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Health and Medical Research  

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Health Books

Cover Art
1,250 Health Care Questions Women Ask - Joe S. McIllhaney
Call Number: RG 121 .M396 1992
ISBN: 1561790893
Publication Date: 1992-07-01
Covers pregnancy, childbirth, sexual disorders, infertility, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual relations, and a healthy lifestyle

Cover Art
50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Anxiety - Wendy Green; Joanna Sale (Foreword by)
Call Number: RC 531 .G74 2010
ISBN: 9781849530392
Publication Date: 2011-11-01
A no-nonsense guide provides quick relief for anxiety   Readers can learn how to replace negative thoughts and behavior with positive ones in this guide to taking charge of one's problems with anxiety. The book teaches sufferers how to learn assertiveness skills and boost self-esteem, how becoming more active can reduce stress and anxiety, and how to find helpful organizations and products.

Cover Art
Ageless: the naked truth about bioidentical hormones - Suzanne Somers
Call Number: RA 776.75 .S68 2006
ISBN: 0307237249
Publication Date: 2006-10-10
Can you really feel better as you get older? Is aging without illness possible? Is your own internal fountain of youth waiting to be discovered? Yes, yes, and YES! says Suzanne Somers, the bestselling author of The Sexy Years. It can all be true when you take advantage of the new science of antiaging medicine—a revolutionary approach to achieving the ageless life. Suzanne Somers introduced millions of women to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and changed the way we look at menopause with her groundbreaking book, The Sexy Years, and the overwhelming media response to its publication. Now, in Ageless, Suzanne introduces an inspiring, medically validated approach to reversing the aging process and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, mentally sharp, sexually active life—while building the body’s natural defenses against age-related diseases. Ageless is jam-packed with new, updated information on bioidentical hormone replacement and antiaging that will change your life forever. Suzanne talks about: • Antiaging medicine and how it can help work against the environmental assault that is making us sick, including how to detox the body of harmful pollutants and chemicals and strengthen our weakest glands and organs • Menopause, which can become an enjoyable passage once the body is in perfect hormonal sync with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy • The dangers of perimenopause and how women can treat it • Why so many hysterectomies are unnecessary, how birth control pills may have contributed to the rise of hysterectomies, and how to restore your body to perfect hormonal balance after having one • How andropause is a real condition for men, and how men can lose weight, regain their youthful physiques, and restore heath, energy, and sexuality, all through bioidentical HRT • The importance of sleep and the healing work that nature does during this time to balance hormones and increase energy In this “antiaging bible,” Suzanne brings together prominent, Western-trained antiaging doctors who are at the forefront of a medical revolution to show how the traditional medical approach is woefully inadequate and outdated. Its standard of care has been to treat all symptoms with drugs, but in Ageless you will find out how this approach does not make us better. With antiaging medicine you can heal your body rather than keep a chronic condition at bay with drugs. Ageless shows you how to keep your “insides” young, and how this manifests on the outside. What could be better than having your doctor tell you that you have the bones of a twenty-year-old, or the heart of a thirty-year-old? You can be young on the inside if you follow the advice in Ageless. Suzanne reveals the secrets to youthfulness that everyone can achieve and shows us all how to live the ageless life! How young is your energy? “The second half of your life can be better than your first half. A better life, a healthier life, a life of youthful energy comes from embracing antiaging medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement is a big component. . . . The second half of life can be wonderful. I know it because I am living it. This new approach to health gives you back your lean body, shining hair, and thick skin, provided you are eating correctly and exercising in moderation. This new medicine allows your brain to work perfectly and offers the greatest defense against cancer, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t you want that?” —From the Introduction Also available as a Random House Large Print Edition From the Hardcover edition.

Cover Art
Anatomy of Exercise For 50+ - Hollis Liebman
Call Number: qGV 482.6 .L54 2012
ISBN: 9781770851627
Publication Date: 2012-10-11
A new addition to the best-selling series, for the burgeoning over 50 population. Studies abound confirming what we all know: use it or lose it. Exercise of any kind has a profound positive effect on health, longevity, disease prevention and a sense of well-being. The exercises in Anatomy of Exercise for 50+ will support good health at any age, but for those over fifty they can help in the prevention of age-related problems like joint mobility, balance and fatigue, as well as medical conditions like heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and Alzheimer's. Anatomy of Exercise for 50+ follows the successful format of the "Anatomy of" books--Anatomy of Exercise, Anatomy of Muscle Building, Anatomy of Yoga--which have together sold more than 100,000 copies. Their revolutionary approach is the combination of photographs and lifelike anatomical drawings that reveal in colorful detail exactly which muscles are engaged and benefitting from each exercise. The book's organization allows the user to approach the exercise according to his or her needs or by the type of exercise. The contents are: Introduction: Staying Fit at Any Age Full-Body Anatomy Warm-Ups Stretches Upper-Body Exercises Core Strengthening Exercises Core Stabilizing Exercises Healthy Back Exercises Lower-Body Exercises Yoga-Based Exercises Swiss Ball Exercises. Those who want to take control of their health (at whatever age), fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and activity managers in community care facilities, retirement homes and nursing homes will find Anatomy of Exercise for 50+ an instructive and practical resource.

Cover Art
Christian Paths to Health and Wellness - Peter Walters; John Byl
Call Number: qRA 777.3 .C47 2008
ISBN: 0736062270
Publication Date: 2007-11-05
Most Christian college instructors have taught health and wellness from books that are not God-centered, simply because they have had no choice. Thanks to the development of Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, instructors can empower students to take responsibility and initiative for their own health, fitness, and wellness as part of their daily lives—while offering that instruction in a Christian context. Driven by 1 Corinthians 3:16 (“Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?”), this practical text is based on sound, cutting-edge scientific research and Christian principles. As such, it provides an exciting new approach to teaching health and wellness to help meet part of the Christian college mission. Students will glean these benefits from the text: -A solid foundation in health and wellness theory and research -Multiple Christian perspectives that create a balanced approach to health and wellness across a broad spectrum of Christian beliefs -Study aids, including vocabulary lists, glossary definitions, chapter-opening objectives, and chapter-ending questions, which foster learning and application of the material In addition, Christian Paths to Health and Wellness comes with many instructional aids that are free to course adopters, including Web support with sample course syllabi, a presentation package, and a test package. These aids will help instructors streamline their preparation time while teaching and managing their courses. Written by six contributing experts and edited by two highly respected Christian college instructors, this book stems from the contributors' own experiences in meeting the challenges of teaching in today's Christian colleges. It includes point/counterpoint discussions examining issues students face today, and it provides hope, practical tools and methods for change, and a comprehensiveness that enables students to make gradual and significant permanent change through the wisdom of education and the power of the Holy Spirit. The book focuses on four major themes: how we are made, how we are made to move, how we are to be nourished, and how we are to behave in restful ways. In part I, students are introduced to biblical reasons to value their wellness and examine God's purpose and their own life's mission. They explore body image, eating disorders, and weight management in part II. In part III, students learn about the basics of fitness, including cardiorespiratory, muscular, and flexibility assessment and training. Part IV focuses on nutritional and emotional health and wellness and also looks at wellness as it relates to sleep habits and personal relationships. Part V encourages students to develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain personal wellness in a relationship with God. Through Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, students will learn about and practice making choices that have positive effects on their lifelong fitness and wellness. Students will become aware of physical wellness issues and develop a passion for proactive and permanent lifestyle changes. And they will do it all with a God-centered approach.


Books from the Warner University Library


More Health Books

Cover Art
The female body : an owner's manual : a head-to-toe guide to good health and body care-- at any age - Prevention Magazine Health Book Staff (Editor); Eds Prv.
Call Number: RA 778 .F435 1996
ISBN: 0875964001
Publication Date: 1996-09-15
Offers information about reproductive health, avoiding unnecessary medical treatment, and managing stress.

Cover Art
Fitness and Health - Brian J. Sharkey; Steven E. Gaskill
Call Number: qRA 781 .S527 2007
ISBN: 9780736056144
Publication Date: 2006-10-03
Discover how to achieve the maximum benefits of physical activity. This sixth edition of Fitness & Health is your guide to both a deeper understanding of the exercise–health relationship and a map for meeting your individual needs and goals. The book clearly explains how the body responds to physical activity, why physical activity is so beneficial to health, and the way in which physical activity enhances these areas of fitness: - Aerobic and muscular fitness - Weight control - Performance in work and sport - Energy and vitality Authors Brian Sharkey, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine and a world-renowned fitness authority, and sport physiologist and Olympic coach Steven Gaskill present a wealth of research-based advice and activities. They provide information on aerobic fitness and prescription, which emphasizes sustained fitness, and incorporate the latest research and nutrition information regarding weight control. Considered a classic, this revised and updated edition has already helped thousands of readers experience firsthand the benefits of more physical activity. Make Fitness & Health a priority and you, too, will be rewarded.

Cover Art
The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle: Lifestyle Center of America's complete program to stop diabetes, restore health, and build natural vitality - Franklin House; Stuart A. Seale; Ian Blake Newman
Call Number: RC 662 .H68 2008
ISBN: 0399533869
Publication Date: 2008-01-02
A revolutionary program for combating and reversing diabetes.Over the past ten years, Lifestyle Center of America has emerged as the center in the country that offers a proven-successful program to combat diabetes-and even reverse its adverse effects on the body. Now available in book form for the first time, LCA's program enables individuals to actually get to the root of their problems by teaching them the ways of lifestyle-change, the power of diet, activity, and stress management. It also shows how to: - Eliminate counterproductive habits- Adopt therapeutic and preventative nutritional changes- Overcome insulin resistance with a new lifestyle medicine paradigm- Achieve motivation and inspiration through pro-active healthcare coaching- Understand the extraordinary benefits of a plant-based diet for diabetics- Energize with a unique, simple, and effective intermittent training exercise program- Take ownership of one's own health and future

Cover Art
The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies : thousands of tips and techniques anyone can use to heal everyday health problems - Prevention Magazine Health Book Staff (Editor); Deborah Tkac
Call Number: RC 81 .D65 1990
ISBN: 0878578730
Publication Date: 1990-03-15
The authors have combed the country to find reliable, unique, and sometimes never-before-revealed self-care secrets practiced by physicians and health-care professionals. The result is a one-of-a-kind volume of sure cures and treatments for common conditions--from angina to ulcers, from sore feet to forgetfulness.

Cover Art
The Green Pharmacy: the complete guide to healing herbs, from the world's leading authority - James A. Duke; Peggy Kessler Duke (Illustrator)
Call Number: RM 666 .H33 D847 2000
ISBN: 9781579541248
Publication Date: 1999-07-30
Thousands of safe, natural remedies lie untapped in jungles, forests and herbal gardens throughout the world. Now, in Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke (with illustrations by Peggy Kessler Duke), America's foremost authority on medicinal plants and herbs shares his knowledge of these hidden reserves of healing power. * For Arthritis: A new, all-natural remedy that can cut pain in half. * For Back Pain: A fruit that has anti-inflammatory properties to produce long-term relief. * For Your Heart: An herb that opens up clogged arteries and lowers blood pressure, with none of the side effects of prescription drugs. * For High Cholesterol: A tasty grain that has three times more cholesterol-lowering power than oat bran. * For Migraines: An herb that has the power to eliminate the blurred vision and debilitating pain of these monster headaches. * For Mood Swings: A common food that shares the power of Prozac to boost the brain's level of "feel-good" serotonin. * For Osteoporosis: A prime plant source of calcium that vastly enhances protection against bone depletion. * For Wrinkles: An herbal lotion that has the skin-clearing, wrinkle-reversing power of alpha hydroxy acid but costs only pennies. And much more-- over 120 conditions in all!

Cover Art
The Harvard Guide to Women's Health - Karen J. Carlson; Stephanie A. Eisenstat; Terra Ziporyn
Call Number: RA 778 .C2163 1996
ISBN: 0674367693
Publication Date: 1996-10-01
With the publication of The Harvard Guide to Women's Health, women will have access to the combined expertise of physicians from three of the world's most prestigious medical institutions: Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. For complete information on women's health concerns, physical and psychological, this A to Z reference book will be the definitive resource.


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