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Music Research  

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Teacing Music/Music Education/U.S. Music Print Page

Teaching Music/Music Education

Cover Art
Alternative Approaches in Music Education: Case Studies from the Field - Ann C. Clements
ISBN: 9781607098560
Publication Date: 2010-10-16
This book provides personalized case studies of music programs that are engaging in alternative approaches. The diversity of these real-world case studies will inspire questioning and curiosity, stimulate lively discussion and innovation, and provide much food for thought.

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Basis for Music Education - Keith Swanwick
ISBN: 9780415094436
Publication Date: 1979-01-01
First Published in 1979. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble: Scenarios, Priorities, Strategies, Essentials, and Repertoire - John F. Colson
ISBN: 9780810882607
Publication Date: 2012-08-09
Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble is the most comprehensive guide on the rehearsal process for conducting instrumental music ensembles. Ideal for the advanced instrumental music conductor seeking to look beyond basic conducting technique, this work breaks the multidimensional activity of working with an ensemble, orchestra, or band into its constituent components. Advanced students of conducting will find within the full range of conducting activities: Chapters on the infrastructure of the rehearsal, the rehearsal environment, 10 rehearsal essentials, score study, music imagery, inner singing, and rehearsal procedures (with an emphasis on an integrated approach to rehearsing) The technical priorities of intonation and tuning, rhythm patterns, ensemble sonority (tone, balance, blend, color and texture), and articulation The musical priorities of tempo and ensemble precision, phrasing and the musical line, style and interpretation, dynamics and musical expression Emphasizing the expectations of 21st-century conductors, the challenges of conducting and rehearsing contemporary music, preparing conductor profiles and self-evaluations, and moving from the rehearsal process to concert performance Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble is a great resource for teachers and students of conducting, as well as current conductors wishing to further hone their skills."

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Creative Activities for the Early Years: Thematic Art and Music Activities - Barbara Melling
ISBN: 9781903853719
Publication Date: 2006-05-01
Creative Activities for the Early Years contains over 160 art and craft activities for use by reception classes, nurseries, playgroups, and mother and toddler groups, as well as by parents and carers. These tried and tested activities will help children to; use their imagination; express themselves creatively; communicate their ideas; and develop gross and fine motor skills. The activities are grouped by popular early years themes, together with songs and rhymes, suggestions for stories and things to talk about. Whether your topic is the autumn, the Chinese New Year, the coastline or ourselves, you can be sure you and your children will find the variety of activities interesting and entertaining.

Cover Art
Cultural Diversity in Music Education: Directions and Challenges for the 21st Century - Patricia Shehan Campbell (Editor)
ISBN: 9781875378593
Publication Date: 2005-01-01
Over the past decade, cultural diversity in music education has come of age, both in terms of content and approach. The world of music education is now widely considered to be culturally diverse by definition.Within this environment, appropriate strategies for learning and teaching are being reconsidered. Many scholars and practitioners have abandoned rigid conceptions of context and authenticity, or naive perceptions of music as a universal language that appeals to all. In four sections, this volume offers contemporary views from scholars, educationalists, classroom practitioners and experts in specific disciplines. From this diversity of perspectives, the challenges posed by music travelling through time, place and contexts are being addressed for what they are: fascinating studies in the dynamic life of music, education and culture. In this way, Cultural diversity in music education chronicles the latest insights into a field that has convincingly moved from the sidelines to centre stage in both the practice and theory of music education.

Cover Art
Dictionary of Music Education - Irma H. Collins; Carolynn A. Lindeman (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780810886513
Publication Date: 2013-10-18
Irma Collins s Dictionary of Music Education is more than just a lexicon. It is a journey through time and the story of the evolution of music education, including entries on notable individuals, crucial terms, important events, and key organizations a broad survey of the field. Collins includes information about a variety of English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, emphasizing the impact music education researchers and organizations have had on one another across the globe. Biographical entries profile musicians and music educators who were among the founders or first implementers of significant pedagogical tools and methods. Terms include standard concepts in the field of music education. Event and organization entries are those crucial to the advancement of music education regionally, nationally, and internationally. Dictionary of Music Education also includes a timeline, cross-references, and a significant bibliography. This work will interest anyone involved in the field of music education, from students and faculty to administrators and private instructors."

Cover Art
Engaging Musical Practices : A Sourcebook for Middle School General Music - Suzanne L. Burton (Editor); Gareth Dylan Smith (Contribution by); Michele Kaschub (Contribution by); Janice Smith; Frank Abrahams (Contribution by); Brian D. Bersh (Contribution by); Deborah Blair (Contribution by); Gena R. Greher (Contribution by); Harve
ISBN: 9781607094371
Publication Date: 2012-03-22
This book is a tool for the theoretical and numerical investigation of nonlinear dynamical systems modeled by means of ordinary differential and difference equations. The work is divided into two parts: a book, comprising a theoretical overview of the subject matter and a number of applications; and an integrated software program. The book first discusses the fundamental concepts and methods of chaos theory, and then applies these theoretical results and the facilities provided by the companion software program to models suggested by economic problems.

Cover Art
Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips that Principals Want Music Teachers to Know and Do - Paul G. Young
ISBN: 9781607093046
Publication Date: 2009-12-15
If you want to improve your professional performance and set yourself apart from your colleagues-in any discipline-these tips are for you. If you desire anything less than achieving the very best, you won't want this book. Rather than addressing research and theory about music education or the "how-tos" of teaching, these time-honored tips focus on common-sense qualities and standards of performance that are essential for success-everywhere. Whether you're considering a career in music education, entering your first year of teaching, or nearing the end of a distinguished tenure, this advice applies to musicians in any setting. Affirming quality performance for experienced teachers and guiding, nurturing, and supporting the novice, Young outlines what great music teachers do. Easy to read and straightforward, read it from beginning to end or focus on tips of interest. Come back time and again for encouragement, ideas, and affirmation of your choice to teach music.

Cover Art
Getting Started with Middle School Chorus - Patrick K. Freer
ISBN: 9781607091639
Publication Date: 2009-08-15
New to teaching chorus? If so, you may be filled with anticipation and anxiety. Getting Started with Middle School Chorus is here to point you in the right direction. Like other books in the Getting Started Series, there's enough specific information here to get you started and on your way!

Cover Art
How Popular Musicians Learn : A Way Ahead for Music Education - Lucy Green
ISBN: 9780754632269
Publication Date: 2002-07-28
Popular musicians acquire some or all of their skills and knowledge informally, outside school or university, and with little help from trained instrumental teachers. How do they go about this process? Despite the fact that popular music has recently entered formal music education, we have as yet a limited understanding of the learning practices adopted by its musicians. Nor do we know why so many popular musicians in the past turned away from music education, or how young popular musicians today are responding to it. Drawing on a series of interviews with musicians aged between fifteen and fifty, Lucy Green explores the nature of pop musicians' informal learning practices, attitudes and values, the extent to which these altered over the last forty years, and the experiences of the musicians in formal music education. Through a comparison of the characteristics of informal pop music learning with those of more formal music education, the book offers insights into how we might re-invigorate the musical involvement of the population. Could the creation of a teaching culture that recognizes and rewards aural imitation, improvisation and experimentation, as well as commitment and passion, encourage more people to make music? Since the hardback publication of this book in 2001, the author has explored many of its themes through practical work in school classrooms. Her follow-up book, Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy (2008) appears in the same Ashgate series.

Cover Art
Let's Start the Music: Programming for Primary Grades - Amy Brown
ISBN: 9780838911662
Publication Date: 2012-12-01
"Music programs have been scaled back or eliminated altogether from the curricula of many schools. Luckily, storytimes are ideal opportunities to promote music and songs. In this collection of easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt library programs for children in grades K-3, Brown connects songs and musical activities directly to books kids love to read. Offering several thematic programs, complete with stories, songs, and flannelboard and other activities, her book includes Music activities, lists of music-related books, mix-and-match activities, and additional web resources Terrific tips on how to teach songs to young children Ways to develop original songs and rhythms to enliven children's books Even if you can't carry a tune in a bushel basket, this handy resource has everything you need to start the music in your storytimes.""

Cover Art
Making Music and Enriching Lives A Guide for All Music Teachers - Bonnie Blanchard (Editor, Editor); Cynthia Blanchard Acree
ISBN: 9780253349156
Publication Date: 2007-06-22
Making Music and Enriching Lives fills an important niche in the very large world of books about music. It's unlike any other instructional book in the way it addresses comprehensive, across-the-board issues that affect all teachers, students, and musicians. In this book, you will find specifics not only about how to teach music, but also about how to motivate and inspire students of any age. In this first volume of her Music for Life series, Bonnie Blanchard (with Cynthia Blanchard Acree) shares successful approaches with both students and teachers that have worked wonders in her own studio to produce successful students who are energized about their lessons and their music. These books touch on all aspects of music instruction from running a studio to student motivation and teaching technique to performing, while addressing not just the musician, but the whole person along the way.

Cover Art
Making Music and Having a Blast! A Guide for All Music Students - Bonnie Blanchard; Cynthia Blanchard Acree
ISBN: 9780253221353
Publication Date: 2009-08-26
In her follow-up to Making Music and Enriching Lives: A Guide for All Music Teachers, Bonnie Blanchard offers students a set of tools for their musical lives that will help them stay engaged, even during the challenging times in their musical development. Blanchard discusses issues such as finding an instructor, selecting the right instrument, and choosing a college or conservatory. The book includes lessons on music theory and history as well as a guide to finding additional materials in print and online. Blanchard's strategies for making practice productive and preparing for auditions are useful tips students can return to again and again.

Cover Art
Making Music in the Primary School: Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal Teaching. - Nick Beach (Editor); Julie Evans (Editor); Gary Spruce (Editor)
ISBN: 9780203834572
Publication Date: 2011-01-27
Making Music in the Primary School is an essential guide for all student and practising primary school teachers, instrumental teachers and community musicians involved in music with children. It explores teaching and learning music with the whole class and provides a framework for successful musical experiences with large groups of children. Striking the perfect balance between theory and practice, this invaluable text includes case studies and exemplars, carefully designed activities to try out in the classroom, as well as a range of tried-and-tested teaching strategies to help you support and develop children's musical experience in the classroom. Grounded within a practical, philosophical and theoretical framework, the book is structured around the four key principles that underpin effective music teaching and experience: Integration - how can we join up children's musical experiences? Creativity - how can we support children's musical exploration? Access and Inclusion - how can we provide a relevant experience for every child? Collaboration - how might we work together to achieve these aims? Written in a clear, accessible and engaging style, Making Music in the Primary School will give you all the confidence you need when working with whole classes, whatever your musical or teaching background.

Cover Art
More Clarinet Secrets : 100 Quick Tips for the Advanced Clarinetist - Michele Gingras
ISBN: 9780810877948
Publication Date: 2011-02-24
It takes considerable patience, hard work, and perseverance to achieve mastery on a musical instrument. Proper guidance is critical to success in music, and part of that guidance includes finding resources that provide up-to-date strategies for reaching your professional goals. More Clarinet Secrets: 100 Quick Tips for the Advanced Clarinetist does just that, revealing secrets of the trade that can increase your chances of thriving as a clarinetist and musical professional.A sequel to Michele Gingras's highly praised first book, Clarinet Secrets: 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Clarinetist, this new book is a treasure trove of completely new information on how to turn clarinetists into informed musicians, offering them the tools they need to compete in the music world. Topics discussed include technique, tone and intonation, musicianship, reeds and equipment, repertoire, musicians' health, and the music profession. In addition, Gingras supplies extra tips on such matters as college auditions, website design, and self-marketing.The pedagogical ideas gathered in this book are the result of Gingras's more than 25 years of hands-on experience spent in the clarinet studio working with students. Advanced high school clarinetists, college-level clarinetists, and seasoned professionals will all find More Clarinet Secrets a valuable read.

Cover Art
Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education Volume II - William M. Anderson (Editor); Patricia Shehan Campbell (Editor)
ISBN: 9781607095439
Publication Date: 2011-01-16
With Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, you can explore musics from around the world with your students in a meaningful way. Broadly based and practically oriented, the book will help you develop curriculum for an increasingly multicultural society. Ready-to-use lesson plans make it easy to bring many different but equally logical musical systems into your classroom. The authors-a variety of music educators and ethnomusicologists-provide plans and resources to broaden your students' perspectives on music as an important aspect of culture both within the United States and globally.

Cover Art
Music 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills. - Hennessy S Staff
ISBN: 9780203138410
Publication Date: 1994-12-01
Teachers have often felt unnecessarily apprehensive about teaching without music without being gifted musicians themselves.Music 7-11 dispels the myth that to teach music effectively a teacher has to "be musical" and provides teachers with the opportunity of developing both the basic subject knowledge and the confidence needed to deliver enjoyable and valuable music lessons. It does this by encouraging practical engagement with the subject through making and listening to music, reflecting on experiences and sharing views.

Cover Art
Music and Circle Time: Using Music, Rhythm, Rhyme and Song - Margaret Collins; Claire Wilkinson
ISBN: 9781412919081
Publication Date: 2006-05-24
Visit the author's own website here! ' The book shows you how to confidently intergrate music into circle time and will be a useful addition to many teachers' resources'-Early Years Update '[A]n excellent resource for all teachers looking to introduce music to children aged from four to seven-years-old... The instructions are clear and precise, making it easy to use... an invaluable resource for all busy practitioners' - Early Years Educator 'The book is packed with ideas and the simple format makes it easy to use. Many of the suggestions can be used straight from the book or easily adapted to fit the interests of your own class... The book shows you how to confidently integrate music into circle time and will be a useful addition to many teachers' resources' - Early Years Update In the same popular and accessible style as Margaret Collins' established and successful Circle Time series, this book provides user-friendly classroom activities to engage young children. It uses Circle Time techniques to help children use and learn about: o rhythm, jingles, raps and chants o songs o instruments o ring games o music, art and story projects. The enjoyable activities can also enhance learning of other aspects of the curriculum. There is evidence that children who are familiar with a wide ranging repertoire of rhymes and songs learn to read earlier. Using this book all teachers will be able to use music in their Circle Time sessions in a confident and creative manner. Margaret Collins is a former headteacher of infant and first schools. She is now Senior Visiting Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Southampton. She researches children's perceptions of health education topics, writes teaching materials for children, books and articles on PSHE.

Cover Art
Music in the Early Years - Susan Young; Joanna Glover
ISBN: 9780750706599
Publication Date: 1998-04-01
This text is focused on the very specific needs and approaches appropriate for teachers of music to very young children. It is intended for teachers working across the three to eight age phase who want to make music integral to the life of the nursery and early years clasroom. It is the first in a pair of books that aim to move forward the teaching of music with a best practice in music philosophy.

Cover Art
Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children - Edwin E. Gordon
ISBN: 9781622770335
Publication Date: 2013-09-01
With 10 years of additional research on early childhood music, neurology, and language, this updated edition of Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children focuses on the most critical learning period in every individual's musical life: birth to age five. The book explains how young children audiate and develop an understanding of music--and why they should experience music as early as possible. Edwin Gordon, a leading educator and researcher in music education, guides readers in the ways to motivate and encourage young children to audiate, revealing how to teach music successfully at home and in preschool, with an emphasis on individual differences between children. This edition includes a new chapter on imitating and organizing a music preschool as well as new songs and rhythm chants written by Gordon.

Cover Art
Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator - Eric Booth
ISBN: 9780199709540
Publication Date: 2009-01-01
Part I: Context. 1. What is a Teaching Artist?. 2. Teaching Artists in the Arts Learning Ecosystem. 3. Guidelines for Teaching Artistry. 4. The Best Reason for Being a Teaching Artist. 5. Balancing the Two Economies of Today's Musician. Part II: The Overlooked Essentials. 6. Role Play: The Four Angles in Arts Learning. 7. Inside the Liminal Zone. 8. The Habits of Mind of Musical Learning. 9. The Essential Skills of the 21st Century Artist. 10. Creating the Playground. Part III: Learning to Be a Teaching Artist. 11. The Entry Point Question--Where to Begin?. 12. A Teaching Artist's Curriculum. 13. What Does Better Look Like?. 14. Mentoring: Myths and Mission. Part IV: The Fundamentals of Working in Education Settings. 15. Truth and Dare in Education Programs. 16. How to Succeed in School Environments. 17. Getting Schooled on School Performances. 18. Art for Art's Sake or for the School's Sake?. 19. Blind Dates, Steady Dating, and Musical Marriages. Part V: Current Challenges. 20. Arts Integration: The Hot Zone. 21. Reflecting on Reflection. 22. The Dos and Don'ts of Assessment. 23. Feedback: Giving and Getting It Right. Part VI: Bringing Teaching Artistry into Performances. 24. Fuller Audience Engagement: What Does It Look Like?. 25. Speak Up or Shut Up?: Using Words in Performance. 26. Interactive Performances. 27. The Very Open Rehearsal. Part VII Expanding the Roles of the Teaching Artist. 28. The Essential Educational Entrepreneur. 29. The Private Music Lesson. 30. The Everyday Advocate. 31. The Telling Facts of Advocacy. Part VIII Beyond the Borders. 32. They Take the High Road. 33. The Planet Gets It Together. 34. The Guiding Spirit. Index

Cover Art
On the Art of Singing - Richard Miller
ISBN: 9780199773923
Publication Date: 2011-04-28
This engaging and long influential collection of essays looks at the art of singing in its totality. Written in a lively, non-technical style, On the Art of Singing is a comprehensive manual that deals with all aspects of singing, from the physiology and acoustics of the singing voice tocareer-building. Divided into four main sections -- vocal technique, style and interpretation, professional preparation, and vocal pedagogy - the book's structure is such that the reader may pick and choose as personal interests and needs dictate. Containing essential information for all singers,including original research on the mechanics of the voice, this book collects in one volume everything that renowned instructor and singer Richard Miller considers essential to the art of vocal performance. To anyone seeking that elusive state of vocal freedom, whether as a singer or instructor ofsingers, and to anyone else interested in voice, vocal technique or vocal performance, On the Art of Singing will prove an indispensible guide.

Cover Art
Planning for Learning Through Making Music - Judith Harries
ISBN: 9781909101579
Publication Date: 2012-10-10
Plan for six weeks of learning covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS through the topic of making music. The Planning for Learning series is a series of topic books written around the Early Years Foundation Stage designed to make planning easy. This book takes you through six weeks of activities on the theme of making music. Each activity is linked to a specific Early Learning Goal, and the book contains a skills overview so that practitioners can keep track of which ...

Cover Art
Primary Music: Later Years - Joanna Glover; Susan Young
ISBN: 9780203030349
Publication Date: 1998-10-28
The second of two practical classroom books on the teaching of music in primary schools, Primary Music: Later Years (7-11) combines for the first time an approach based on the centrality of the class teacher's responsibility for music, and working with the demands for subject knowledge and for appropriate progression at Key Stage 1.

Cover Art
Research Methodologies in Music Education - Ann Kay Hartwig
ISBN: 9781443854160
Publication Date: 2014-02-15
This volume provides an understanding of various research methodologies that have been used in music education projects. These methodologies include: historical research; quantitative research; narrative inquiry; action research; ethnography; case study; interpretative phenomenological analysis; arts-based methods; and mixed methods. Each of these research methodologies is detailed, before examples of music education projects that have used these methodologies are described. A separate chapter is devoted to each methodology, and each chapter has been written by a researcher with extensive experience and knowledge of the methodology in question. The book project is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education (ANZARME). This association is the peak body for music research across the two countries. ANZARME promotes and supports all styles of research in all avenues of music education.The book will assist all those who are undertaking research in music education, particularly future researchers in music education, such as postgraduate research students. The text will assist researchers in understanding the many available research methods, and will provide clarity in choosing the most appropriate method for their particular research.

Cover Art
Securing Baritone, Bass-Baritone, and Bass Voices - Richard Miller
ISBN: 9780195322651
Publication Date: 2008-03-19
Perhaps the most renowned writer in the field of vocal pedagogy, Richard Miller has delivered a new and outstanding contribution to the study of vocal technique in Securing Baritone, Bass-Baritone, and Bass Voices. The first thorough and comprehensive treatment of low male voices, this bookdraws on techniques and practical advice from Miller's years of professional experience as a performer and pedagogue. With a unique focus on "securing" the technical stability of the male voice, the book offers practical advice to students, their teachers, and professional performers, through numerous practical exercises and repertoire suggestions appropriate to various stages of development. Miller synthesizeshistoric vocal pedagogy with the latest research on the singing voice, always emphasizing the special nature of the male voice and the proper physiological functioning for vocal proficiency. An indispensable guide to male low voices, this book is an essential text for performers, aspiringperformers, and instructors alike.

Cover Art
Seeking the Significance of Music Education: Essays and Reflections - Bennett Reimer; MENC, the National Association for Music Education (U.S.) Staff (Contribution by)
ISBN: 9781607092377
Publication Date: 2009-06-01
Noted music educator Bennett Reimer has selected 24 of his previously published articles from a variety of professional journals spanning the past 50 years. During that time, he's tackled: -generating core values for the field of music education; -the core in larger societal and educational contexts; -what to teach and how to teach it effectively; -how we need to educate our teachers; -the role of research in our profession; and -how to improve our future status. Reimer precedes each essay with background reflections and his position, both professional and personal, on effectively addressing the issue at hand. The opening 'Letter to the Reader' presents a valuable overview based on his deeply grounded viewpoint. The entire music education profession will benefit from Reimer's perspective on past, present, and future concerns central to the functioning of music education in Seeking the Significance of Music Education: Essays and Reflections.

Cover Art
Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice ( - Janice L. Chapman
ISBN: 9781597564267
Publication Date: 2011-11-18
Janice is currently a member of the vocal faculties of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal Academy of Music, London. In private practice she works with many of the world's leading opera, concert, and recording artists, including singers who regularly travel from other European cities for their lessons. Her prolific workload also includes rehabilitating damaged voices referred by laryngologists and voice clinics, and she is known as a pioneer in the field of multidisciplinary work in vocal science and health. Her published articles and academic papers appear in journals in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Austria. In addition, she has given papers, lectures, master classes, and workshops at international voice conferences, universities, and music colleges. She was a founding member of the multidisciplinary British Voice Association and served as its chair for five years. In recognition of her work in 2004, Janice was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia "for service to music as an operatic singer and teacher of voice, and as a contributor to research into human sound production and vocal health." In 2010 Janice was elected a Fellow of the Guildhall School, London. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Singing Exercises for Dummies® - Pamelia S. Phillips
ISBN: 9781118281086
Publication Date: 2012-07-03
The fast and easy way to take your singing skills to new heights Some people are born with a naturally great singing voice, but even the best singers can benefit from a broader range of knowledge and training. Voice training not only expands your technique and power, but enhances your performance abilities in business and on stage. Singing Exercises For Dummies gives you a trusted, easy way to learn, or improve, your singing. Packed with exercises and drills in the book and on the accompanying CD, Singing Exercises For Dummies helps you strengthen your voice; refine technique; develop consistency, build power and endurance; and increase vocal range. Beginning with warm-up and proper posture then logically transitioning to scales, chords, and arpeggios, Singing Exercises For Dummies contains everything you need to develop and sharpen your singing skills. Exercises and drills on the CD help you practice your skills Covers everything from building power and endurance to singing pitch-perfect arpeggios Whether you're relatively new to singing, have had ongoing instruction, or are looking to break into the music industry, Singing Exercises For Dummies has you covered.

Cover Art
Story and Song A Postcolonial Interplay between Christian Education and Worship - HyeRan Kim-Cragg
ISBN: 9781453908730
Publication Date: 2012-07-11
Story and Song: A Postcolonial Interplay between Christian Education and Worship examines the roles of Scripture and hymnody in a Christian community in the twenty-first century, an era marked by a growing awareness of complex issues and migrating contexts. This work identifies the divisions that have existed between these two disciplines. The postcolonial approach employed here offers insights that uncover the colonial assumptions that led to division rather than integration of worship and Christian education. Furthermore, this book seeks to employ qualitative research methods in studying a Korean-Canadian diasporic congregation and a Korean feminist Christian group. Such research demonstrates how the Gospel Story and the congregation's stories can be woven together in a particular context, while the Song of Faith can help to build a postcolonial feminist community. Readers will be equipped to mend the divisions between Christian education and worship, to respond to the needs of non-Western Christian communities, and to attain postcolonial insights. A balanced theoretical work with reflective practical descriptions, this volume will be useful to those who are looking for a text to guide Christian education and worship courses and contribute to the readings of courses in practical theology, postcolonial studies, feminist pedagogies, and feminist liturgies.

Cover Art
Sympathetic Vibrations : A Guide for Private Music Teachers. - Amber Esping
ISBN: 9780398070731
Publication Date: 2000-06-01
"Sympathetic Vibrations - A Guide for Private Music Teachers is a resource that has been designed to help private music teachers of all instruments develop flexibility in meeting each student's needs. Although it contains many teaching ideas, it is not a "method" book. Its most important purpose is to help music teachers and their students discover their own answers. It will show how to identify students' learning styles, and demonstrate the benefits of using experimentation and intuition to supplement proven teaching strategies. Music therapists can benefit from the concepts discussed in this book in working with students with special needs. The book offers practical advice for many common teaching situations, as well as motivational activities, composition, improvisation and listening exercises, strategies for rapid advancement, marketing ideas and pragmatic advice for running one's own teaching studio. The appendices include an unusual practice sheet, record keeping forms and a recital planning guide."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cover Art
Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs A Label-Free Approach - Alice M. Hammel; Ryan M. Hourigan
ISBN: 9780195395419
Publication Date: 2011-02-09
A practical guide and reference manual, Teaching Music to Children with Special Needs addresses special needs in the broadest possible sense to equip teachers with proven, research-based curricular strategies that are grounded in both best practice and current special education law. Chaptersaddress the full range of topics and issues music educators face including parental involvement, student anxiety, field trips and performances, and assessment strategies. The book concludes with an up-to-date section of resources and technology information.

Cover Art
The Art of Teaching Music - Estelle Ruth Jorgensen
ISBN: 9780253000200
Publication Date: 2008-03-19
The Art of Teaching Music takes up important aspects of the art of music teaching ranging from organization to serving as conductor to dealing with the disconnect between the ideal of university teaching and the reality in the classroom. Writing for both established teachers and instructors on the rise, Estelle R. Jorgensen opens a conversation about the life and work of the music teacher. The author regards music teaching as interrelated with the rest of lived life, and her themes encompass pedagogical skills as well as matters of character, disposition, value, personality, and musicality. She reflects on musicianship and practical aspects of teaching while drawing on a broad base of theory, research, and personal experience. Although grounded in the practical realities of music teaching, Jorgensen urges music teachers to think and act artfully, imaginatively, hopefully, and courageously toward creating a better world.

Cover Art
The Choral Challenge: Practical Paths to Solving Problems - Michael Kemp
ISBN: 9781622770267
Publication Date: 2013-08-01
"When Kemp gets it right, as he so often does, his observations are simply invaluable Michael Kemp's book, The Choral Challenge, is a tremendous contribution to the profession that deserves a place in every serious choral musician's library. It is a book that bears reading and re-reading and reading yet again." Dr. Vance D. Wolverton Northern Kentucky University From The Choral Journal, 2010 The Choral Challenge is a book of solutions. From common to not-so-common problems facing choral conductors of all experience levels (from "a" for agility to "y" for yawning), Michael Kemp brings a lifetime of experience living and working in the choral world to create a truly remarkable and practical book. Kemp starts with a myriad of quick-fix solutions to common "choral challenges" and then provides in-depth explanations for choir directors who need more. He follows with sections on planning and preparation (including 62 warm-up exercises), as well as an enlightening discussion on motivating and recruiting choir members. The result is a truly comprehensive handbook representing true best practices poured into a single incredibly useful and well-organized resource.

Cover Art
The Instrumental Music Director's Guide to Comprehensive Program Development - Michael J. Pagliaro
ISBN: 9781475812886
Publication Date: 2014-10-16
The Instrumental Music Director s Guide to Comprehensive Program Development gives practical solutions to the many issues that confront music directors. The topics addressed include: .A review of tests which can be used to develop an all-inclusive student profile identifying strengths and weaknesses as a prologue to preparing individualized curricula .A discussion of the informed approach predicated on understanding relationships among music, logical deduction, and the acoustic sciences thereby accelerating the learning process in music, increasing the knowledge base, and developing cognitive skills that can be applied to other studies .A measuring process used to accurately calculate the size of a beginning student in relation to the size of the selected instrument to ensure the two will be compatible .A procedure for introducing students to the many different instruments .The protocol for developing a symbiotic dealer/teacher relationship that will ensure a smooth running program fully equipped throughout the year .Purchasing, renting, and caring for instruments and all administrative tasks which are the backbone of a successful school instrumental music program"

Cover Art
The New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning - Richard Colwell (Editor); Carol P. Richardson (Editor); Music Educators National Conference Staff (Contribution by)
ISBN: 9780195138849
Publication Date: 2002-04-18
Featuring chapters by the world's foremost scholars in music education and cognition, this handbook is a convenient collection of current research on music teaching and learning. This comprehensive work includes sections on arts advocacy, music and medicine, teacher education, and studioinstruction, among other subjects, making it an essential reference for music education programs. The original Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning, published in 1992 with the sponsorship of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), was hailed as "a welcome addition to theliterature on music education because it serves to provide definition and unity to a broad and complex field" (Choice). This new companion volume, again with the sponsorship of MENC, explores the significant changes in music and arts education that have taken place in the last decade. Notably,several chapters now incorporate insights from other fields to shed light on multi-cultural music education, gender issues in music education, and non-musical outcomes of music education. Other chapters offer practical information on maintaining musicians' health, training music teachers, andevaluating music education programs. Philosophical issues, such as musical cognition, the philosophy of research theory, curriculum, and educating musically, are also explored in relationship to policy issues. In addition to surveying the literature, each chapter considers the significance of theresearch and provides suggestions for future study. Covering a broad range of topics and addressing the issues of music education at all age levels, from early childhood to motivation and self-regulation, this handbook is an invaluable resource for music teachers, researchers, and scholars.

Cover Art
The Simple Flute : From A to Z - Michel Debost
ISBN: 9780195145212
Publication Date: 2002-01-24
Drawing from his highly praised French work, Une simple flute, distinguished flutist and teacher Michel Debost has compiled a useful and imaginative introduction to playing the flute. This alphabetically arranged compendium of advice and insight covers essential topics such as breathing,articulation, and tone, but also explores "jawboning," "finger phrasing," "the little devils," and other quirky and vexing aspects of flute playing. Full of practical advice on technique and axioms that lend moral support during tough practice sessions, The Simple Flute will be a welcome addition toany serious or novice flutist's library. In addition, the book includes original exercises such as "Debost's Scale Game," making it an excellent resource for flute teachers. Debost concludes each essay with "In a nutshell" and "Please refer to" boxes that make the book easy to browse, dog-ear, andreturn to again and again. Offering concise, common-sense solutions for flutists of all levels, this book is an ideal reference guide on flute performance.

Cover Art
The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting: A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health - Margaret Olson; Ingo R. Titze (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780810877351
Publication Date: 2010-11-04
While there are many similarities between solo and choral singing, they are not the same discipline, and it is important to realize the different approaches necessary for each. In The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting: A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health, Olson presents the unique perspective of choral singing from a soloist's viewpoint, providing a clear outline of several issues facing the solo singer in the choral setting. She discusses concepts as diverse as body position in rehearsal and acoustic sound production, and she offers practical ideas for solving these challenges. Teaching examples and case studies help illustrate the problems and offer potential solutions for handling the challenges of the choral environment.After a general overview of vocal technique, the chapters address the physiological, psychological, pedagogical, acoustic, and interpretive issues facing the solo singer in the choral setting. Concepts, such as phonation; resonation and timbre; approaches to diction; voice classification; choral blend; interpreting emotion; relationships among choral conductor, singer, and teacher of singing; and the use of vibrato are examined in detail. Concluding with a conversation with two choral conductors, as well as a glossary, bibliography, and index, this volume is beneficial to singers, teachers, and conductors alike.

Cover Art
Threading the Concept Powerful Learning for the Music Classroom - Debra Hedden
ISBN: 9781607094418
Publication Date: 2010-10-16
This book provides both preservice and seasoned music educators with a unique and powerful way of teaching. The premise of the book is to offer a pedagogical approach that emphasizes focus on conceptual learning that is sensory oriented. From the musical concepts we teach_melody, harmony, rhythm, and form_the teacher targets one concept per lesson (e.g., melody), and provides learning experiences in singing, listening, performing, moving, reading/writing, and improvising/composing that are all focused on only that concept. Essentially, the learners are bombarded visually, aurally, and kinesthetically, gaining a firm grasp of the concept because they have heard, sung, moved, performed, written, and created in that class, all in small time segments. The teacher has a greater ability to reach all students' learning needs and engage them in active learning in each class. The book not only offers background information about the learning process, but also specific lesson templates that serve as conceptual models for music classes.

Cover Art
Tips: The Child Voice - Maria Runfola; Rutkowski (Editor)
ISBN: 9781607092902
Publication Date: 2010-07-16
This second edition of TIPS: The Child Voice was prepared in response to demand for an updated and expanded version of the highly successful 1997 edition. This edition takes into account the broadening base of information regarding the nature of the singing voice. Now with strategies for the voice in transition during early adolescence, as well as strategies, games and activities to nurture the voice in early childhood, you'll find more suggestions for selecting materials and more recommended sources and resources. Also new are sample materials and activities, but you'll still find TIPS to use in student portfolios. These ideas, culled from scholars and experienced teachers, should prove useful to not only music educators, but also early childhood specialists, middle school teachers, and everyone working with students during those critical times of development of our natural instrument . . . the singing voice.

Cover Art
Transforming Music Education - Estelle R. Jorgensen
ISBN: 9780253341723
Publication Date: 2002-12-01
This quintet of essays examines the reasons why music education should be transformed, investigates the nature of education and musical transformation, and suggests alternative educational models and strategies. Estelle Jorgensen frames her argument for new approaches against the backdrop of historical musical and educational practice and draws on literature from various fields. Transforming Music Education is addressed to current and future music teachers, those who train them, and all who are interested in revolutionizing music education.

Cover Art
Travel on and On: Interdisciplinary Lessons on the Music of World Cultures - Elisa Macedo Dekaney; Deborah Alane Cunningham
ISBN: 9781607093107
Publication Date: 2010-12-16
Incorporate the music of our global community into your classroom with Travel On and On: Interdisciplinary Lessons on the Music of World Cultures. With both traditional and newly composed music and material from other content areas, each ready-to-use lesson plan has an interdisciplinary approach to teaching multicultural music. Intended for use in general music classrooms, the lessons encourage collaboration with teachers of other subjects but can also effectively be taught solely by music teachers. Based on the National Standards for music and other subject areas and intended for grades 4-8, each lesson can be adapted for younger or older students with suggested extensions and materials. Bring the music of Latin America, Africa, and the United States into your classroom, with special emphasis on Native Americans, African Americans, and Cajuns. Most lessons also incorporate Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy, with written ostinati for multiple Orff instruments.

Cover Art
Trumpet Technique - Frank Gabriel Campos
ISBN: 9780195166927
Publication Date: 2004-12-16
In the last forty years, many elite performers in the arts have gleaned valuable lessons and techniques from research and advances in sport science, psychomotor research, learning theory, and psychology. Numerous "peak performance" books have made these tools and insights available to athletes. Now, professor and performer Frank Gabriel Campos has translated this concept for trumpet players and other brass and wind instrumentalists, creating an accessible and comprehensive guide to performance skill. Trumpet Technique combines the newest research on skill acquisition and peak performance with the time-honored and proven techniques of master teachers and performers. All aspects of brass technique are discussed in detail, including the breath, embouchure, oral cavity, tongue, jaw, and proper body use, as well as information on performance psychology, practice techniques, musicians' occupational injuries, and much more. Comprehensive and detailed, Trumpet Technique is an invaluable resource for performers, teachers, and students at all levels seeking to move to the highest level of skill with their instrument.


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A Florida Fiddler: The Life and Times of Richard Seaman. - Gregory Hansen
ISBN: 9780817315535
Publication Date: 2007-03-28
A musical life as glorious metaphor for Florida's cultural landscape. This biography of 97-year-old Richard Seaman, who grew up in Kissimmee Park, Florida, relies on oral history and folklore research to define the place of musicianship and storytelling in the state's history from one artist's perspective. Gregory Hansen presents Seaman's assessment of Florida's changing cultural landscape through his tall tales, personal experience narratives, legends, fiddle tune repertory, and descriptions of daily life. Seaman's childhood memories of fiddling performances and rural dances explain the role such gatherings played in building and maintaining social order within the community. As an adult, Seaman moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he worked as a machinist and performed with his family band. The evolution of his musical repertory from the early 1920s through the 1950s provides a resource for reconstructing social life in the rural south and for understanding how changes in musical style reflect the state's increasingly urban social structure. Hansen includes a set of Seaman's fiddle tunes, transcribed for the benefit of performer and researcher alike. The thirty tall tales included in the volume constitute a representative sample of Florida's oral tradition in the early years of the 20th century.

Cover Art
American Popular Music and Its Business: The First Four Hundred Years - Russell Sanjek
ISBN: 9780195043105
Publication Date: 1988-07-28
Volume two concentrates exclusively on music activity in the United States in the nineteenth century. Among the topics discussed are how changing technology affected the printing of music, the development of sheet music publishing, the growth of the American musical theater, popular religiousmusic, black music (including spirituals and ragtime), music during the Civil War, and finally "music in the era of monopoly," including such subjects as copyright, changing technology and distribution, invention of the phonograph, copyright revision, and the establishment of Tin Pan Alley.

Cover Art
An Alabama Songbook: Ballads, Folksongs, and Spirituals Collected by Byron Arnold - Robert W. Halli
ISBN: 9780817313067
Publication Date: 2004-08-12
A lavish presentation of 208 folksongs collected throughout Alabama in the 1940s. Alabama is a state rich in folksong tradition, from old English ballads sung along the Tennessee River to children's game songs played in Mobile, from the rhythmic work songs of the railroad gandy dancers of Gadsden to the spirituals of the Black Belt. The musical heritage of blacks and whites, rich and poor, hill folk and cotton farmers, these songs endure as a living part of the state's varied past. In the mid 1940s Byron Arnold, an eager young music professor from The University of Alabama, set out to find and record as many of these songs as he could and was rewarded by unstinting cooperation from many informants. Mrs. Julia Greer Marechal of Mobile, for example, was 90 years old, blind, and a semi-invalid, but she sang for Arnold for three hours, allowing the recording of 33 songs and exhausting Arnold and his technician. Helped by such living repositories as Mrs. Marechal, the Arnold collection grew to well over 500 songs, augmented by field notes and remarkable biographical information on the singers. An Alabama Songbook is the result of Arnold's efforts and those of his informants across the state and has been shaped by Robert W. Halli Jr. into a narrative enriched by more than 200 significant songs-lullabies, Civil War anthems, African-American gospel and secular songs, fiddle tunes, temperance songs, love ballads, play-party rhymes, and work songs. In the tradition of Alan Lomax's The Folk Songs of North America and Vance Randolph's Ozark Folksongs, this volume will appeal to general audiences, folklorists, ethnomusicologists, preservationists, traditional musicians, and historians.  

Cover Art
Divided Soul : The Life Of Marvin Gaye. - David Ritz
ISBN: 9780306811913
Publication Date: 2003-05-08
Drawing from interviews conducted before Marvin Gaye's death, acclaimed music writer David Ritz has created a full-scale portrait of the brilliant but tormented artist. With a cast of characters that includes Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder, this intimate biography is a definitive and enduring look at the man who embodied the very essence of the word soul.

Cover Art
Frontier Figures American Music and the Mythology of the American West. - Beth E. Levy
ISBN: 9780520267763
Publication Date: 2012-04-18
Frontier Figures is a tour-de-force exploration of how the American West, both as physical space and inspiration, animated American music. Examining the work of such composers as Aaron Copland, Roy Harris, Virgil Thomson, Charles Wakefield Cadman, and Arthur Farwell, Beth E. Levy addresses questions of regionalism, race, and representation as well as changing relationships to the natural world to highlight the intersections between classical music and the diverse worlds of Indians, pioneers, and cowboys. Levy draws from an array of genres to show how different brands of western Americana were absorbed into American culture by way of sheet music, radio, lecture recitals, the concert hall, and film. Frontier Figures is a comprehensive illumination of what the West meant and still means to composers living and writing long after the close of the frontier.

Cover Art
God Bless America: Tin Pan Alley Goes to War. - Kathleen E. R. Smith
ISBN: 9780813159485
Publication Date: 2015-01-13
After Pearl Harbor, Tin Pan Alley songwriters rushed to write the Great American War Song -- an "Over There" for World War II. The most popular songs, however, continued to be romantic ballads, escapist tunes, or novelty songs. To remedy the situation, the federal government created the National Wartime Music Committee, an advisory group of the Office of War Information (OWI), which outlined "proper" war songs, along with tips on how and what to write. The music business also formed its own Music War Committee to promote war songs. Neither group succeeded. The OWI hoped that Tin Pan Alley could be converted from manufacturing love songs to manufacturing war songs just as automobile plants had retooled to assemble planes and tanks. But the OWI failed to comprehend the large extent by which the war effort would be defined by advertisers and merchandisers. Selling merchandise was the first priority of Tin Pan Alley, and the OWI never swayed them from this course. Kathleen E.R. Smith concludes the government's fears of faltering morale did not materialize. Americans did not need such war songs as "Goodbye, Mama, I'm Off To Yokohama", "There Are No Wings On a Foxhole", or even "The Sun Will Soon Be Setting On The Land Of The Rising Sun" to convince them to support the war. The crusade for a "proper" war song was misguided from the beginning, and the music business, then and now, continues to make huge profits selling love -- not war -- songs.

Cover Art
Handbook of Texas Music - Laurie E. Jasinski (Editor); Casey Monahan (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9780876112533
Publication Date: 2012-02-22
The musical voice of Texas presents itself as vast and diverse as the Lone Star State's landscape. According to Casey Monahan, "To travel Texas with music as your guide is a year-round opportunity to experience first-hand this amazing cultural force....Texas music offers a vibrant and enjoyable experience through which to understand and enjoy Texas culture."  Building on the work of The Handbook of Texas Music that was published in 2003 and in partnership with the Texas Music Office and the Center for Texas Music History (Texas State University-San Marcos), The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition, offers completely updated entries and features new and expanded coverage of the musicians, ensembles, dance halls, festivals, businesses, orchestras, organizations, and genres that have helped define the state's musical legacy.   #65533;         More than 850 articles, including almost 400 new entries #65533;         255 images, including more than 170 new photos, sheet music art, and posters that lavishly illustrate the text #65533;         Appendix with a stage name listing for musicians   Supported by an outstanding team of music advisors from across the state, The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition, furnishes new articles on the music festivals, museums, and halls of fame in Texas, as well as the many honky-tonks, concert halls, and clubs big and small, that invite readers to explore their own musical journeys. Scholarship on many of the state's pioneering groups and the recording industry and professionals who helped produce and promote their music provides fresh insight into the history of Texas music and its influence far beyond the state's borders.   Celebrate the musical tapestry of Texas from A to Z!

Cover Art
Highway 61 Revisited: The Tangled Roots of American Jazz, Blues, Rock, & Country Music. - Gene Santoro
ISBN: 9780195154818
Publication Date: 2004-05-20
What do Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Cassandra Wilson, and Ani DiFranco have in common? In Highway 61 Revisited, acclaimed music critic Gene Santoro says the answer is jazz--not just the musical style, but jazz's distinctive ambiance and attitudes. As legendary bebop rebel Charlie Parker once put it, "If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn." Unwinding that Zen-like statement, Santoro traces how jazz's existential art has infused outstanding musicians in nearly every wing of American popular music--blues, folk, gospel,psychedelic rock, country, bluegrass, soul, funk, hiphop--with its parallel process of self-discovery and artistic creation through musical improvisation. Taking less-traveled paths through the last century of American pop, Highway 61 Revisited maps unexpected musical and cultural links between suchapparently disparate figures as Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Herbie Hancock; Miles Davis, Lenny Bruce, The Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, and many others. Focusing on jazz's power to connect, Santoro shows how the jazz milieu created a fertile space "where whites and blacks couldmeet in America on something like equal grounds," and indeed where art and entertainment, politics and poetry, mainstream culture and its subversive offshoots were drawn together in a heady mix whose influence has proved both far-reaching and seemingly inexhaustible. Combining interviews and original research, and marked throughout by Santoro's wide ranging grasp of cultural history, Highway 61 Revisited offers readers a new look at--and a new way of listening to--the many ways jazz has colored the entire range of American popular music in all its dazzlingprofusion.

Cover Art
I Don't Sound Like Nobody: Remaking Music in 1950s America. - Albin Zak
ISBN: 9780472116379
Publication Date: 2010-08-26
"In Albin J. Zak III''s highly original study, phonograph records are not just the medium for disseminating songs but musical works unto themselves. Fashioned from a mix of copyright law, recording studios and techniques, the talent of musicians and disc jockeys, the ingenuity and avarice of producers, and the appetites of record buyers, the all-powerful marketplace Zak describes is an unruly zone where music of, by, and for the people is made and anointed." ---Richard Crawford, author of America''s Musical Life: A History "Wrestling clarity from the exuberant chaos of early rock ''n'' roll, Albin Zak''s I Don''t Sound Like Nobody redefines our understanding of the record in the shaping of the post-World War II soundscape. Zak tracks the story which extends from Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra through Elvis and Buddy Holly to the Beatles and Bob Dylan with excursions into dozens of lesser known, but crucial, players in a game with few established rules. A crucial addition to the bookshelf." ---Craig Werner, author of A Change Is Gonna Come: Music, Race & the Soul of America "I Don''t Sound Like Nobody is a superb account of the transformation of American popular music in the 1950s. Albin Zak insightfully explores what recording actually means in terms of the process of making and consuming music. His discussion of the legal, aesthetic, and industrial ramifications of changes in the recording process over the course of the 1950s will make popular music scholars and record collectors reconsider what they think they know about the period." ---Rob Bowman, author of Soulsville, U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records "Informative, original, and entertaining. Through a narrative that is not only enlightening but also compelling, I Don''t Sound Like Nobody probes the sources and mechanisms of change within post-war American popular music, shedding a cultural and historical light on the convergence of musical idioms that created ''50s rock and roll." ---Stan Hawkins, author of Settling the Pop Score "From the birth of the record industry through the legacy of Presley, the development of rock and roll, and the Beatles ''stunning arrival on the world''s stage,'' Albin Zak takes us on a journey of exceptional scholarship. The breadth of coverage and deep examination of recordings and repertoire reveal the author''s reverence and sensitivity to the many dimensions and origins of this complex musical soundscape." ---William Moylan, author of Understanding and Crafting the Mix: The Art of Recording The 1950s marked a radical transformation in American popular music as the nation drifted away from its love affair with big band swing to embrace the unschooled and unruly new sounds of rock ''n'' roll. The sudden flood of records from the margins of the music industry left impressions on the pop soundscape that would eventually reshape long-established listening habits and expectations, as well as conventions of songwriting, performance, and recording. When Elvis Presley claimed, "I don''t sound like nobody," a year before he made his first commercial record, he unwittingly articulated the era''s musical Zeitgeist. The central story line of I Don''t Sound Like Nobody is change itself. The book''s characters include not just performers but engineers, producers, songwriters, label owners, radio personalities, and fans---all of them key players in the decade''s musical transformation. Written in engaging, accessible prose, Albin Zak''s I Don''t Sound Like Nobody approaches musical and historical issues of the 1950s through the lens of recordings and fashions a compelling story of the birth of a new musical language. The book belongs on the shelf of every modern music aficionado and every scholar of rock ''n'' roll. Albin J. Zak III is Professor of Music at the University at Albany, State University of New York. He is the editor of The Velvet Underground Companion and the author of The Poetics of Rock: Cutting Tracks, Making Records, a groundbreaking study of rock music production. Zak is also a record producer, songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Jacket design by Paula Newcomb Jacket photograph #65533; Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

Cover Art
Listening to Classic American Popular Songs - Allen Forte; Richard Lalli; Gary Chapman
ISBN: 9780300083385
Publication Date: 2001-04-10
In the twenties, thirties, and forties, now-legendary American songwriters and lyricists created a repertoire of popular songs, songs that have captured the hearts of generations of music lovers. George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Harold Arlen, Hoagy Carmichael and many others, along with such lyricists as Ira Gershwin, Lorenz Hart, and Dorothy Fields, produced extraordinary songs of signal importance to the American musical heritage. In this book Allen Forte shares his love of American popular song. He discusses in detail twenty-three songs, ranging from Gershwin's Fascinating Rhythm (1924) to Irving Berlin's Steppin' Out with My Baby (1947), guiding readers and listeners toward a deeper appreciation of this vital and engaging music. Forte writes for the general reader, assuming no background other than a familiarity with basic music notation. Each song is discussed individually and includes complete lyrics and simple leadsheet notation. Forte discusses the songs' distinctive musical features and their sophisticated, often touching and witty lyrics. Readers can follow the music while they listen to the accompanying compact disc, which was specially recorded for this volume by baritone Richard Lalli and pianist-arranger Gary Chapman, with Allen Forte, pianist-arranger for Embraceable You and Come Rain or Come Shine.

Cover Art
Music of the Common Tongue: Survival and Celebration in African American Music. - Christopher Small
ISBN: 9780819563576
Publication Date: 1999-03-31
In clear and elegant prose, Music of the Common Tongue, first published in 1987, argues that by any reasonable reckoning of the function of music in human life the African American tradition, that which stems from the collision between African and European ways of doing music which occurred in the Americas and the Caribbean during and after slavery, is the major western music of the twentieth century. In showing why this is so, the author presents not only an account of African American music from its origins but also a more general consideration of the nature of the music act and of its function in human life. The two streams of discussion occupy alternate chapters so that each casts light on the other. The author offers also an answer to what the Musical Times called the "seldom posed though glaringly obtrusive" question: "why is it that the music of an alienated, oppressed, often persecuted black minority should have made so powerful an impact on the entire industrialized world, whatever the color of its skin or economic status?"

Cover Art
Music of the Postwar Era - Don Tyler
ISBN: 9780313341915
Publication Date: 2007-11-30
At the end of WWII, themes in music shifted from soldiers' experiences at war to coming home, marrying their sweethearts, and returning to civilian life. The music itself also shifted, with crooners such as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra replacing the Big Bands of years past. Country music, jazz, and gospel continued to evolve, and rhythm and blues and the new rock and roll were also popular during this time. Music is not created without being influenced by the political events and societal changes of its time, and the Music of the Postwar Era is no exception. *includes combined musical charts for the years 1945-1959 *approximately 20 black and white images of the singers and musicians who represent the era's music

Cover Art
Passion for Polka: Old-Time Ethnic Music in America. - Victor Greene
ISBN: 9780520075849
Publication Date: 1992-11-23
Not so long ago, songs by the Andrews Sisters and Lawrence Welk blasted from phonographs, lilted over the radio, and dazzled television viewers across the country. Lending star quality to the ethnic music of Poles, Italians, Slovaks, Jews, and Scandinavians, luminaries like Frankie Yankovic, the Polka King, and "Whoopee John" Wilfart became household names to millions of Americans. In this vivid and engaging book, Victor Greene uncovers a wonderful corner of American social history as he traces the popularization of old-time ethnic music from the turn of the century to the 1960s. Drawing on newspaper clippings, private collections, ethnic societies, photographs, recordings, and interviews with musicians and promoters, Greene chronicles the emergence of a new mass culture that drew heavily on the vivid color, music, and dance of ethnic communities. In this story of American ethnic music, with its countless entertainers performing never-forgotten tunes in hundreds of small cities around the country, Greene revises our notion of how many Americans experienced cultural life. In the polka belt, extending from Connecticut to Nebraska and from Texas up to Minnesota and the Dakotas, not only were polkas, laendlers, schottisches, and waltzes a musical passion, but they shone a scintillating new light on the American cultural landscape. Greene follows the fortunes of groups like the Gold Chain Bohemians, illuminating the development of an important segment of American popular music that fed the craze for international dance music. And even though old-time music declined in the 1960s, overtaken by rock and roll, a new Grammy for the polka was initiated in 1986. In its ebullience and vitality, the genre endures.

Cover Art
Selling Sounds - David Suisman
ISBN: 9780674033375
Publication Date: 2009-05-31
From Tin Pan Alley to grand opera, player pianos to race records, this book explores the rise of music as big business and the creation of the modern musical soundscape.

Cover Art
Stomp and Swerve : American Music Gets Hot, 1843–1924. - David Wondrich
ISBN: 9781556524967
Publication Date: 2003-08-01
The early decades of American popular music are, for most listeners, the dark ages. It wasn't until the mid-1920s that the full spectrum of this music -- black and white, urban and rural, sophisticated and crude -- made it onto records for all to hear. This book brings a forgotten music, hot music, to life by describing how it became the dominant American music -- how it outlasted sentimental waltzes and parlour ballads, symphonic marches and Tin Pan Alley novelty numbers -- and how it became rock 'n' roll. It reveals that the young men and women of that bygone era had the same musical instincts as their descendants Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and even Ozzy Osbourne. In minstrelsy, ragtime, brass bands, early jazz and blues, fiddle music, and many other forms, there was as much stomping and swerving as can be found in the most exciting performances of hot jazz, funk, and rock. Along the way, it explains how the strange combination of African with Scotch and Irish influences made music in the United States vastly different from other African and Caribbean music; shares terrific stories about minstrel shows, 'coon' songs, whorehouses, knife fights, and other low-life phenomena; and showcases a motley collection of performers heretofore unknown to all but the most avid musicologists and collectors.

Cover Art
Struggling to Define a Nation : American Music and the Twentieth Century. - Charles Hiroshi Garrett
ISBN: 9780520254879
Publication Date: 2008-10-12
Identifying music as a vital site of cultural debate, Struggling to Define a Nation captures the dynamic, contested nature of musical life in the United States. In an engaging blend of music analysis and cultural critique, Charles Hiroshi Garrett examines a dazzling array of genres--including art music, jazz, popular song, ragtime, and Hawaiian music--and numerous well-known musicians, such as Charles Ives, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Irving Berlin. Garrett argues that rather than a single, unified vision, an exploration of the past century reveals a contested array of musical perspectives on the nation, each one advancing a different facet of American identity through sound.

Cover Art
Sweet Freedom's Song: 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' and Democracy in America. - Robert James Branham; Stephen J. Hartnett (Editor)
ISBN: 9780195137415
Publication Date: 2002-03-28
Although it isn't the official national anthem, America may be the most important and interesting patriotic song in our national repertoire. Sweet Freedom's Song: "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and Democracy in America is a celebration and critical exploration of the complicated musical, culturaland political roles played by the song America over the past 250 years. Popularly known as My Country 'Tis of Thee and as God Save the King/Queen before that this tune has a history as rich as the country it extols. In Sweet Freedom's Song, Robert Branham and Stephen Hartnett chronicle this song's many incarnations over the centuries. Colonial Americans, Southern slaveowners, abolitionists, temperance campaigners and labor leaders, among others, appropriated and adapted the tune to create anthems for their ownstruggles. Because the song has been invoked by nearly every grassroots movement in American history, the story of America offers important insights on the story of democracy in the United States. An examination of America as a historical artifact and cultural text, Sweet Freedoms Song is a reflection of the rebellious spirit of Americans throughout our nations history. The late Robert James Branham and his collaborator, Stephen Hartnett, have produced a thoroughly-researched, delightfullywritten book that will appeal to scholars and patriots of all stripes.

Cover Art
The Man That Got Away: The Life and Songs of Harold Arlen - Walter Rimler
ISBN: 9780252039461
Publication Date: 2015-08-20
Over the Rainbow, "Stormy Weather," and "One for My Baby" are just a few of Harold Arlen's well-loved compositions. Yet his name is hardly known--except to the musicians who venerate him. At a gathering of songwriters George Gershwin called him "the best of us." Irving Berlin agreed. Paul McCartney sent him a fan letter and became his publisher. Bob Dylan wrote of his fascination with Arlen's "bittersweet, lonely world." A cantor's son, Arlen believed his music was from a place outside himself, a place that also sent tragedy. When his wife became mentally ill and was institutionalized he turned to alcohol. It nearly killed him. But the beautiful songs kept coming: "Blues in the Night," "My Shining Hour," "Come Rain or Come Shine," and "The Man That Got Away." Walter Rimler drew on interviews with friends and associates of Arlen and on newly available archives to write this intimate portrait of a genius whose work is a pillar of the Great American Songbook.

Cover Art
The Poets of Tin Pan Alley: A History of America's Great Lyricists - Philip Furia
ISBN: 9780195074734
Publication Date: 1992-06-25
From the turn of the century to the 1960s, the songwriters of Tin Pan Alley dominated American music. Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart--even today these giants remain household names, their musicals regularly revived, their methods and styles analyzed andimitated, and their songs the bedrock of jazz and cabaret. In The Poets of Tin Pan Alley Philip Furia offers a unique new perspective on these great songwriters, showing how their poetic lyrics were as important as their brilliant music in shaping a golden age of American popular song. Furia writes with great perception and understanding as he explores the deft rhymes, inventive imagery, and witty solutions these songwriters used to breathe new life into rigidly established genres. He devotes full chapters to all the greats, including Irving Berlin, Lorenz Hart, IraGershwin, Cole Porter, Oscar Hammerstain II, Howard Dietz, E.Y. Harburg, Dorothy Fields, Leo Robin, and Johnny Mercer. Furia also offers a comprehensive survey of other lyricists who wrote for the sheet-music industry, Broadway, Hollywood, and Harlem nightclub revues. This was the era that producedThe New Yorker, Don Marquis, Dorothy Parker, and E.B. White--and Furia places the lyrics firmly in this fascinating historical context. In these pages, the lyrics emerge as an important element of American modernism, as the lyricists, like the great modernist poets, took the American vernacular andmade it sing.

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The Words and Music of Paul Simon - James Bennighof
ISBN: 9780275991630
Publication Date: 2007-10-30
Paul Simon is commonly acknowledged to be one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the pop-rock era. His work has flourished in the context of Simon and Garfunkel as well as in his own solo career. Starting with the folk-rock style that marked his earliest significant success, he has drawn on a wide variety of influences, including many American traditions and, later, many international ones as well. He has won multiple Grammy awards in both the duo and the solo phases of his career. His songwriting has also provided the impetus for brief forays into film and musical theatre. After providing a brief biographical overview, this work examines Simon's songwriting work in depth, providing a critical discussion of each song as a fusion of text and music so as to help the reader to identify elements that enhance appreciation. A particularly valuable contribution in this context is the discussion of the wide variety of musical elements that contribute significantly to the value of Simon's work. These include such easily-understandable issues as verse-chorus structure, melodic variation, selection of particular instruments and even performers, variation of musical style within a song, general harmonic characteristics, relationships among keys, rhythm and pacing of text, etc. While the book proceeds chronologically through Simon's recorded output, specific threads are developed throughout, and the discussion of individual songs takes place in the context of these threads, both drawing on them and developing them further. The diversity of Paul Simon's work reflects his very American background, and no discussion of American music is complete without accounting for his influence.

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We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War - Douglas Bradley; Craig Werner
ISBN: 9781625341976
Publication Date: 2015-12-31
For a Kentucky rifleman who spent his tour trudging through Vietnam's Central Highlands, it was Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." For a "tunnel rat" who blew smoke into the Viet Cong's underground tunnels, it was Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze." For a black marine distraught over the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., it was Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools." And for countless other Vietnam vets, it was "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die," "Who'll Stop the Rain," or the song that gives this book its title. In We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Doug Bradley and Craig Werner place popular music at the heart of the American experience in Vietnam. They explore how and why U.S. troops turned to music as a way of connecting to each other and the World back home and of coping with the complexities of the war they had been sent to fight. They also demonstrate that music was important for every group of Vietnam veterans -- black and white, Latino and Native American, men and women, officers and "grunts" -- whose personal reflections drive the book's narrative. Many of the voices are those of ordinary soldiers, airmen, seamen, and marines. But there are also "solo" pieces by veterans whose writings have shaped our understanding of the war -- Karl Marlantes, Alfredo Vea, Yusef Komunyakaa, Bill Ehrhart, Arthur Flowers -- as well as songwriters and performers whose music influenced soldiers' lives, including Eric Burdon, James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, Country Joe McDonald, and John Fogerty. Together their testimony taps into memories -- individual and cultural -- that capture a central if often overlooked component of the American war in Vietnam.


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