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Literature and English Research  

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Books from the Warner University Library


Shakespeare Books

Cover Art
All's Well That Ends Well - William Shakespeare; Russell Fraser (Editor); Alexander Leggatt (Introduction by); A. R. Braunmuller (Contribution by); Brian Gibbons (Contribution by)
Call Number: PR 2801 .A2 F7 2003
ISBN: 0521827930
Publication Date: 2003-09-25
Alexander Leggatt has written a new Introduction to this updated edition of Russell Fraser's text on one of Shakespeare's most ambiguous plays. Leggatt's interest in performance informs his introduction and account of the instability of the main characters. He offers a thoughtful account of the play's critical and theatrical fortunes to the end of the twentieth century, as well as of the audience experience. An updated reading list completes the edition. First Edition Hb (1986): 0-521-22150-1 First Edition Pb (1986): 0-521-29365-0

Cover Art
Brightest Heaven of Invention: a Christian guide to six Shakespeare plays - Peter J. Leithart
Call Number: PR 3011 .S47 1996
ISBN: 1885767234
Publication Date: 1996-01-01
Shakespeare was, as Caesar says of Cassius, "a great observer," able to see and depict patterns of events and character. He understood how politics is shaped by the clash of men with various colorings of self-interest and idealism, how violence breeds violence, how fragile human beings create masks and disguises for protection, how schemers do the same for advancement, how love can grow out of hate and hate out of love. Dare anyone say that these insights are irrelevant to living in the real world? For many in an older generation, the Bible and the Collected Shakespeare were the two indispensable books, and thus their sense of life and history was shaped by the best and best-told stories. And they were the wiser for it. Literature abstracts from the complex events of life (just as we all do in everyday life) and can reveal patterns that are like the patterns of events in the real world. Studying literature can give us sensitivity to those patterns. This sensitivity to the rhythm of life is closely connected with what the Bible calls wisdom.

Cover Art
Emily Dickinson's Shakespeare - Paraic Finnerty
Call Number: PS 1541 .Z5 F56 2006
ISBN: 1558495177
Publication Date: 2006-02-01
How Dickinson's fascination with Shakespeare informed her life and herpoetry One of the messages that Emily Dickinson wanted tocommunicate to the world was her great love of William Shakespeare -her letters abound with references to him and his works. This bookexplores the many implications of her admiration for the Bard. ParaicFinnerty clarifies the essential role that Shakespeare had in Dickinson'slife by locating her allusions to his writings within a nineteenth-centuryAmerican context and by treating reading as a practice that is shaped, to a large extent, by culture

Cover Art
England in Shakespeare's Day - George B. Harrison (Editor)
Call Number: PR 1125 .H3 1970
ISBN: 0836954025
Publication Date: 1977-06-01

Cover Art
English and Italian Literature from Dante to Shakespeare : a study of sources, analogy, and divergence - Robin Kirkpatrick
Call Number: PQ 4050 .E5 K57 1995
ISBN: 0582065585
Publication Date: 1995-04-19
This is the first comprehensive critical comparison of English and Italian literature from the three centuries from Dante to Shakespeare. It begins by examining Chaucer's relationship with Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, and then looks at similar relationships within the areas of humanist education, lyric poetry, the epic, theatrical comedy, the short story and the pastoral drama. It provides a detailed comparison of major works from both traditions including descriptive and critical readings of Italian works. It shows why English writers valued such works and demonstrates the ways in which they departed from or tried to outdo the Italian original. Assuming no prior knowledge of Italy or Italian literary history, this book introduces the student and general reader to one of the most important and fascinating phases in European literary history.

Cover Art
Hamlet : critical essays - Joseph G. Price (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2807 .H2625 1986
ISBN: 0824092414
Publication Date: 1986-05-01

Cover Art
Henry IV, parts 1 and 2: critical essays - David M. Bevington
Call Number: PR 2809 .H46 1986
ISBN: 0824087062
Publication Date: 1986-06-01

Cover Art
King Lear - William Shakespeare; Jonathan Bate (Editor); Eric Rasmussen (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2819 .A2 B38 2009
ISBN: 9780812969115
Publication Date: 2009-04-14
King Lear is Shakespeare’s bleakest and profoundest tragedy, a searing dramatization of humankind at the edge of apocalypse that explores the family and the nature of being with passion, poetry, and dark humor. Under the editorial supervision of Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen, two of today’s most accomplished Shakespearean scholars, this Modern Library series incorporates definitive texts and authoritative notes from William Shakespeare: Complete Works. Each play includes an Introduction as well as an overview of Shakespeare’s theatrical career; commentary on past and current productions based on interviews with leading directors, actors, and designers; scene-by-scene analysis; key facts about the work; a chronology of Shakespeare’s life and times; and black-and-white illustrations. Ideal for students, theater professionals, and general readers, these modern and accessible editions set a new standard in Shakespearean literature for the twenty-first century.

Cover Art
Lectures on Shakespeare - W. H. Auden; Arthur Kirsch (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2976 .A93 2001
ISBN: 0691057303
Publication Date: 2000-11-13
"W. H. Auden, poet and critic, will conduct a course on Shakespeare at the New School for Social Research beginning Wednesday. Mr. Auden has announced that in his course . . . he proposes to read all Shakespeare's plays in chronological order."The New York Timesreported this item on September 27, 1946, giving notice of a rare opportunity to hear one of the century's great poets comment on one of the greatest poets of all time. Published here for the first time, these lectures now make Auden's thoughts on Shakespeare available widely.Painstakingly reconstructed by Arthur Kirsch from the notes of students who attended, primarily Alan Ansen, who became Auden's secretary and friend, the lectures afford remarkable insights into Shakespeare's plays as well as the sonnets.A remarkable lecturer, Auden could inspire his listeners to great feats of recall and dictation. Consequently, the poet's unique voice, often down to the precise details of his phrasing, speaks clearly and eloquently throughout this volume. In these lectures, we hear Auden alluding to authors from Homer, Dante, and St. Augustine to Kierkegaard, Ibsen, and T. S. Eliot, drawing upon the full range of European literature and opera, and referring to the day's newspapers and magazines, movies and cartoons. The result is an extended instance of the "live conversation" that Auden believed criticism to be. Notably a conversation between Auden's capacious thought and the work of Shakespeare, these lectures are also a prelude to many ideas developed in Auden's later prose--a prose in which, one critic has remarked, "all the artists of the past are alive and talking among themselves."Reflecting the twentieth-century poet's lifelong engagement with the crowning masterpieces of English literature, these lectures add immeasurably to both our understanding of Auden and our appreciation of Shakespeare.

Cover Art
Macbeth : texts and contexts - William Shakespeare; William C. Carroll (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2823 .A2 C37 1999
ISBN: 0312144547
Publication Date: 1999-04-05
This teaching edition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth reprints the Bevington edition of the play accompanied by six sets of primary documents and illustrations thematically arranged to offer a richly textured understanding of early modern culture and Shakespeare’s work within that culture. The texts include facsimiles of period documents, excerpts from King James’s writings on politics, contemporary writings on the nature of kingship and tyrannicide, Puritan and Catholic tracts, conduct book literature, and contemporary witchcraft pamphlets.

Cover Art
Merchant of Venice 2010 - William Shakespeare
Call Number: PR 2825 .A2 G55 2010
ISBN: 9780198328674
Publication Date: 2010-04-12
This edition of The Merchant of Venice is especially designed for students, with accessible on-page notes and explanatory illustrations, clear background information, and rigorous but accessible scholarly credentials. This edition includes illustrations, preliminary notes, reading lists (including websites) and classroom notes, allowing students to master Shakespeare's work. About the Series: Newly redesigned and easier to read, each play in the Oxford School Shakespeare series includes the complete and unabridged text, detailed and clear explanations of difficult words and passages, a synopsis of the plot, summaries of individual scenes, and notes on the main characters. Also included is a wide range of questions and activities for work in class, together with the historical background to Shakespeare's England, a brief biography of Shakespeare, and a complete list of his plays.


More Shakespeare Books

Cover Art
Shakespeare after All - Marjorie Garber
Call Number: PR 2976 .G368 2004
ISBN: 0385722141
Publication Date: 2005-09-20
A brilliant and companionable tour through all thirty-eight plays, Shakespeare After All is the perfect introduction to the bard by one of the country’s foremost authorities on his life and work. Drawing on her hugely popular lecture courses at Yale and Harvard over the past thirty years, Marjorie Garber offers passionate and revealing readings of the plays in chronological sequence, from The Two Gentlemen of Verona to The Two Noble Kinsmen. Supremely readable and engaging, and complete with a comprehensive introduction to Shakespeare’s life and times and an extensive bibliography, this magisterial work is an ever-replenishing fount of insight on the most celebrated writer of all time.

Cover Art
Shakespeare among School Children approaches for the secondary classroom - Mary A. Rygiel
Call Number: PR 2987 .R9 1992
ISBN: 0814143814
Publication Date: 1992-06-01
Offers suggestions on teaching schoolchildren the works by William Shakespeare

Cover Art
Shakespeare and the Middle Ages: essays on the performance and adaptation of the plays with medieval sources or settings - Martha W. Driver (Editor); Sid Ray (Editor)
Call Number: PR 3069 .M47 S54 2009
ISBN: 0786434058
Publication Date: 2009-04-30
Every generation reinvents Shakespeare for its own needs, imagining through its particular choices and emphases the Shakespeare that it values. The man himself was deeply involved in his own kind of historical reimagining. This collection of essays examines the playwright's medieval sources and inspiration, and how they shaped his works. With a foreword by Michael Almereyda (director of the Hamlet starring Ethan Hawke) and dramaturge Dakin Matthews, these thirteen essays analyze the ways in which our modern understanding of medieval life has been influenced by our appreciation of Shakespeare's plays.

Cover Art
Shakespeare on Love and Lust - Maurice Charney
Call Number: PR 3069 .L6 C48 2000
ISBN: 0231104286
Publication Date: 1999-11-01
Shakespeare on Love and Lust looks at the complex and sometimes contradictory expressions of love in Shakespeare's works - ranging from the serious to the absurd and back again - and argues that they arise primarily from his dramatic and theatrical flair rather than from a unified philosophy of love. Untangling his witty, bawdy (and ambiguous) treatment of love, sex and desire requires a sharp eye and a steady hand. In Shakespeare on Love and Lust, scholar Maurice Charney delves into Shakespeare's rhetorical and thematic development of this subject to reveal what makes his plays and poems resonate with contemporary audiences. The paradigmatic star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet, the comic confusions of couples wandering through the wood in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello's tragic jealousy, the homoerotic ways Shakespeare played with cross-dressing on the Elizabethan stage - Charney explores the world in which Shakespeare lived, and how it is reflected and transformed in the one he created.

Cover Art
Shakespeare the invention of the human - Harold Bloom
Call Number: PR 2989 .B58 1998
ISBN: 157322751X
Publication Date: 1999-09-01
"The indispensable critic on the indispensable writer." -Geoffrey O'Brien, New York Review of Books A landmark achievement as expansive, erudite, and passionate as its renowned author, Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human is the culmination of a lifetime of reading, writing about, and teaching Shakespeare. Preeminent literary critic-and ultimate authority on the western literary tradition-Harold Bloom leads us through a comprehensive reading of every one of the dramatist's plays, brilliantly illuminating each work with unrivaled warmth, wit and insight. At the same time, Bloom presents one of the boldest theses of Shakespearean scholarships: that Shakespeare not only invented the English language, but also created human nature as we know it today.

Cover Art
Shakespeare's English Kings: history, chronicle, and drama - Peter Saccio
Call Number: PR 2982 .S2 2000
ISBN: 0195123182
Publication Date: 2000-04-20
Far more than any professional historian, Shakespeare is responsible for whatever notions most of us possess about English medieval history. Anyone who appreciates the dramatic action of Shakespeares history plays but is confused by much of the historical detail will welcome this guide to the Richards, Edwards, Henrys, Warwicks and Norfolks who ruled and fought across Shakespeare's page and stage. Not only theater-goers and students, but today's film-goers who want to enrich their understanding of film adaptations of plays such as Richard III and Henry V will find this revised edition of Shakespeare's English Kings to be an essential companion. Saccio's engaging narrative weaves together three threads: medieval English history according to the Tudor chroniclers who provided Shakespeare with his material, that history as understood by modern scholars, and the action of the plays themselves. Including a new preface, a revised further reading list, genealogical charts, anappendix of names and titles, and an index, the second edition of Shakespeare's English Kings offers excellent background reading for all of the ten history plays.

Cover Art
Shakespeare's Lives - Samuel Schoenbaum
Call Number: PR 2894 .S3 1991
ISBN: 0198186185
Publication Date: 1991-12-12
When S. Schoenbaum's Shakespeare's Lives first appeared over twenty years ago, critics enthusiastically hailed it as a triumph of wit and scholarship. Stanley Wells, the editor of Shakespeare's complete works, called it "an extraordinary achievement....fluent, vivid, and intelligent." Writing in the Saturday Review, Benjamin DeMott described Shakespeare's Lives as "a superbly informed, elegantly composed, intensely readable book," while Terry Eagleton remarked on its "shrewd intelligence." Schoenbaum's study of the changing images of Shakespeare throughout history broke important new ground; but in the years since this book first appeared many scholars have followed his lead, and Shakespeare studies has progressed by leaps and bounds. Now, Schoenbaum, one of "the heroes of Shakespeare scholarship," according to Wells, has revised and up-dated this classic study of Shakespeare and his biographers, taking account of the most recent scholarship, adding a chapter on "Recent Lives," and abridging certain sections. Schoenbaum takes us on a tour of the countless myths and legends which have arisen to explain the great dramatist's life and work, bringing the story right up to 1989 with the publication of A.L. Rowse's Discovering Shakespeare. In the new edition, the emphasis is on more recent "lives" of Shakespeare, with information culled from such diverse sources as E.A.J. Honigmann's Shakespeare: The "Lost Years" and Richard Ellmann's Oscar Wilde (Wilde's Portrait of Mr W.H. advanced his theory of the Sonnets in fictional form). Besides fanciful theories such as Wilde's, Schoenbaum covers those who have used blatant forgery to construct an imaginary Shakespeare, such as W.H. Ireland and J.P. Collier (the latter would occasionally add his own verse to the Shakespeare canon), and those who have attempted elaborate argumentation to establish the identity of Shakespearean characters (A.L. Rowse claimed to have identified the elusive "Dark Lady" of the Sonnets). From Ben Jonson, whose celebratory verse opens the First Folio of Shakespeare's complete works (published seven years after his death), to Malcolm X, who denied the existence of a historical Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Lives considers virtually the entire legacy of idolatry, heresy, and speculation. As before, Schoenbaum submits the documentary record of Shakespeare's life to careful consideration. Like a literary detective, he reconstructs as much of the elusive author's life as possible, considering his family history, his economic standing, and his reputation with his peers. The Shakespeare who emerges may not always be the familiar one (he was less vaunted by his contemporaries than we usually believe, for example), but all of Schoenbaum's claims are exquisitely documented. Even in this revised and abridged version, Schoenbaum's narrative leaves hardly a stone unturned--from Samuel Johnson, Samuel Coleridge, and Alexander Pope to twentieth-century writers like James Joyce, E.K. Chambers, and Anthony Burgess (whose popular life of Shakespeare appeared the same year as the first edition of Schoenbaum's book). Curiousity about Shakespeare has not subsided since the original version of this classic appeared. This new edition will make the latest lives of Shakespeare available to a whole new generation of the Bard's fanatical followers.

Cover Art
Shakespeare's Philosophy: discovering the meaning behind the plays - Colin McGinn
Call Number: PR 3001 .M38 2006
ISBN: 0060856157
Publication Date: 2006-11-28
Shakespeare's plays are usually studied by literary scholars and historians and the books about him from those perspectives are legion. It is most unusual for a trained philosopher to give us his insight, as Colin McGinn does here, into six of Shakespeare's greatest plays—A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear, and The Tempest. In his brilliant commentary, McGinn explores Shakespeare's philosophy of life and illustrates how he was influenced, for example, by the essays of Montaigne that were translated into English while Shakespeare was writing. In addition to chapters on the great plays, there are also essays on Shakespeare and gender and his plays from the aspects of psychology, ethics, and tragedy. As McGinn says about Shakespeare, "There is not a sentimental bone in his body. He has the curiosity of a scientist, the judgement of a philosopher, and the soul of a poet." McGinn relates the ideas in the plays to the later philosophers such as David Hume and the modern commentaries of critics such as Harold Bloom. The book is an exhilarating reading experience, especially at a time when a new audience has opened up for the greatest writer in English.

Cover Art
Shakespeare's Tribe : church, nation, and theater in Renaissance England - Jeffrey Knapp
Call Number: PR 658 .R43 K58 2002
ISBN: 0226445704
Publication Date: 2004-11-01
Most contemporary critics characterize Shakespeare and his tribe of fellow playwrights and players as resolutely secular, interested in religion only as a matter of politics or as a rival source of popular entertainment. Yet as Jeffrey Knapp demonstrates in this radical new reading, a surprising number of writers throughout the English Renaissance, including Shakespeare himself, represented plays as supporting the cause of true religion. To be sure, Renaissance playwrights rarely sermonized in their plays, which seemed preoccupied with sex, violence, and crime. During a time when acting was regarded as a kind of vice, many theater professionals used their apparent godlessness to advantage, claiming that it enabled them to save wayward souls the church could not otherwise reach. The stage, they argued, made possible an ecumenical ministry, which would help transform Reformation England into a more inclusive Christian society. Drawing on a variety of little-known as well as celebrated plays, along with a host of other documents from the English Renaissance, Shakespeare's Tribe changes the way we think about Shakespeare and the culture that produced him. Winner of the Best Book in Literature and Language from the Association of American Publishers' Professional/Scholarly division, the Conference on Christianity and Literature Book Award, and the Roland H. Bainton Prize for Literature from the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.

Cover Art
Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's Othello - Andrew Hadfield (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2829 .R68 2002
ISBN: 0415227348
Publication Date: 2003-01-17
William Shakespeare's Othello (1601-2) has delighted and disturbed theatre audiences for the past four centuries, and remains one of the most frequently performed and widely studied of his plays. This volume is a broad-ranging guide to Othello, providing an introduction to: *the contexts of the play, through a concise, accessible overview, a chronology and reprinted documents from the period *the range of critical responses to the play, through a brief critical history and reprinted critical texts, accompanied by explanatory headnotes *the play in performance, through a selection of clearly introduced readings on this topic, along with illustrations. The sourcebook then examines key passages of the play in detail. Each passage is reprinted in full, along with a headnote and annotations offering crucial guidance to Shakespeare's language and the critical issues which surround the text. Throughout the volume, cross-references link together the contextual materials, critical responses and the play's text. If you are beginning to study Othello, this sourcebook is the one guide you cannot afford to be without.

Cover Art
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies - Stanley Wells (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2976 .C29 1986
ISBN: 0521318416
Publication Date: 1986-12-04
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies offers a comprehensive introduction to the study of Shakespeare in a series of essays specially written by an international team of eminent scholars. Studies of Shakespeare's life, and of his relationship to the thought of his time, are followed by essays connecting his writings to the literary, dramatic, and theatrical conventions of his age. There are accounts of the transmission of his text, and of the theatrical and critical fortunes of his plays from his own time to ours. Particular attention is given to the twentieth century in studies of criticism, theatre history, the plays on film and television, new critical approaches, and reference books. Each essay is followed by a reading list. A successor to Cambridge's original Companion to Shakespeare Studies (1934) and the New Companion to Shakespeare Studies (1971) this attractively written and helpfully organized volume will be an indispensable companion to anyone with a serious interest in Shakespeare.

Cover Art
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy - Claire McEachern (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2983 .C28 2002
ISBN: 0521790093
Publication Date: 2003-01-09
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy acquaints the student reader with the forms, contexts, critical and theatrical lives of the ten plays considered to be Shakespeare's tragedies. Shakespearean tragedy is a highly complex and demanding theatre genre, but the thirteen essays, written by leading scholars in Britain and North America, are clear, concise and informative. They address the ways in which Shakespearean tragedy originated, developed and diversified, as well as how it has fared on stage, as text and in criticism. Topics covered include the literary precursors of Shakespearean tragedies (medieval, classical, and contemporary), cultural backgrounds (political, religious, social, and psychological), and the subgenres of Shakespeare's tragedy (love tragedy, revenge tragedy, and classical tragedy), as well as the critical and theatrical receptions of the plays. The book examines the four major tragedies and, in addition, Titus Andronicus, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus and Timon of Athens.

Cover Art
The First Part of King Henry the Fourth : texts and contexts - William Shakespeare; Barbara Hodgdon (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2810 .A2 H58 1997
ISBN: 0312134029
Publication Date: 1997-01-15
This teaching edition of Shakespeare’s The First Part of King Henry the Fourth responds to the needs of instructors using a variety of approaches to Shakespeare, including historical and cultural studies approaches. The play is accompanied by 6 sets of primary documents and illustrations thematically arranged to offer a richly textured understanding of early modern culture and Shakespeare’s work within that culture. The texts include facsimiles of period documents, excerpts from the chronicle accounts of English history, conduct book literature, military manuals, descriptions of the early modern theater and other entertainments, and literary works presenting alternative versions of Shakespeare’s play. The documents and illustrations contextualize the play’s treatment of history, civic order and rebellion, authority, the idea of honor, the feminine, the education of a prince, and revelry at the margins of culture. Editorial features designed to help students read the play in light of the historical documents include an intelligent and engaging general introduction, an introduction to each thematic group of documents, thorough headnotes and glosses for the primary documents (presented in modern spelling), and an extensive bibliography.

Cover Art
The first part of King Henry the Sixth - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2814 .A2 B8 1918 pt.1
Publication Date: 1918

Cover Art
The King and the Adulteress : a psychoanalytic and literary reinterpretation of Madame Bovary and King Lear / - Roberto Speziale-Bagliacca; Colin Rice (Editor); Aina Pavolini Taylor (Translator)
Call Number: PQ 2246 .M3 S66 1998
ISBN: 0822320754
Publication Date: 1998-03-20
The King and the Adulteress brings together two essays that propose radically revisionary readings of two of the most important literary works in the Western canon, Flaubert's Madame Bovary and Shakespeare's King Lear. In offering a new understanding of a deeply sadomasochistic relationship and of an authoritarian pathology, renowned psychoanalyst Roberto Speziale-Bagliacca combines psychoanalysis with literary studies to challenge the conventional judgments of readers and the stereotyped interpretations of literary critics to these masterpieces. Approaching the characters in Bovary and Lear from both an analytic and a critical viewpoint, Speziale-Bagliacca reinterprets many issues and events that involve archetypal figures of modern literary mythology. In fact, he reverses much of the received opinion about them. Charles Bovary, for example, far from being a victim of his wife's neurotic restlessness or the epitome of a passive imbecile, is a masochist of the highest order who makes a decisive contribution to Emma's miserable end. Lear, rather than a tragedy involving the sweet Cordelia, noble Kent, and the Fool as good and loyal supporters of an old king driven to madness by his overbearing evil daughters, is precisely the opposite. The sympathetic understanding of the reader should go, Speziale-Bagliacca suggests, also to Regan, Goneril, and Edmund, while the king, whose crisis is interpreted in the light of psychoanalytic findings on depression, finally becomes the true unbeloved "bastard" of the play. Roberto Speziale-Bagliacca is a psychoanalyst and Professor of Psychotherapy at the Medical School of the University of Genoa. He is the author of On the Shoulders of Freud and many other works.

Cover Art
The life and death of King John - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2818 .A2 W5
Publication Date: 1927

Cover Art
The life of Henry the Fifth. - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2812 .A2 D6 1955
Publication Date: 1955

Cover Art
The life of King Henry the Eighth - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2817 .A2 B4 1925
Publication Date: 1925

Cover Art
The Lodger Shakespeare - Charles Nicholl
Call Number: PR 2907 .N53 2008
ISBN: 9780670018505
Publication Date: 2008-01-31
A brilliantly drawn detective story with entirely new insights into Shakespeare’s life In 1612, William Shakespeare gave evidence in a court case at Westminster and it is the only occasion on which his actual spoken words were recorded. The case seems routine—a dispute over an unpaid marriage dowry—but it opens an unexpected window into the dramatist’s famously obscure life. Using the court testimony as a springboard, acclaimed nonfiction writer Charles Nicholl examines this fascinating period in Shakespeare’s life. With evidence from a wide variety of sources, Nicholl creates a compelling, detailed account of the circumstances in which Shakespeare lived and worked during the time in which he wrote such plays as Othello, Measure for Measure, and King Lear. The case also throws new light on the puzzling story of Shakespeare’s collaboration with the hack author and violent brothel owner George Wilkins. In The Lodger Shakespearewe see the playwright in the daily context of a street in Jacobean London: “one Mr. Shakespeare,” lodging in the room upstairs. Nicholl is one of the great historical detectives of our time and in this atmospheric and exciting book he has created a considerable rarity—something new and original about Shakespeare.

Cover Art
The taming of the shrew - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2832 .A2 B4 1954
Publication Date: 1954

Cover Art
The Tempest - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2833 .A2 L3
Publication Date: 1964

Cover Art
The tragedy of Hamlet, prince of Denmark - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2807 .A2 C8 1947
Publication Date: 1947

Cover Art
The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2829 .A2 B7
Publication Date: 1947

Cover Art
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare, William
Call Number: PR 2831 .A2 H64
Publication Date: 1954

Cover Art
The Trial of Man: Christianity and judgment in the world of Shakespeare - Craig Bernthall
Call Number: PR 3011 .B47 2003
ISBN: 1932236031
Publication Date: 2003-05-01
In a study of Shakespeare's frequent use of trials or other scenes conveying judgment, Bernthal shows how paying careful attention to the Elizabethan religious and legal context in which Shakespeare lived illuminates many of his most famous works. Advertising.

Cover Art
Who's Who and What's What in Shakespeare giving references by topics to notable passages and significant expressions, brief histories of the plays, geographical names and historical incidents, mention of all characters and sketches of important ones, toge - Evangeline M. O'Connor
Call Number: PR 2892 .O44
ISBN: 0517259230
Publication Date: 2000-06-06
A quick-reference, handy guide to the plays of Shakespeare encompasses six thousand entries that cover historical dates and facts, the plots of every play, a profile of every major character, criticsm from the most eminent scholars, and a glossary.

Cover Art
Who's Who in Shakespeare's England - Veronica Palmer (Editor); Alan Palmer (Editor)
Call Number: PR 2910 .P3 1999
ISBN: 0312220863
Publication Date: 1999-05-01
This major new reference book presents more than 700 biographies of Shakespeare's contemporaries and richly illustrates the variety and complexity of the life of the period he lived. With its useful glossary of unusual terms, and extensive cross-references, this invaluable book emphasizes the cultural continuity between the last phase of Elizabethan England and the Jacobean age, and the authors also pay attention to American connections. This extensive and detailed study will be invaluableto all those interested in Shakespeare and his times.


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