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This is the "ECommerce" page of the "Business Research Country - Finance" guide.
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Business Research Country - Finance  

How to conduct business research part 2.
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ECommerce Print Page

Books from the Warner University Library



Cover Art
101 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home - Susan Sweeney
Call Number: HD 62.38 .S94 2007
ISBN: 1931644489
Publication Date: 2006-06-01
Written for those who want to break away from rigid schedules, unappreciative bosses, and soul-sapping commutes, this book puts prospective Internet entrepreneurs on the road to success by offering an analysis of Internet mechanics and commerce and providing profiles of successful Internet businesses. Containing more than just technical information, this manual also helps the entrepreneur prioritize business goals and evaluate comfortable levels of risk, ensuring that the chosen business matches the aspirations of the entrepreneur. Each of the 101 business profiles includes promotion techniques for helping these start-ups get on the road to success, and a password for access to the companion website is provided.

Cover Art
B2B: how to build a profitable e-commerce strategy - Michael J. Cunningham
Call Number: HF 5548.32 .C855 2001
ISBN: 0738203343
Publication Date: 2000-11-01
In B2B, it’s not a matter of winning or losing—it’s getting into the game that matters.Companies on the Internet fast track are buzzing about the unquestionable potential of B2B e-commerce. And why not? Reliable estimates suggest that trillions of dollars will be transacted over the Web in the next few years—and the bulk of that will occur in the business-to-business space. For all of the discussion, however, this vast frontier of Internet commerce is still unexplored by most companies with the potential to profit. They simply don’t know how to move beyond the hype to get started.B2Bprovides the first definitive blueprint for creating a profitable business-to-business Web strategy. It describes phenomenal B2B success strategies such as those used by VerticalNet, Travelocity, and Cisco, and details smaller operations moving into the B2B market to illustrate howanycompany can navigate this space. Michael Cunningham, a leading expert in B2B strategy and technology, breaks this previously cryptic topic down into actionable steps. B2B, Cunningham explains, is as old as business itself—what is new is the speed at which new and more efficient business connections and services can be made. He describes specific ways B2B cuts transaction expenses, aggregates buying power, and exploits the efficiencies of single and specialized markets. Not to be missed,B2Bis the first book to provide a how-to game plan for succeeding at the greatest opportunity yet in online business.

Cover Art
Beyond E: 12 ways technology is transforming sales and marketing - Stephen Diorio
Call Number: HF 5548.32 .D56 2002
ISBN: 0071376496
Publication Date: 2001-11-01
The dizzying barrage of new web-based marketing technologies is leading to confusion, the rule of "hype," and bad marketing decisions. Beyond "e" is designed to help sales and marketing executives look beyond current ebusiness fads to understand the fundamentals that will distinguish sales and marketing leaders in the future. The book provides a blueprint for using advances in technology-including but not limited to the Web-to get more marketing power for less money. Drawing on case studies from client firms such as IBM, GE, American Express, and Gillette, author Stephen Diorio explains how marketers can: * Anticipate the dramatic changes technology will bring to traditional marketing operations, marketing channels and customer bases in the coming decade. Beyond "e" is based on original best practices research from hundreds of marketing leaders, and technology trend analysis from the META Group-the leading IT advisory firm.

Cover Art
Business Ethics and the Electronic Economy - Peter Koslowki (Editor); Christoph Hubig (Editor); Peter Fischer (Editor)
Call Number: HF 5387 .B976 2004
ISBN: 3540221506
Publication Date: 2004-06-24
The internet has set off a technological revolution that has produced thorough changes in all industries. The volume at hand gives an analysis of the internet revolution. It covers questions reaching from the highly controversial thesis of the end of property rights in the internet caused by the non-rivalry of the "consumption" of information to questions regarding the repercussions of the internet on our understanding of the human person. Technological changes like the introduction of the electronic economy raise the question of how to manage its ethical problems and dilemmas. Contributions from applied ethics and business ethics analyse the ethical problems and the business ethics of the electronic economy in the fields of production, labour, consumption, and in handling trust and the abuse of trust in the electronic business relationships. The reader is provided with a comprehensive analysis of the electronic economy and its technological, social, and ethical problems.

Cover Art
Communities of Commerce - Stacey E. Bressler; Charles Grantham
Call Number: HD 30.37 .B74 2000
ISBN: 0071361154
Publication Date: 2000-06-26
"Stacey Bressler and Charles Grantham offer us our first detailed look at communities of commerce and how they are transforming the nature of competition both on and off the Internet. They explore the forces that precipitated the emergence of communities of commerce, and explain why business that follow this business model."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cover Art
Conquering the Wireless World: the age of m-commerce - Douglas Lamont
Call Number: HF 5429.12 .B57 2000
ISBN: 184112138X
Publication Date: 2001-06-15
"In my work (marketing studies) I need hard data. Prof. Lamont's work reveals why mobile Internet will play such a crucial role in the future of marketing studies:data-points can be gathered at the individual level, and related to proximity, timeliness and commerce activities. This is an eye-opener: in the future, you cannot do marketing without taking the mobile Internet into consideration." Ing. S. Meacci, President, Italian Marketing Association-AISMCEO Databank "No one understands and explains the market dynamics and forces of m-commerce better than Prof. Lamont. While I've been well aware of the implications of m-commerce in the small, only this book gave me the big, whole picture. This book is the definitive reference for mobile marketing." Steve Tendon, General Partner, Tendon Consulting Group, Sweden "Everyone agrees that the mobile Internet will create a paradigm shift in the ways that we work and live. There is less agreement, however, in where the business opportunities and pitfalls can be found in the wireless pace. Douglas Lamont's Conquering the Wireless World offers a clear and analytical plan to help wireless leaders develop winning marketing plans and strategies." David Jacobson, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal & Organizer of First tuesday and Mobile Wednesdays in Chicago "With passion and precision, Professor Lamont bridges the gap between technology and marketing, and explains the new world of M-Commerce. His book is an "M" read for anyone that needs to know what the future holds for the new business game in town, the wireless Internet." Robert Sexauer, Managing Partner Trans@ctive Partners Ltd. Downers Grove, Illinois

Cover Art
Survival @ E-Speed: a transformation guide for profitable internet and mobile commerce - Peter Morath
Call Number: HF 5548.32 .M674 2001
ISBN: 0077098382
Publication Date: 2001-04-01
Long-term E-business success depends on more than a few simple adjustments; it requires a top-to-bottom, organization-wide transformation. The hands-on Survival @ e-speed examines customer expectations in the e-business environment, looks at emerging best practices, and provides a step-by-step outline for achieving a successful transformation. It features a wide range of practical examples, worksheets, in-depth discussion of mobile portals, recommendations on how to speed up traditionally slow processes, and more.


More E-Commerce Books

Cover Art
Customers Rule! - Roger D. Blackwell; Kristina Stephan
Call Number: HF 5415.33 .U6 B58 2001
ISBN: 0609608657
Publication Date: 2001-06-19
Customers Rule!The high-tech honeymoon is over and customers are choosing the winners today — and it doesn't matter to them whether those businesses operate out of a storefront or reach them through a computer screen. Any company that's still debating whether the future belongs to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores or the dot-coms is probably already losing the battle. Retail executives, consultants, and marketing firms alike have been jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon, proclaiming the end of retail as we know it. The numbers tell a different story. It's become clear that the Internet is not a revolution in retail — it's an evolutionary force and nothing more. No one can deny that the Internet has changed the way we live, communicate, and work, but the Internet is not where the retail war is being waged. Today's battles are being fought supply chain against supply chain. The weapons are consumer-savvy sales, marketing and fulfillment organizations, multichannel retail, distribution and marketing operations, and yes, the Internet. The mission is complex and demands new skills and strategies, but the goal is a simple one: solving customers' problems better than their competitors and with better-than-current solutions. Roger Blackwell and Kristina Stephan have spent years watching, analyzing, and advising the players. InCustomers Rule!they offer case studies that reveal the inside story of successful operations like Victoria's Secret, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom's, Sherwin-Williams, and a dozen other corporations — companies that have created a blended strategy that combines the best of online and offline commerce. They also reveal the flaws that made companies like Boo.com, eToys, and Pets.com road kill on the information superhighway. InCustomers Rule!you'll learn about the crucial operational requirements for success in today's hyperaccelerated, hypercompetitive retail environment, discover how to reach online customers (and keep them once you do), observe successful online and offline branding strategies, and see how successful companies are creating customer satisfaction 24/7, 365 days a year. There's much more, but Blackwell and Stephan's principal message is that a blended strategy which preserves the best of the old and takes the best of the new is the surest way to success.

Cover Art
Cyberlaw and E-Commerce - David Lee Baumer; J. Carl Poindexter
Call Number: KF 888 .B33 2002
ISBN: 0072441208
Publication Date: 2001-07-24
Legal environment is changing in the 21st century, and Cyberlaw and E-Commerce has been created to address the legal issues surrounding the Internet and Electronic Commerce in light of technological changes that have radically altered the legal realities that confront business managers. The text is designed, among other things, to prepare students to manage intellectual property. Cyberlaw and E-commerce is intended for the Legal Environment of Business course for faculty interested in additional material on e-commerce. It could also fit into courses entitled Computers, Law and Society, Internet Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Issues in E-Commerce.

Cover Art
Defending the Brand: aggressive strategies for protecting your brand in the online arena - Brian H. Murray
Call Number: HD 69 .B7 M79 2004
ISBN: 0814407544
Publication Date: 2003-10-31
"Leading brands and the intellectual property of successful organizations are increasingly falling victim to hostile tactics from unscrupulous businesses. Unwanted brand associations, product piracy, and other forms of online brand abuse threaten to alienate consumers and undermine the success of companies in every industry. Defending the Brand introduces strategies being used by companies around the world to fight back and regain control, preserving brand equity and rescuing potentially lost revenue. From marketing and sales initiatives that discourage abuse to how to collect intelligence on possible wrongdoers, this timely book is as valuable as it is fascinating. Punctuated with eye-opening stories from real companies like Home Depot, Disney, the Red Cross, Nintendo, and the Associated Press, Defending the Brand is a call to action for companies unwilling to compromise the power of their brands and the success of their products."

Cover Art
Dictionary of E-Business - Francis Botto
Call Number: HF 5548.32 .B67 2000
ISBN: 0471881457
Publication Date: 2000-09-20
In a fast-moving technical environment like multimedia and the Internet only exactitude can guarantee success. An 'almost correct' specification is a wrong specification. Make total accuracy your IT signature with this invaluable guide. It offers detailed definitions of the bewildering array of terms and phrases relating to the Internet, plus short articles to explain more complex topics. Covering graphics, sound and data- you'll never fall victim to fuzzy thinking again. New and emerging areas are included such as electronic commerce, security, creating DVD discs, and briefs on new business applications and services. No need to risk disastrous misinterpretation when one can have total accuracy at one's fingertips. Over 2500 references and 35 illustrations Explains new and emerging technologies Bridges the gap between definition and explanation Provides useful tradename information In-depth entries illuminate specific topics

Cover Art
E-Business Best Practices: leveraging technology for business advantage - Stewart McKie
Call Number: HD 30.37 .M393 2001
ISBN: 0471402516
Publication Date: 2001-04-26
Provides managers with a road map for evaluating e-business technologies and developing winning e-business strategies In a world where you're either in e-business or out of business, this book is an indispensable resource for companies to see what ways e-business technology is being implemented with the best results. E-Business Best Practices is not an implementation guide, but a road map for business exchange agents and employees charged with figuring out e-business strategies and evaluating e-business software. Written by a business technology consultant who, over the past twenty years, has worked with dozens of companies in the United States and Europe, this book provides readers with a comprehensive look at best practices in e-business technology around the world. Stewart McKie (Shaftesbury, UK) has been in the business of marketing, implementing, and designing business management software since 1982. He is the Technology Editor for Business Finance magazine and the author of Wiley's Client/Server Accounting (0-471-15784-8).

Cover Art
eBrands: building an Internet business at breakneck speed - Phil Carpenter
Call Number: HD 69 .B7 C37 2000
ISBN: 0875849296
Publication Date: 2000-05-01
This text focuses on internet brand strategies with best practices of top brands. It argues that a powerful electronic brand is just as essential as strong on-line service and traditional businesses must invest in all facets of corporate brand development on the Internet.

Cover Art
Selling Online: how to become a successful e-commerce merchant - Dearborn Financial Publishing Staff (Contribution by); Rick Broadhead; Jim Carroll
Call Number: HF 5548.32 .C363 2001
ISBN: 0793145171
Publication Date: 2001-03-14
Whether your organization is large or small, Selling Online is a perfect resource for any employee or entrepreneur interested in building a successful, profitable, and sustainable online retail business.In Selling Online, Carroll and Broadhead discuss what makes an online business fail or triumph. From the nuts and bolts of how to build a site to an in depth look at merchant accounts, a systematic business plan walks you through the complex issues of doing business over the Internet.

Cover Art
The PayPal Wars battles with eBay, the media, the mafia, and the rest of planet Earth - Eric M. Jackson
Call Number: HD 9696 .E574 P395 2004
ISBN: 0974670103
Publication Date: 2004-09-15
When PayPal launched its online payment service and set out to overhaul global currency markets it successfully weathered the dot-com bust and a fierce competitive struggle with the auction giant eBay. But hordes of government regulators, trial lawyers, and organized crime rings soon targeted PayPal for destruction, turning its quest to make Internet history into a desperate struggle for survival.


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