klass
Call Number: HA 29 .K58 2012
ISBN: 9781442215085
Publication Date: 2012-04-13
Just Plain Data Analysis teaches students statistical literacy skills that they can use to evaluate and construct arguments about public affairs issues grounded in numerical evidence. The book addresses skills that are often not taught in introductory social science research methods courses and that are often covered sketchily in the research methods textbooks: where to find commonly used measures of political and social conditions; how to assess the reliability and validity of specific indicators; how to present data efficiently in charts and tables; how to avoid common misinterpretations and misrepresentations of data; and how to evaluate causal arguments based on numerical data. With a new chapter on statistical fallacies and updates throughout the text, the new edition teaches students how to find, interpret, and present commonly used social indicators in an even clearer and practical way.

Cover Art
Statistical Rules of Thumb - Gerald van Belle
Call Number: QA 276.12 .V36 2008
ISBN: 0470144483
Publication Date: 2008-09-02
Praise for the First Edition: "For a beginner [this book] is a treasure trove; for an experienced person it can provide new ideas on how better to pursue the subject of applied statistics." -Journal of Quality Technology Sensibly organized for quick reference, Statistical Rules of Thumb, Second Edition compiles simple rules that are widely applicable, robust, and elegant, and each captures key statistical concepts. This unique guide to the use of statistics for designing, conducting, and analyzing research studies illustrates real-world statistical applications through examples from fields such as public health and environmental studies. Along with an insightful discussion of the reasoning behind every technique, this easy-to-use handbook also conveys the various possibilities statisticians must think of when designing and conducting a study or analyzing its data. Each chapter presents clearly defined rules related to inference, covariation, experimental design, consultation, and data representation, and each rule is organized and discussed under five succinct headings: introduction; statement and illustration of the rule; the derivation of the rule; a concluding discussion; and exploration of the concept's extensions. The author also introduces new rules of thumb for topics such as sample size for ratio analysis, absolute and relative risk, ANCOVA cautions, and dichotomization of continuous variables. Additional features of the Second Edition include: Additional rules on Bayesian topics New chapters on observational studies and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Additional emphasis on variation and causation Updated material with new references, examples, and sources A related Web site provides a rich learning environment and contains additional rules, presentations by the author, and a message board where readers can share their own strategies and discoveries. Statistical Rules of Thumb, Second Edition is an ideal supplementary book for courses in experimental design and survey research methods at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as an indispensable reference for statisticians, researchers, consultants, and scientists who would like to develop an understanding of the statistical foundations of their research efforts.A related website www.vanbelle.org provides additional rules, author presentations and more.

Cover Art
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics - Robert A. Donnelly; Ph.D., Robert A. Donnelly
Call Number: QA 276 .D655 2004
ISBN: 9781592576340
Publication Date: 2007-05-01
Not a numbers person? No problem! This new edition is aimed at high school and college students who need to take statistics to fulfill a degree requirement and follows a standard statistics curriculum. Readers will find information on frequency distributions; mean, median, and mode; range, variance, and standard deviation; probability; and more. --Emphasizes Microsoft Excel for number-crunching and computations


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