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Individual eBooks - Vocational Guidance: Fire Service, Health-Mathematics Print Page

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Vocation Guidance 3:

  • Fire Service
  • Game/Gaming Industry
  • Green Jobs
  • Health
  • Interior Design/Fashion
  • Journalism/Writing
  • Landscaping
  • Mathematics


Fire Service

Cover Art
Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics - John Norman
ISBN: 9781593702793
Publication Date: 2012-08-04
John Norman has updated his best-selling book, a guide for the firefighter and fire officer who, having learned the basic mechanics of the trade, are looking for specific methods for handling specific situations. In this new fourth edition, readers will find a new chapter on lightweight construction, a new chapter on electrical fires and emergencies, updates to many chapters including such topics as wind-driven fires, and many new illustrations.

Cover Art
Fireground Operational Guides (Fire Service Professionals) - Frank Viscuso; Michael A. Terpak
ISBN: 9781593702595
Publication Date: 2011-08-25
This important new book is designed to serve many purposes in the fire service, ranging from being a starting point and refresher guide for firefighters seeking promotions at any level, to being a field operational guide for on-scene Incident Commanders and Company Officers. It offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan for firefighters working in Acting Capacities, and can be used when developing SOPís, and when organizing and planning training evolutions. Itís definitely a book every firefighter, officer, and aspiring officer will want to own!


Game/Gaming Industry

Cover Art
Breaking into the Game Industry: Advice for a Successful Career from Those Who Have Done It - Brenda Brathwaite; Ian Schreiber
ISBN: 9781435458048
Publication Date: 2011-06-16
Aspiring and professional game developers have a lot of questions: What should be in their portfolios? How do they make contacts? How do they negotiate salaries? How much do game designers make? What should they wear to interviews? In this fast-paced and humorous guide, the authors answer these questions and many more, including the ones you didn't know to ask. BREAKING INTO THE GAME INDUSTRY: ADVICE FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER FROM THOSE WHO HAVE DONE IT, provides aspiring game developers the know-how and confidence they need to make it in the industry. Written in a unique and engaging question and answer format, the book presents a clear, overall sense of what the game industry is and how the professionals operate in it, answering the key questions new developers should be asking as they begin their career. Providing invaluable advice and tips from experienced professionals, you'll learn how to best present yourself and your skills, showcase your work and create a compelling portfolio, and much more, giving you a leg up as you try to break into the competitive and fast-paced game industry.

Cover Art
OUYA Game Development Essentials - Moncada, Robinson, Ruben Hoyos
ISBN: 9781783551453
Publication Date: 2014-03-01
OUYA Game Development Essentials is ideal if you want to explore the development of games for the OUYA console, this is the book for you. From beginners to advanced users, the book allows developers to address various issues related to development projects for the OUYA console.This is a hands-on, practical approach to developing games on the OUYA console. It includes step-by-step examples as well as detailed theoretical explanations of industry practices.


Green Jobs

Cover Art
Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment - Susan Cohn; Horst Rechelbacher (Contribution by); Lynda Grose (Contribution by)
ISBN: 9781559633338
Publication Date: 1995-09-01
Shows how to identify career options with an environmental focus or find companies concerned about pollution.

Cover Art
Green Growth and Travelism : Letters from Leaders - Geoffrey Lipman (Editor); DeLacy (Editor); Shaun Vorster (Editor); Rebecca Hawkins (Editor); Min Jiang (Editor)
ISBN: 9781908999177
Publication Date: 2012-06-18
Travel & Tourism is by any measure a massive modern day industry - in the same league as cars, oil, telecommunication and agriculture. It drives trillions of dollars in GNP, underpins millions of jobs, makes international business function and is the essence of leisure and happiness. In short it has to be one of the most significant sectors of the world economy. Yet all too often its role and potential is underestimated when it comes to global and national socio-economic policy and practice.This book explores why the industry is misperceived and how it can take its rightful leadership place in the transformation to the new green economy. Green Growth and Travelism: Letters from Leaders is the first hard hitting publication tolook practically into these issues by taking the views of 46 government, industry and civil society thought leaders on the challenges, opportunities and solutions.First the authors explore Green Growth as the new geopolitical paradigm to respond to the big social, economic, environment and climate challenges of today and the population driven resource challenges of tomorrow. They then analyze how Travelism - the Travel and Tourism value chain - transport, hospitality and the various industries that support our inexorable urge to move around this planet - can more effectively contribute to a positive long-term societal transformation. Taking this viewpoint, the 'Letters from Leaders' provides real evidence of the actions, viewpoints and hopes of those at the frontline. With a foreword from Maurice Strong, architect of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and Agenda 21, it includes contributions by thought leaders from inside and outside the sector such as Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley (Prime Minister of Bhutan), Thomas Enders (CEO of EADS), Tony Tyler (Director General & CEO IATA), Taleb Rifai (Secretary General UNWTO), Sir Richard Branson (Chairman Virgin Group), Shanzhong Zhu (Vice Chairman CNTA), Akbar Al Baker (CEO Qatar Airways), Marthinus Van Schalkwyk (Minister Tourism South Africa), Gerald Lawless (Executive Chairman Jumeirah Group), James Hogan (President & CEO Etihad Airways), Patricia Francis (Executive Director ITC), David P. Scowsill (President & CEO, WTTC), Giovanni Bisignani (Chairman WEF Global Agenda Council ATT), Supachai Panitchpakdi (Secretary-General, UNCTAD), Raymond Benjamin (Secretary General, ICAO) and Gloria Guevara (Secretary Tourism, Mexico) and a host of others.Researched at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia and Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Cover Art
How to Be a Quantitative Ecologist The 'A to R' of Green Mathematics and Statistics (1) - Jason Matthiopoulos
ISBN: 9780470699782
Publication Date: 2011-04-25
Ecological research is becoming increasingly quantitative, yet students often opt out of courses in mathematics and statistics, unwittingly limiting their ability to carry out research in the future. This textbook provides a practical introduction to quantitative ecology for students and practitioners who have realised that they need this opportunity. The text is addressed to readers who haven′t used mathematics since school, who were perhaps more confused than enlightened by their undergraduate lectures in statistics and who have never used a computer for much more than word processing and data entry. From this starting point, it slowly but surely instils an understanding of mathematics, statistics and programming, sufficient for initiating research in ecology. The book s practical value is enhanced by extensive use of biological examples and the computer language R for graphics, programming and data analysis. Key Features: Provides a complete introduction to mathematics statistics and computing for ecologists. Presents a wealth of ecological examples demonstrating the applied relevance of abstract mathematical concepts, showing how a little technique can go a long way in answering interesting ecological questions. Covers elementary topics, including the rules of algebra, logarithms, geometry, calculus, descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing and linear regression. Explores more advanced topics including fractals, non-linear dynamical systems, likelihood and Bayesian estimation, generalised linear, mixed and additive models, and multivariate statistics. R boxes provide step-by-step recipes for implementing the graphical and numerical techniques outlined in each section. How to be a Quantitative Ecologist provides a comprehensive introduction to mathematics, statistics and computing and is the ideal textbook for late undergraduate and postgraduate courses in environmental biology. "With a book like this, there is no excuse for people to be afraid of maths, and to be ignorant of what it can do." Professor Tim Benton , Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK

Cover Art
Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View: Synthesis Report Based on 21 Country Studies. - Olga Strietska-Ilina; International Labour Office; Mercedes Durán Haro; Christine Hofmann; Shinyoung Jeon
ISBN: 9789221250913
Publication Date: 2012-01-27
Skills for Green Jobs examines the experiences of twenty-one developed and developing countries (representing sixty per cent of the world's population) that adjusted their training to meet new demands of a greener economy. It shows that while few new occupations are emerging, massive changes are occurring in existing ones, with carbon-intensive industries typically losing jobs. Successful transitions to new, greener industries and occupations will require efficient retraining and skill upgrading. A key element must be training initiatives targeted to segments of the population typically at a disadvantage in the labor market. To avoid future skill shortages, this book recommends that countries devise strategies based on well-informed policy decisions, social dialogue, and coordination between employers and training providers.

Cover Art
The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work For A Sustainable World - Environmental Careers Organization Staff; Kevin Doyle (Contribution by)
ISBN: 9781559639675
Publication Date: 2004-11-29
How can you make a real difference in the world and make a good living at the same time? The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work for a Sustainable World provides the answer. Developed by The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO, the creators of the popular Complete Guide to Environmental Careers), this new volume is unlike any careers book you've seen before. Reaching far beyond job titles and resume tips, The ECO Guide immerses you in the strategies and tactics that leading edge professionals are using to tackle pressing problems and create innovative solutions. To bring you definitive information from the real world of environmental problem-solving, The ECO Guide has engaged some of the nation's most respected experts to explain the issues and describe what's being done about them today. You'll explore: Global climate change with Eileen Claussen, Pew Center for Global Climate Change; Biodiversity loss with Stuart Pimm, Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University; Green Business with Stuart Hart, Kenan-Flager Business School at University of North Carolina; Ecotourism with Martha Honey, The International Ecotourism Society; Environmental Justice with Robert Bullard, Environmental Justice Center at Clark Atlanta University; Alternative Energy with Seth Dunn, Worldwatch Institute; Water Quality with Sandra Postel, Global Water Policy Project; Green Architecture with William McDonough, McDonough + Partners; and twelve other critical issues. To demonstrate even more clearly what eco-work feels like on the ground, The ECO Guide offers vivid "Career Snapshots" of selected employers and the professionals that work there. You'll visit government agencies like the USDA Forest Service, nonprofit organizations like Conservation International and Project Wild, and local advocates like Alternatives for Community and Environment. You'll go inside environmental businesses like Wildland Adventures and Stonyfield Farms. And you'll learn from academic institutions like the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. ECO also identifies and describes forty specific jobs that are representative of environmental career opportunities in the twenty-first century. It provides dozens of the best Internet resources. And most importantly, The ECO Guide offers all of the insight about current trends you expect from ECO, the acknowledged leaders in environmental career information.



Cover Art
101 Careers in Healthcare Management - Leonard H. Friedman; Anthony R. Kovner
ISBN: 9780826193353
Publication Date: 2012-10-01
" A] digestible yet comprehensive resource describing the many career opportunities in healthcare management... and] a valuable resource for current undergraduate and graduate students as well as career changers interested in pursing a job in the healthcare management field."--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries Careers in health administration continue to grow despite an overall downturn in the economy. This is a field that offers tremendous job opportunities across the spectrum of healthcare delivery and payment organizations. "101 Careers in Healthcare Management" is the only comprehensive guide to careers in health administration, ranging from entry-level management positions to the most senior executive opportunities. The guide clearly explains the responsibilities and duties of each of these careers and how they differ from other management jobs. It describes the integral role of healthcare administrators in creating and sustaining the systems that allow healthcare clinicians to do their best work. The book covers educational requirements, opportunities, traditional and nontraditional career pathways, and helps students assess whether they are temperamentally and intellectually suited to a career in healthcare management.Based on the most current data from the U.S. Department of Labor and professional societies in healthcare management, the guide describes careers in 14 different healthcare and related settings. These include long-term care, physician practices, commercial insurance, consulting firms, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, information technology, and biotechnology. Additionally, the book offers numerous interviews with health administrators, from those in entry-level positions to CEOs, to more vividly portray potential careers.Key Features: Presents the only comprehensive guide to all major employment opportunities in health administrationWritten in clear, jargon-free textAuthored by two senior and highly respected leaders in health administration educationIncludes interviews with many different healthcare administrators at various types of organizations

Cover Art
101 Careers in Public Health - Beth Seltzer
ISBN: 9780826117687
Publication Date: 2010-07-01
"First rate advice." --APHA What sort of training do you need to work in public health? What kinds of jobs are out there right now? And what exactly is an epidemiologist, anyway? Answering these questions and more, this career guide provides an overview of the numerous options in public health and the many different roads to get there. Whether you're a student who wants to launch a career or a professional looking to change careers, this guide offers an easy introduction to the field. It details the training, salary ranges, and degree requirements for each job, and alerts readers to alternative pathways beyond the traditional MPH. 101 Careers in Public Health" helps you follow your interests, find the right job, and make a difference. Key Features Includes a detailed guide to educational paths, options, and training requirements at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels Offers guidance on navigating the job market, with information on both traditional and nontraditional pathways-and tips on landing the job you want Provides descriptions of careers in disease prevention, environmental health, disaster preparedness, nutrition, education, public safety, and many more Includes interviews with public health professionals who offer details of their day-to-day lives on the job

Cover Art
Asperger's Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide: A Neurotypical's Secrets for Success. - Barbara Bissonnette; Yvona Fast (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781849059435
Publication Date: 2013-04-28
The workplace can be a difficult environment for people with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and this often impedes their ability to make use of particular skills and sustain meaningful and fulfilling employment. This is the definitive guide to surviving and thriving in the workplace for people with AS. It includes everything from realistic strategies for meeting employer expectations, to how to get along with your colleagues and work as part of a team, multitask and manage projects, and handle anxiety and effectively resolve problems. Common employment challenges are illustrated through examples from the author's extensive experience coaching individuals with AS at all job levels, from entry-level to manager and professional positions. The pragmatic recommendations in the book will benefit anyone with AS who is entering the workforce, as well as those who struggle to maintain employment, or who want to improve their performance and advance their careers.

Cover Art
Career As a Dental Assistant - Institute for Career Research
ISBN: 9781441608826
Publication Date: 2009-01-01

Cover Art
Career As a Family Practice Physician - Institute for Career Research
ISBN: 9781441608796
Publication Date: 2009-01-01

Cover Art
Career As a Food Chemist - Institute for Career Research
ISBN: 9781441640796
Publication Date: 2010

Cover Art
Career Planning for Research Bioscientists - Sarah Blackford
ISBN: 9781405196703
Publication Date: 2012-11-28
Career Planning for Research Bioscientists is an essential careers guide for bioscience doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. It contains a wealth of information and resources specifically targeted at research bioscientists, with practical strategies to enhance career success in an increasingly competitive job market. Advice on how to write a winning CV together with examples adapted for different jobs is presented, as well as practical exercises to assist with skills analysis and decision making.  Profiles of PhD-qualified bioscienstists in a range of professions including academic research, industry, science communication, management and consultancy provide valuable insights into how others have managed their careers, and tactics such as networking and using social media demonstrate how new opportunities can be discovered. The content of this book is aimed primarily at research bioscientists, however much of the advice and information will be a useful reference for other students and researchers looking for an effective career planning strategy. A companion website with additional resources is available at www.wiley.com/go/blackford/careerplanning and you can visit Sarah Blackford's blog at www.biosciencecareers.org for more information.

Cover Art
Careers in Health Information Technology (HIT) - Brian T. Malec
ISBN: 9780826129932
Publication Date: 2014-08-01
"Describes 75 jobs and how to attain them " Information technology is one of the fastest-growing segments of the labor market. This practical, one-stop career guide describes the depth and breadth of job opportunities and careers currently available in health information technology (HIT), and helps readers to enter and advance within this expanding field. The book offers guidance for students in higher education and currently employed individuals looking for mid-career opportunities. It includes a description of educational requirements for success in the HIT field and major themes of the HIT workforce such as informatics, provider-based jobs, vendor, government, and payer-based employment. The book describes quickest-route pathways for careers that require advanced training and professional associations that provide important information and resources. It examines the varied environments in which HIT careerists can work hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, physician practices, the managed care and insurance sector, public health organizations, consulting firms and HIT vendors, and education and training along with related job opportunities. Seventy-five jobs include a description, experience and/or education requirements, core competencies, salary, employment outlook, and references. Interviews with individuals in varied HIT careers present a human face that offers valuable advice. An international perspective on HIT workforce development addresses issues and challenges within other countries, and an industry expert sheds light on future expectations for the HIT industry. Links to job resources, and listings of professional conferences and meetings, add further value to the guide, as do job seeker "tips" throughout. Key Features: Provides comprehensive, practical information about health information technology (HIT) careers for students and mid-career job seekers Explores the great variety of work environments and job opportunities within them Details education requirements and quickest pathways to attain them Includes interviews with people currently in HIT careers, links to job resources, professional conferences and meetings, and helpful tips throughout Presents an international perspective on HIT career development and the future of HIT careers from industry experts "

Cover Art
Consulting for Phds, Lawyers, and Doctors - WetFeet
ISBN: 9781582078298
Publication Date: 2014

Cover Art
Launching Your Dietetics Career - Kyle W. Shadix; D. Milton Stokes; Jenna A. Bell
ISBN: 9780983725510
Publication Date: 2011-09-01
Providing valuable education and career advice, this guide serves as a roadmap through the growing field of dietetics to becoming a registered dietician. Whether thinking about a career in nutrition or already in a program or internship, these lessons succinctly, effectively, and inexpensively explain what comes next. Topics range from types of dietetics programs available and tips for landing internships to advice for career changers and how to keep current professional development portfolios. Also included are inspiring profiles of the movers and shakers in the field of nutrition.

Cover Art
Letters to a Young Pharmacist: Sage Advice on Life & Career From Extraordinary Pharmacists. - Susan A. Cantrell; Sara J. White; Bruce E. Scott; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Staff (Contribution by)
ISBN: 9781585283996
Publication Date: 2014-04-11
Most of us have received very little, if any, formal training on how to manage our lives and careers. In Letters to a Young Pharmacist:  Sage Advice on Life & Career from Extraordinary Pharmacists, find expert advice and guidance for the choices and challenges you will face. Written by 35 leading pharmacists, these very personal letters offer sound advice and insight for seizing or creating opportunities, balancing career and family, avoiding mistakes, and overcoming setbacks.  Gain from the wisdom and practical advice offered in these letters on such topics as: Finding the right job or residency Developing productive partnerships The importance of networking Thinking creatively to design new therapies Working well in the culture of your organization Understanding your strengths and weaknesses                  ... and much more. Learn from people who have faced many of the same career and life experiences that lie ahead of you. More than a book, Letters to a Young Pharmacist is a companion guide for your life's work-- and a must-have for every new pharmacist.

Cover Art
Medical Billing and Coding for Dummies - Consumer Dummies Staff; Karen Smiley
ISBN: 9781118021729
Publication Date: 2012-07-10
The easy way to start a career in medical billing and coding With healthcare providers moving to electronic record systems, data accuracy and efficient data processing is more important than ever. Medical offices need professionally trained billers and coders, either in the office or via telecommute, to handle records for internal and external accessibility and efficiency. Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies gives you everything you need to know to get started in medical billing and coding. It gives you practical, easy-to-follow coverage and advice on how to find a course, educational topics you should review and pursue in order to stay competitive in the field, and the laws and other regulations you'll encounter in your work. Certification requirements and standard industry practices Tips for dealing with government agencies and insurance companies Ethical and legal issues If you're looking to start a career in the popular field of medical billing and coding, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered!

Cover Art
Medical Transcription for Dummies - Dummies Press Staff; Anne Martinez
ISBN: 9781118343074
Publication Date: 2012-12-26
The fast and easy way to explore a medical transcription career Flexibility is one of the most enticing aspects of a career in medical transcription. Perfect for in the office, at home, or on vacation, medical transcriptionists can often create lifestyle-appropriate schedules. The transcription field also appeals as a part-time, post-retirement income source for ex-healthcare-industry workers. If you′re interested in a career in this growing field, Medical Transcription For Dummies serves as an accessible entry point. With guidance on getting through training and certification and exploring opportunities within the myriad different kinds of employment arrangements, Medical Transcription For Dummies gives you everything you need to get started in medical transcription. Guides you on getting though medical transcription training and certification Includes expert advice and tips on how to approach complex medical jargon and understand procedures Plain-English explanations of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments Whether used as a classroom supplement or a desk reference, students and professionals alike can benefit from Medical Transcription For Dummies.

Cover Art
Pre-Reader for the Foundation Degree In Health and Social Care Practice - Margaret A. Bannister
ISBN: 9781907830686
Publication Date: 2011-01-01
This book aims to provide the knowledge and tools required to enable healthcare workers to study at foundation degree level, including practical skills such as time management and reading for assignments. It also encompasses wider issues such as coping with change, considering values and ethics, and enlisting family support to help you meet the demands of your course. The book includes many activities to help you develop the skills you need for study and self-development. Use them fully, write out your answers, think deeply about the suggestions, and record your responses. If you revisit the activities throughout your programme of study, you will notice the changes and will be able to track your progress. Written by an author with long experience of teaching on the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care Practice, this little book could make a huge difference to the way you approach your course, and your eventual result


Interior Design/Fashion

Cover Art
Fabric for Fashion - The Complete Guide - Clive Hallett; Amanda Johnston
ISBN: 9781780673349
Publication Date: 2014-02-18
Fabric For Fashion: The Complete Guide is the only book specifically for fashion designers to explain the behavior and properties of different fabrics. Fashion design is largely determined by how the fabrics work, move, feel and look. The most successful fashion designers are those who understand their materials, who match design skill with technical knowledge. This book bridges that gap by providing a mix of practical information and industry vocabulary, visually examining generic fabric types, discussing the characteristics of fabrics and showing how to exploit materials to push the boundaries of design. With stunning color photographs that show how fashion designers, both past and present, have worked with fabrics, the book's prime objective is to stimulate creative exploration of the relationship of fabrics to fashion.

Cover Art
Furniture for Interior Design - Sam. Booth; Drew Plunkett
ISBN: 9781780673226
Publication Date: 2014-03-18
This comprehensive, practical guide explores how contemporary furniture is used within interior design to define a space, create division and enclosure, and alter or redefine circulation. Initial chapters illustrate the different contexts in which furniture is used, from the office and domestic interiors to retail and exhibition space; look at types of furniture, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke; and explore the new vogue for recycling and vintage. Later chapters examine both traditional materials such as wood and the more unusual such as stone and glass, while also explaining new methods of manufacture - such as Computer Numerical Controlled and Selected Laser Sintering. The final chapter looks at how a design is developed, the site surveyed, prototypes made, and specifications and schedules drawn up. Furniture for Interior Design is a detailed, highly illustrated guide to specifying and placing existing manufactured furniture, but also shows the reader how to design, detail, and commission batch-produced furniture or one-off, site-specific pieces.



Cover Art
How to Be a Writer: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play - Barbara Baig
ISBN: 9781582978055
Publication Date: 2010-09-26
Athletes practice. Musicians practice. As a writer you need to do the same. Whether you have dreams of writing a novel or a memoir or a collection of poems, or you simply want to improve your everyday writing, this innovative book will show you how to build your skills by way of practice. Through playful and purposeful exercises, you'll develop your natural aptitude for communication, strengthening your ability to come up with things to say, and your ability to get those things into the minds (and the hearts) of readers. You'll learn to: Train and develop your writer's powers—creativity, memory, observation, imagination, curiosity, and the subconscious Understand the true nature of the relationship between you and your readers Find your writer's voice Get required writing projects done so you have more time for the writing you wantto do And much more Empowering and down-to-earth, How to Be a Writergives you the tools you need, and tells you what (and how) to practice so that you can become the writer you want to be.

Cover Art
To Be an Artist: Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, and Dancers Speak - Colatosti, Camille
Publication Date: 2012
To Be An Artist is a conversation with today's successful and prominent artists from a variety of disciplines—musicians, visual artists, digital artists, poets, writers, activists and scholars. All of them discuss what it means to be an artist today, how they perceive their craft and their world, and the role of art in society. They agree that artists'creativity and success come not only from the intense focus on their craft, but, also, from their development of a worldview—from their wider vision and understanding of the world in which they live..

Cover Art
When Talent Isn't Enough - Business Basics for the Creatively Inclined: For Creative Professionals, Including hellip; Artists, Writers, Designers, Bloggers, Web Developers, and Anyone Else Looking to Freelance or Run Their Own Business - Kristen Fischer
ISBN: 9781601632500
Publication Date: 2013-01-21
"If you're creative and want to build a business around your talents, then you have to read Kristen's new book. It provides a clear path for taking your talent and turning it into a full-time career." --Dan Schwabel, author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success "Kristen Fischer's book is crammed with practical, road-tested tips, strategies, and real-world examples for creating a successful solo business. If you want to start earning more doing the work you love for clients who truly value your worth, read and apply the information in this wonderful guide." --Ed Gandia, coauthor of The Wealthy Freelancer, founder of the International Freelancers Academy "Kristen has written an essential and timeless knowledge resource for the freelancing community." --Von Glitschka, illustrative designer, author of Vector Basic Training Many creative professionals focus too much on their artistic abilities and too little on their business interests. In When Talent Isn't Enough, copywriter and journalist Kristen Fischer offers powerful strategies and practical stories from some of today's most prominent creative leaders to help you thrive. The result: an easy-to-read guide that covers all aspects of launching and managing a successful business for any creative entrepreneur or solo practitioner. When Talent Isn't Enough offers savvy and easy-to-apply business advice for writers, designers, and artists who want to: Run a profitable, fulfilling business Market themselves alongside seasoned pros, in-house talent and established agencies Understand the legalities of doing business Spearhead hassle-free accounting and bookkeeping practices Overcome challenging situations with clients Embrace self-promotion as a solo professional Cultivate lasting client partnerships

Cover Art
Women on Poetry Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching - Carol Smallwood (Editor); Colleen S. Harris; Cynthia Brackett-Vincent (Editor)
ISBN: 9780786463923
Publication Date: 2012-01-19
In these 59 essays, published female poets share a wealth of practical advice and inspiration. Aimed at students and aspiring and experienced poets alike, the essays address such topics as the women's collective writing experience, tips on teaching in numerous contexts, the publishing process, and essential wisdom to aid the poet in her chosen vocation.

Cover Art
Writing for Others, Writing for Ourselves: Telling Stories in an Age of Blogging - Jerry Lanson
ISBN: 9780742555341
Publication Date: 2011-01-16
Using a narrative thread that ties practical advice to his personal experience as reporter, blogger and professor, Jerry Lanson fills his new book on nonfiction writing with time-proven techniques to beat writer's block and hone the skills necessary to write well. Examples from Lanson's own work as well as that of other widely read reporters, bloggers and essayists make Writing for Others, Writing for Ourselves a practical guide for writers seeking to perfect their own work. From learning to frame ideas early, to developing the writer's voice, the tips, tricks, and lessons that Lanson shares will enliven any writer's work.



Cover Art
Construction for Landscape Architecture - Robert Holden; Jamie Liversedge
ISBN: 9781856697088
Publication Date: 2011-05-25
This is the first visual treatment of the subject for students and professionals. The book covers all aspects of landscape construction, giving a good understanding of building materials and assembly. The book is illustrated with numerous specially commissioned, detailed construction drawings. At the end of the book there is a glossary and an appendix of technical information.



Cover Art
101 Careers in Mathematics - Andrew Sterrett (Editor)
ISBN: 9780883857861
Publication Date: 2014-01-01


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