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This is the "Christian Sports/History of Sports Books" page of the "Physical Education and Sports Research" guide.
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Physical Education and Sports Research  

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Christian Sports/History of Sports Books Print Page

Books from the Warner University Library


Christian Sports Books

Cover Art
God in the Stadium : sports and religion in America - Robert J. Higgs
Call Number: GV 706.42 .H54 1995
ISBN: 0813108535
Publication Date: 1995-11-02
"From the worship of Michael Jordan to the downfall of O.J. Simpson, it has become clear that sports and sports heroes have assumed a role in American society far out of proportion to their traditional value. In this powerful critique of present-day American popular culture, Robert J. Higgs examines the complex and increasingly pervasive control that sports wield in shaping the national self-image. He provides a thoughtful history and analysis of the ways sports and religion have become intertwined and offers a stringent indictment of the sports-religion-media-education complex."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cover Art
God's Olympics : a 5-session study for children on running the Christian race - McKenzi Fenn
Call Number: qBV 4630 .F46 2008
ISBN: 1593172044
Publication Date: 2008-01-01
This group study for children looks at five character traits of the Christian life using some of the sports from the summer Olympic games to represent those qualities. Through worship, games, snacks, crafts, and other activities, the children will learn how commitment, focus, balance, strength, and endurance are part of living their lives for Christ.
God's Olympics has been created for use in an informal teaching and learning time. Activities designed for multiple ages of children use learning centers for crafts, games, and snacks, while worship is crafted as a total group experience.

Cover Art
Onward Christian Athletes: turning ballparks into pulpits and players into preachers - Tom Krattenmaker
Call Number: GV 706.42 .K73 2009
ISBN: 9780742562479
Publication Date: 2009-10-16
In Onward Christian Athletes, religion expert and commentator Tom Krattenmaker provides a first-of-its-kind exploration of what is really happening where sports and faith converge, and the larger story it tells about popular Christianity in American life in the new century.

Cover Art
Playing in the Zone exploring the spiritual dimensions of sports - Andrew Cooper
Call Number: GV 706.4 .C67 1998
ISBN: 1570621519
Publication Date: 1998-04-20
Our ancient ancestors believed that sports were a gift of the gods--that they were potent rituals, which, if performed correctly, would placate unseen powers, honor departed heroes, or improve the harvests. Today, sports still speak to deep yearnings, imaginings, and the irreducible need people feel to resonate with themselves and their world. But the hidden meaning, or "secret life," that lies at the heart of sports and gives them their force and magic goes largely unnoticed. The old baseball hand Wes Westrum once said, "Baseball is like church. Many attend, but few understand"--and the same could be said for sports in general. In Playing in the Zone, Andrew Cooper explores this inner dimension of sports, drawing on mythology, the history of religion, his observations on popular culture, and a wonderful array of stories and anecdotes about the world's most accomplished athletes. The author--a clinical psychologist and longtime Zen student--compares the intense focus of the mind that is often required in spiritual practice with the experience of "playing in the zone"--that quality of mind where the most remarkable athletic feats seem to occur effortlessly. He explores the "dark side" of sports, its brutality and violence, showing how it can also provide fertile ground for self-awareness and self-transformation. Particularly insightful is the author's discussion of how the heightened drama of sports offers a powerful vehicle for the expression of mythic imagery and symbols in popular culture.

Cover Art
Sunday Baseball: the major leagues' struggle to play baseball on the lord's day, 1876-1934 - Charlie Bevis
Call Number: GV 867.6 .B48 2003
ISBN: 0786415649
Publication Date: 2003-03-17
Playing baseball on Sunday was a divisive issue in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. On one side of the argument were the owners, who wanted to take in more money, and working people, who labored six days a week and wanted to take in a baseball game on the seventh. On the other side were people who thought that the commandment to keep Sunday sacred ought to be obeyed. The story of how Sunday baseball went from being an illegal activity in most areas of the country in 1876 to a legal form of entertainment in all major league cities by 1934 is told in this work. It describes the numerous schemes used to play baseball on Sunday, like playing games in strange places, under odd circumstances and at the inconvenience of players and managers, many of whom were arrested and jailed for attempting to play baseball on Sunday. The book covers the foothold Sunday baseball gained in cities like St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chicago in the 1880s and 1890s, its slow spread eastward as the general attitude of the populace toward Sunday baseball gradually changed, and its widespread acceptance after New York passed a law in 1919 making it legal. It was not until 1934, however, that Sunday baseball was played in all major league cities.

Cover Art
The Ultimate Guide to Softball Ministry - Charles Metcalf
Call Number: GV 706.42 .M48 2010
ISBN: 9780578047645
Publication Date: 2010-01-01
This book was specifically created for the local church lay leader. It is designed to maximize the Softball Ministry experience for you, your players, and your church. The job of coaching and the task of running a Softball Ministry can often be daunting. Equip yourself with The Ultimate Guide to Softball Ministry. Let this book save you and your ministry time, energy, and money. The Ultimate Guide to Softball Ministry is a well of information. It lays the foundation for why your church needs a Softball Ministry and then it shows you how to build it from the ground up. It walks you through this process step by step and includes everything you need to know about: goals, recruiting, budgeting, sponsors, uniforms, practice, communication, game play and ministry. The appendix also contains great practical tips to help you along. This is not a book about the mechanics of hitting, how to pitch, or base-running. This book teaches local churches how to use the great game of slow-pitch softball to transform lives, change a church, and have a positive spiritual impact for the Kingdom of God.


Sports History Books

Cover Art
100 Pioneers: African-Americans who broke color barriers in sport - Richard Lapchick
Call Number: GV 697 .A1 L37 2008
ISBN: 1885693818
Publication Date: 2008-01-01
Through an effective combination of historical research and personal interviews, "100 Pioneers" offers compelling portraits of the dedicated athletes who broke colour barriers on college campuses and in professional sports all around the country. These engaging accounts detail the adversities they faced and the victories they achieved. Part 1 includes well-known figures such as Jackie Robinson and Tony Dungy, as well as other, lesser-known pioneers in professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, and boxing. Part 2 presents the inspiring stories of college coaches, athletics directors, and student-athletes who were the first African-Americans to fill their respective roles. Part 3 highlights the impressive feats of African-American athletes accomplished on the world stage of the Olympic Games.

Cover Art
100 Trailblazers great women athletes who opened doors for future generations - Richar Lapchick
Call Number: GV 697 .A1 L37 2009
ISBN: 1885693869
Publication Date: 2009-07-01
This book shines an admiring spotlight on the accomplishments of women in sport whose life stories are important but not necessarily well known. Research and personal interviews reveal the groundbreaking work of effective administrators, dedicated coaches, determined reformers, and spirited athletes who excelled in tennis, golf, skating, swimming and diving, gymnastics, track and field, soccer, softball and baseball, basketball, volleyball, and motor sports. These fascinating profiles chronicle the achievements of women who overcame innumerable obstacles, broke down walls, and opened doors for future generations.

Cover Art
American History Through American Sports : from colonial lacrosse to extreme sports - Bob Batchelor (Editor); Danielle Sarver Coombs (Editor)
Call Number: GV 583 .A59 2013 V.1-V.3
ISBN: 9780313379888
Publication Date: 2012-12-01
Filled with insightful analysis and compelling arguments, this book considers the influence of sports on popular culture and spotlights the fascinating ways in which sports culture and American culture intersect.

Cover Art
History of American Physical Education and Sport - Paula D. Welch
Call Number: GV 429 .W44 2004
ISBN: 0398075069
Publication Date: 2004-09-01
"Both the first and second editions of this book were extremely well received for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in physical education and allied fields of recreation. This success has brought about this third edition which updates each chapter into the twenty-first century, thoroughly tracing the sources and development of today's games, sports, dances, and physical education programs. This updated text is not only exceedingly comprehensive but is further enhanced with many new illustrations. Physical education professionals and students as well as those in allied recreation fields will find this book to be an essential reference."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cover Art
Idols of the Game: a sporting history of the American century - Robert Lipsyte; Peter Levine
Call Number: GV 697 .A1 L567 1995
ISBN: 1570361541
Publication Date: 1995-10-01
A social history of American sport, told through profiles of sixteen of the twentieth century's most famous athletes, studying the increasing trend toward commercialism in sports, and looking at the changing attitudes toward African-Americans, women, and other minorities.

Cover Art
More Than Just a Game: sports in American life since 1945 - Kathryn Jay
Call Number: GV 706.5 .J39 2004
ISBN: 0231125348
Publication Date: 2004-06-02
More Than Just a Game tracks the explosion of the sports industry in the United States since 1945 and how it has shaped class, racial, gender, and national identities. By examining both professional and intercollegiate sports such as baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, and stock car racing, Kathryn Jay looks at the impact of packaging, salary, hype, corporate sponsorship, drug use, and the presence of women and African American players. Jay also considers the persistent belief that sports encourage good citizenship and morality despite a rise in cheating and violent behavior and an unabashed emphasis on financial gain. More Than Just a Game is a fascinating exploration of a phenomenon that has engaged the American imagination and thrilled fans for decades.


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