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Psychology Research  

Psychology Research - Library physical and electronic resources.
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More Psychology Books Print Page

More Psychology Books

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APA Concise Dictionary of Psychology - Gary R. VandenBos; American Psychological Association Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: BF 31 .865 2009
ISBN: 9781433803918
Publication Date: 2008-07-15
An invaluable and reliable source, the 'APA Concise Dictionary of Psychology' answers the needs of the ever-increasing number of thoughtful readers from all walks of life who are interested in the ways that psychological science and knowledge cast light on the issues of everyday living.

Cover Art
APA Dictionary of Psychology - Gary R. VandenBos; American Psychological Association Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: BF 31 A65 2015
ISBN: 9781433819445
Publication Date: 2015-02-01
This second edition of a landmark reference resource - created not only for psychologists, clinicians, students, and professionals from allied mental health professions, but for all interested readers - offers definitive information on the lexicon of the field, including Almost 26,000 entries offering clear and authoritative definitions - approximately 1,000 more than the first edition Balanced coverage of 90 subareas, with significantly revised and expanded content especially in the areas of neuroscience, psychopharmacology, lifespan developmental psychology, statistics, experimental design, and many others Thousands of incisive cross-references that deepen the user's comprehension of related topics More than 400 brief biographical entries on historical figures in psychology and other related areas - four times more than the first edition A Guide to the Dictionary and a Quick Guide to Format that explain stylistic and format features Three appendixes: Institutional and Organizational Entries; Psychological Test and Assessment Instrument Entries; Psychotherapeutic Techniques, Biological Treatments, and Related Entries

Cover Art
Classic Experiments in Psychology - Douglas Mook
Call Number: BF 198.7 .M66 2004
ISBN: 0313318212
Publication Date: 2004-12-30
The typical survey course in psychology has time for only limited presentation of the research on which our knowledge is based. This book presents, in more depth than textbook treatment permits, the background, conduct, and implications of a selection of classic experiments in psychology. The selection is designed to be diverse, showing that even for research in vastly different areas of study, the logic of research remains the same—as do its traps and pitfalls. The typical survey course in psychology has time for only limited presentation of the research on which our knowledge is based. As a result, many students come away with a limited understanding of the role of experiments in psychological science. Where do experiments come from and how are they conducted? What are the pitfalls and how can we avoid them? What advantages do they have over intuition, authority, and common sense as guides to knowing and acting? What distinguishes research-based psychology from psychobabble? What have we learned from experimentation in psychology? This book presents, in more depth than textbook treatment permits, the background, conduct, and implications of a selection of classic experiments in psychology. The selection is designed to be diverse, showing that even for research in vastly different areas of study, the logic of research remains the same—as do its traps and pitfalls. This book will broaden and deepen the understanding of experimental methods in psychological research, examining where the research questions come from, how questions can be turned into experiments, and how researchers have faced the problems presented by research in psychology.

Cover Art
Encyclopedia of Human Emotions - David Levinson; James J. Ponzetti
Call Number: qBF 531 .E55 1999 v. 1 - v. 2
ISBN: 002864767X
Publication Date: 1999-09-01
"Why do people cry, how do we manage horror, what do facial expressions tell us about a person? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the Encyclopedia of Human Emotions, which brings to gether what is known about the nature, causes, expressions, and societal role of emotions. The 146 alphabetically arranged articles are sprinkled with photos, illustrations, and references to literature. Also covered are biographies, emotions that have been the subject of scientific study, and how emotions relate to society (e.g., hate crimes). The plain language of this unique encyclopedia makes it accessible to high-school students and the general user, while the level of scholarship makes this a useful resource to researchers as well."--"Outstanding reference sources 2000", American Libraries, May 2000. Comp. by the Reference Sources Committee, RUSA, ALA.

Cover Art
Great Psychologists and Their Times : scientific insights into psychology's history - Dean Keith Simonton
Call Number: BF 109 .A1 S56 2002
ISBN: 155798896X
Publication Date: 2002-03-15
Chapters are rich in examples drawn from the lives and careers of nota ble psychologists, examining such issues as birth order, psychopatholo gy, and intellectual precocity. Of particular interest are chapters ex ploring what aspects of the sociocultural context are most conducive t o the emergence of illustrious psychologists and how these sociocultur al conditions-including political events, economic disturbances, or cu ltural values-affect not only the magnitude of achievement but also th e very nature of that achievement. The findings reviewed lead to sugge stions about how best to educate and train both undergraduate psycholo gy majors and graduate students in psychology. This book will be a use ful resource for all psychologists, scientists, and historians who are willing to ponder the provocative overlap between psychology, science, and history.

Cover Art
The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology - David Matsumoto (Editor)
Call Number: BF 31 .C28 2009
ISBN: 9780521854702
Publication Date: 2009-09-07
The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology is the first and only dictionary that surveys the broad discipline of psychology from an international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary focus. This focus was achieved in several ways. The managing and consulting editorial boards were comprised of world-renowned scholars in psychology from many different countries, not just the United States. They reviewed and edited all of the keyword entries to make them lively and applicable across cultural contexts, incorporating the latest knowledge in contemporary international psychology. Thus entries related to culture, as well as those from all domains of psychology, are written with the broadest possible audience in mind. Also, many keywords central to contemporary psychology were incorporated that are not included in many competitors, including the Oxford and APA dictionaries.

Cover Art
The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science - W. Edward Craighead (Editor); Charles B. Nemeroff (Editor)
Call Number: BF 31 .E52 2001 v. 1 - V. 4
ISBN: 0471240990
Publication Date: 2000-11-09
* Now in an accessible, affordable paperback. * Over 1,200 entries in this edition, sixty percent of which are substantially revised or altogether new. * Contributions from over seven hundred experts from around the world. * Includes a bibliography of over 10,000 citations.

Cover Art
The Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychoanalysis - Benjamin B. Wolman
Call Number: qRC 437 .E49 1996
ISBN: 0805022341
Publication Date: 1996-12-15
A Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award

Cover Art
The Handbook of Attitudes - Dolores Albarracin (Editor); Blair T. Johnson (Editor); Mark P. Zanna (Editor); Icek Ajzen (Contribution by); John N. Bassili (Contribution by); Pablo Brinol (Contribution by)
Call Number: BF 327 .H36 2005
ISBN: 0805844937
Publication Date: 2005-07-08
This new handbook presents, synthesizes, and integrates the existing knowledge of methods, theories, and data in attitudes. The editors' goal is to promote an understanding of the broader principles underlying attitudes across several disciplines. Divided into three parts: one on definitions and methods; another on the relations of attitudes with beliefs, behavior, and affect; and a final one that integrates these relations into the broader areas of cognitive processes, communication and persuasion, social influence, and applications, the handbook also features an innovative chapter on implicit versus explicit attitudes. With contributions from the top specialists, this handbook features unique collaborations between researchers, some who have never before worked together. Every writer was encouraged to work from as unbiased a perspective as possible. A "must have" for researchers in the areas of social, political, health, clinical, counseling, and consumer psychology, marketing, and communication, the handbook will also serve as an excellent reference for advanced courses on attitudes in a variety of departments.


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More Psychology Books

Cover Art
Handbook of Girls' and Women's Psychological Health - Carol D. Goodheart (Editor); Judy Worell (Editor); Judith Worell (Editor)
Call Number: HQ 1206 .H2383 2006
ISBN: 9780195162035
Publication Date: 2005-09-01
This book integrates the role of gender in girls' and women's development across the life span, looking specifically at internal and external vulnerabilities and risks, and the protective or supportive factors that facilitate effective coping, positive growth, strength, and resilience. The interaction between physical, psychological, and cultural factors is integrated within each period of development. The book emphasizes how gender socialization of female development and behavior impacts both self-evaluation and identity processes within various cultural groups. The book also discusses the social roles that girls and women reflectively adopt. Lastly, it recognizes that externally induced risks such as poverty, interpersonal abuse, and violence present challenges to healthy development.

Cover Art
Handbook of Psychobiography - William Todd Schultz (Editor)
Call Number: BF 39.4 .H36 2005
ISBN: 0195168275
Publication Date: 2005-07-07
This exceptionally readable and down-to-earth handbook is destined to become the definitive guide to psychobiographical research, the application of psychological theory and research to individual lives of historical importance. It brings together for the first time the world's leading psychobiographers, writing lucidly on many of the major figures of our age - from Osama Bin Laden to Elvis Presley. The first section of the book addresses the subject of how to construct an effective psychobiography. Editor William Todd Schultz introduces the field, provides valuable definitions of good and bad psychobiography, discusses an optimal structure for biographical data. Dan McAdams explores the question of what psychobiographers might learn from current research in personality psychology. Alan Elms delivers wise advice on the tricky subject of theory choice in psychobiography. William Runyan asks why Van Gogh cut off his ear, and in the process explains how one evaluates competing interpretations of the same event in a subject's life. And Kate Isaacson describes a template for use in multiple-case psychobiography. Never before has method in psychobiography been so clearly and explicitly addressed. Those just getting started in the field will find in Section One a detailed roadmap for success. The remaining sections of the book are composed of richly engaging case studies of famous artists, psychologists, and politicians. They address compelling questions such as: What are the subjective origins of photographer Diane Arbus's obsession with freaks? In what ways did the early loss of Sylvia Plath's father affect her poetry and presage her suicide? Out of what painful life experience did James Barrie drive himself to invent Peter Pan? Why did Elvis experience such difficulty singing the song "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" What accounts for Bin Laden's radicalism, Kim Jong Il's paranoia, George W. Bush's conflict with identity? Why did Freud go so disastrously astray in his analysis of Leonardo? What made psychologist Gordon Allport's meeting with Freud so pungently significant? How did the loss of his father determine major elements of Nietzsche's philosophy? These questions and many more get answered, often in surprising and incisive fashion. Additional chapters take up the lives of Harvard operationist S.S. Stevens, Erik Erikson, Edith Wharton, Saddam Hussein, Truman Capote, Kathryn Harrison, Jack Kerouac, and others. Within each case study, tips are proffered along the way as to how psychobiography can be done more cogently, more intelligently, and more valuably.

Cover Art
Handbook of Social Psychology - John DeLamater (Editor)
Call Number: HM 1033 .H36 2003
ISBN: 0306476959
Publication Date: 2003-06-30
Psychology, focusing on processes that occur inside the individual and Sociology, focusing on social collectives and social institutions, come together in Social Psychology to explore the interface between the two fields. The core concerns of social psychology include the impact of one individual on another; the impact of a group on its individual members; the impact of individuals on the groups in which they participate; the impact of one group on another. This book is a successor to Social Psychology: Social Perspectives and Sociological Perspectives in Social Psychology. The current text expands on previous handbooks in social psychology by including recent developments in theory and research and comprehensive coverage of significant theoretical perspectives.

Cover Art
Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality - Raymond F. Paloutzian (Editor); Crystal L. Park (Editor)
Call Number: BL 53 .H288 2005
ISBN: 1572309229
Publication Date: 2005-08-24
Fachbuch aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich Soziologie - Arbeit, Beruf, Ausbildung, Organisation, FernUniversitat Hagen, Veranstaltung: Interkulturelle Erziehungswissenschaft, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Arbeit mochte auf migrationstheoretischer, wirtschaftlicher und sozialpsychologischer Folie zwei Arbeitsmigrationsphasen von Polen nach Deutschland betrachten, um fur die Migrations-/Integrationspraxis relevante Ansatzmoglichkeiten erarbeiten zu konnen, sowie fur weitere Bildungskontexte interessant zu erscheinen. Dafur sollen mit Kapitel 2 theoretische Instrumente gefunden werden, indem auf Hoffmann-Nowotnys Soziologie des Fremdarbeiterproblems (2.1), auf wirtschaftliche und sozialpsychologische Betrachtungen (2.2 u. 2.3) und auf Essers Aspekte der Wanderungssoziologie eingegangen wird. Mit Kapitel 3 soll die erste Phase beobachtet werden. Dabei soll ein geschichtlicher Ausgangspunkt (3.1) und die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung (3.2) mit historischen und politischen Hintergrunden (3.2.1 u. 3.2.2.) berucksichtigt werden, um darauf die Zusammenhange bei der Arbeitsmigration im 19. Jhh. (3.3) zwischen Wirtschaftsintensivierung/Bevolkerung (3.3.1) und Zuwanderung der polnischen Arbeitsmigranten (3.3.2) breiter darstellen zu konnen und in einem Fazit (3.4) zusammen zufassen. Kapitel 4 betrachtet die zweite Phase und geht fur einen aussagekraftigen Vergleich in ahnlicher Gangart vor; mit einem geschichtlichen Ausgangspunkt (4.1), der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung (4.2) in Polen und in Deutschland (4.2.1 u. 4.2.2), sowie der Arbeitsmigration im 20.Jhh. (4.3), mit den Zielen polnischer Migranten (4.3.1) und einer Reprasentativuntersuchung polnischer Arbeiter (4.3.2), um dann zu einem Fazit zu kommen (4.4). Kapitel 5 versucht einigen wirtschaftlichen (5.1) und sozialpsychologischen Bedingungen (5.2) diskutierend uber Identifizierung, Wahrnehmung, soziale Strategien (5.2.1) und Arbeitsteilung, Entwicklungsblockaden (5.2.2) nach zugehen, um darauf (5.3) mit den Modellen von H

Cover Art
The Oxford Companion to the Mind - Richard L. Gregory (Editor)
Call Number: BF .31 .O94 2004
ISBN: 0198662246
Publication Date: 2004-12-03
The Oxford Companion to the Mind,edited by Richard L. Gregory, is a classic. Published in 1987, to huge acclaim, it immediately took its place as the indispensable guide to the mysteries - and idiosyncracies - of the human mind. In no other book can the reader find indiscussions of conceptssuch as language, memory, and intelligence, side by side with witty definitions of common human experiences such as the 'cocktail-party' and 'halo' effects, and the least effort principle. Richard Gregory again brings his wit, wisdom, and expertise to bear on this most elusive of subjects. Research into the mind and brain has moved on in bounds in recent years, and interest in the subject has never been so high. There has been a shift in focus away from Freud's concept of theunconscious onto consciousness itself. The new edition of the Companion includes three 'mini symposia' - on consciousness, brain scanning, and artificial intelligence - with contributions from a number of specialists, and encompassing a range of approaches.

Cover Art
Psychology and Behavioral Health, 4th Ed. - Paul Moglia (General Editor)
Call Number: BF 636 .P86 2015 V.1 - V. 5
ISBN: 9781619255432
Publication Date: 2015-06-01
This newly updated set covers not only the history of the field and the core aspects of behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and psychoanalytic psychology but also diagnoses, disorders, treatments, tests, notable people, and issues, including many popular c

Cover Art
Research Guide for Psychology - Raymond G. McInnis
Call Number: BF 76.5 .M47
ISBN: 0313213992
Publication Date: 1982-06-30
McInnis] has given us a significant work that is . . . comprehensive, thorough, and remarkably detailed Choice


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