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This is the "Credo Reference: History" page of the "History Research" guide.
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History Research  

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Credo Reference

Credo Reference

Description: Credo Reference is a general reference resource with full-text, aggregated content covering every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference.

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Credo Reference - History Links

Credo Reference

Credo Reference

Description: Credo Reference is a general reference resource with full-text, aggregated content covering every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference.

Credo Reference - European History

Credo Reference - United States History 

Credo Reference - World History

History Reference Sources

  • Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
    This encyclopedia explores the many long-standing influences of Africa and people of African descent on the culture of the Americas, while tracing the many ways in which the Americas remain closely interconnected with Africa.
  • All Things Chaucer: An Encyclopedia of Chaucer's World
    In addition to exploring Chaucer's material world, this encyclopedia surveys the beliefs, customs, and rituals of the Middle Ages. It broadens the general reader's understanding of Chaucer and his world and helps students analyze and interpret his texts.
  • Andromeda Encyclopedic Dictionary of World History
    Facts about historical events, periods, and personalities available under alphabetically arranged headword entries. Coverage extends across every continent and every century of history. The entries have been prepared by professional historians, and Jeremy Black, Professor of History at the University of Exeter, has acted as academic consultant.
  • Britain and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
    A comprehensive encyclopedia covering the close ties between Britain and the whole of the Americas, examining Britain's cultural and political legacy to the nations of the New World.
  • Encyclopedia of African History
    Covering the entire continent from Morocco, Libya, and Egypt in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south, and the surrounding islands from Cape Verde in the west to Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles in the east, the eEncyclopedia is an A-Z reference resource on the history of the entire African continent.
  • Encyclopedia of American Studies
    Brings together a wide range of disciplines related to the history and cultures of the United States, from pre-colonial days to the present.
  • Encyclopedia of Chinese-American Relations
    Since 1784, when the American ship Empress of China arrived in Guangzhou, Chinese-American relations have experienced advances and setbacks. As the Chinese economy rapidly expands, China assumes a more dominant position in world politics, and continued fruitful relations with the United States are a primary concern for both nations in the twenty-first century. This encyclopedia contains more than 400 descriptive entries of important events, issues, personalities, controversies, treaties, agreements, organizations and alliances in the history of Sino-American relations, from Chinese and American perspectives. Also included are maps, a chronology, a list of acronyms, and three appendices (American chiefs on missions to China, Chinese chiefs on missions to the United States, and the correspondence of Wade-Giles to Pinyin).
  • Encyclopedia of Cuban-United States Relations
    Ninety miles from Florida, the island of Cuba has since long before the Castro revolution focused its attention upon, and drawn the attention of, the United States. American interest can be traced to President Jefferson; events since 1959 have kept the two nations constantly at odds. This encyclopedia places persons and events in the context of Cuban relations with the United States and vice versa. An introduction and chronology provide a background. From ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY to ZAYAS, ALFREDO, entries cover such topics as policies (e.g., Isle of Pines Treaty, 1931 International Sugar Agreement), leaders (e.g., Fulgencio Batista, John F. Kennedy) and events (e.g., Bay of Pigs invasion, Baltimore Orioles vs. Cuban All-Stars in 1999). Many see references interconnect the entries.
  • Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic World
    Examines every effort to end slavery in the United States and the transatlantic world. It focuses on massive, broad-based movements, as well as specific incidents, events, and developments, and pulls together in one place information previously available only in a wide variety of sources.
  • Encyclopedia of Empiricism
    An essential source of information on particular figures, topics, and doctrines, treating empiricism as a 17th- and 18th-century movement as well as a broader tendency in philosophical thought.
  • Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions
    Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions. This multicultural reference work on Jewish folklore, legends, customs, and other elements of folklife is the first of its kind. The diverse range of articles covers specific artifacts, rituals, ceremonies, biblical figures, and legends-in addition to broad topics such as humor, folk dance, costumes, and folk narratives.
  • Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture
    Presents a processual view of Mexican history, society and culture from ancient civilizations to the present day.
  • Encyclopedia of Nationalism: Fundamental Themes
    Captures the aims and scope of nationalism. This volume covers fundamental themes.
  • Encyclopedia of Nationalism: Leaders, Movements, and Concepts
    Captures the aims and scope of nationalism. This volume covers leaders, movements, and concepts.
  • The 9/11 Encyclopedia
    The 9/11 Encyclopedia offers valuable perspective on this emotionally charged and multidimensional subject. This comprehensive encyclopedia details the events leading up to the attacks, going back a decade prior to 9/11, and covers all the major players involved.
  • The Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance
    Details in entries the broad range of events, people, ideas and movements that together have come to represent this era. The encyclopaedia also covers a complete range of general topics, including entries devoted to literature, music, philosophy, religion, science, technology, exploration, art, and architecture.
  • Encyclopedia of North American Indians, Houghton Mifflin
    Written by contemporary authorities, the volume features many Native American contributors - including eminent writers, tribal elders, scholars, and activists - with voices as distinct as their subjects, offering a deeper and more informed appreciation of American Indian life, past and present.
  • Encyclopedia of South Africa
    This authoritative, comprehensive reference work covers South Africa's history, government and politics, law, society and culture, economy and infrastructure, demography, environment, and more, from the era of human origins to the present.
  • The Encyclopedia of Strikes in American History
    A collection of historical research on strikes in America comprised of two types of essays, those focused on an industry or economic sector and those focused on a theme. This approach provides a detailed perspective as well broad historical and social coverage of the topic.
  • Encyclopedia of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution
    Remember the Alamo!” is a phrase that is woven into the American consciousness, but what do most people really remember about the Alamo? Much of the true story has been shrouded in myth for over 150 years. This comprehensive encyclopedia provides thorough coverage for people, places, events and issues spanning the pre-Revolution period and settlement of Texas by Americans to the forming of the Republic in 1836. When appropriate, a mini-chronology supplements the entry, placing the discussion in context. A day-by-day account details the thirteen day famous siege. Entries cover major players such as Santa Anna, Jim Bowie and David Crockett and provide biographies (from obscure sources, in some cases) of every Alamo defender killed in the battle. American and Mexican resources have been used to assure a well-rounded picture of often misunderstood events. Maps and an extensive bibliography complement the te
  • Encyclopedia of the American Civil War: A Political, Social, and Military History
    An award-winning and highly recommended comprehensive reference set on the political, social, and military aspects of the American Civil War.
  • Encyclopedia of the Antebellum South
    Alphabetical entries present the culture, history, and key figures of the American South in the half-century before the Civil War.
  • Encyclopedia of the European Union
    Provides in-depth, authoritative discussions of the key concepts, developments, institutions, policies, negotitations, treaties, national interests, personalities, etc., related to European integration.
  • Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850
    In analytical articles, this work explores the developments that influenced the profound changes in thought and sensibility during the second half of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century.
  • Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History
    Now in its second edition, this comprehensive study of the Vietnam War sheds more light on the longest and one of the most controversial conflicts in U.S. history.
  • The Encyclopedia of World History
    A comprehensive chronology of entries that span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000.
  • Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present
    This exhaustive four-volume set is the definitive reference on the history of trade in all time periods. It traces the historical and contemporary interaction of trade, commerce, and culture in fascinating detail.
  • Every Day of the Civil War: A Chronological Encyclopedia
    Although the book provides a daily chronicle of the combat, it is written in narrative form to give readers some continuity as they move from skirmish to skirmish. During the course of the saga, the book also chronicles the life spans of more than 600 Union and Confederate vessels, documenting when possible the time of each vessels acquisition, commissioning, major engagements, and decommissioning. Seven appendices provide lists of prominent Union and Confederate officers, primary naval actions, and Medal of Honor recipients from 1863 to 1865.

  • Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Work
    Featuring alphabetically organized bio-critical essays on writers of memoirs, novels, poetry, short stories, and drama, ranging in length from 1,500 to 7,000 words, this comprehensive scholarly work presents a broad spectrum of voices remembering, interpreting, and reinterpreting one of the twentieth century's most politically and emotionally charged events.

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