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This is the "Credo Reference/Google Scholar/Writing Resources" page of the "Science Research" guide.
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Science Research  

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Credo Reference

Credo Reference

Description: Credo Reference is a general reference resource with full-text, aggregated content covering every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference.

NOTE: See more Science topics from Credo Reference in the Science Research LibGuide

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  • Chemistry: Topic Page
    Chemistry, branch of science concerned with the properties, composition, and structure of substances and the changes they undergo when they combine or react under specified conditions.
  • Physics and Chemistry: Topic Page
    Science’ is derived from Latin scientia, a complicated word whose apparently simple meaning, ‘knowledge’ conceals an origin in the idea of finding out about things by subdividing them and sorting the pieces. But to call science ‘knowledge’, with the implication of certainty, is an idea long past its prime: modern science is far more a form of enquiry into natural phenomena, a consensus of information held at any one time (all of which is, so to speak, on loan, and may be modified by new discoveries and new interpretations at any moment), and, most loosely of all, a community of people engaged in enquiry into the natural world.
  • Organic Chemistry: Topic Page
    Branch of chemistry that deals with carbon compounds. Organic compounds form the chemical basis of life and are more abundant than inorganic compounds. In a typical organic compound, each carbon atom forms bonds covalently with each of its neighbouring carbon atoms in a chain or ring, and additionally with other atoms, commonly hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, or sulphur.

Google Scholar/Writing Resources

Google Scholar

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Look for E-resources@Warner Univ on the right hand side.


Writing and Research LibGuide

Description: This guide contains: APA, MLA, Chicago Style, help with the library's eResources and evaluating/citing the Internet, Writing Resources, and Research/Home Work Help.

 The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue -APA Formatting and Style Guide   

The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue - APA Formatting and Style Guide


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