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Business Research Accounting - Company  

Useful links and sites on Business research.
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Books from the Warner University Library


Business Books

Cover Art
101 Ways to Turn Your Business Green - Rich Mintzer
Call Number: HD 30.255 .M56 2008
ISBN: 1599182637
Publication Date: 2008-09-05
Seasoned author Rich Mintzer presents you with 101 ways to turn your current company into a more successful, sustainable, environmentally-friendly business.

Cover Art
21st Century Business : managing and working in the new digital economy - James W. Cortada
Call Number: HF 5548.2 .C6738 2001
ISBN: 0130305693
Publication Date: 2000-08-14
In a time of unremitting, accelerating technological change, James W. Cortada offers a calm, intelligent path through the wilderness, helping managers understand the big picture and successfully manage the transition to the Internet economy. Cortada shows how to get past the glitter and hype associated with innovation, and leverage the best of the new technologies, without abandoning management fundamentals that are more important today than ever. Cortada demonstrates how to manage and work as your firm transforms itself from an Industrial Age enterprise to an eBusiness -- describing exactly what is changing, how to live in both worlds, and where your future sources of profit and personal success are most likely to come from. Cortada offers new insights into the role of knowledge in a services-centric economy, shows how learning organizations and Internet technologies are transforming work, and demonstrates how to use these new technologies to generate value through smarter, more efficient supply chains. 21st Century Business shows which traditional management practices are still valuable, and which must change -- presenting a street-wise set of proven strategies, guidelines, examples, and tips for every manager.

Cover Art
50 best business ideas of the last 50 years - Wallis, Ian
Call Number: HF 5415.153 .A15 2011
ISBN: 1854586718
Publication Date: 2011
50 Best Business Ideas takes a look back at the business world over the past 50 years, revealing the ideas and innovations that have changed how we do business - from the humble post-it note that we still use and love today to the revolutionary fax machine that changed business for the better and formed the beginnings of the speedier, fast moving business world as we know it today. 50 Best Business Ideas takes a look at the ideas, inventions and innovative practices that made an impact in the business world. Selected by a panel of top business leaders, entrepreneurs, journalists and inventors, this book is the definitive history of the ideas and inventions that shaped the business world over the past 50 years... 50 Best Business Ideas profiles how the inspirational concept came about, its development and the hurdles it faced to its ultimate impact on the business and consumer world at the time - plus where it sits today in the business arena and its future in the ever changing and developing landscape of business."

Cover Art
Achieving Success Through Social Capital tapping the hidden resources in your personal and business networks - Wayne E. Baker
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 B349 2000
ISBN: 0787953091
Publication Date: 2000-08-01
A Book in the University of Michigan Business School Series You can build it. You can use it. You'll prosper if you do. Discover a step-by-step program for tapping the hidden resources in your business, professional, and personal networks: your social capital. Here, an expert on building connections shows how building rich social capital produces higher pay, faster promotions, better jobs, breakthrough ideas, new business opportunities, and profitable companies.You'll learn how to develop your own social capital and use it to attain your personal and professional goals and, in the process, enhance your own health and emotional well-being.

Cover Art
Battleground: business - Michael L. Walden; Peg Thoms
Call Number: HF 1008 .B38 2007 v.1 - v.2
ISBN: 9780313340659
Publication Date: 2007-10-01
Business is one of the most potent cultural forces today, profoundly affecting every facet of our lives whether we are working in a corporate environment or not. This book surveys some of the most controversial issues and topics central to the contemporary business world. Included are more than 70 alphabetically arranged entries written by expert contributors. Each entry explores a topic's relevance and influence, highlights opposing viewpoints, provides sidebars of interesting information, and lists resources for further research. For students and general readers, this book is an engaging, accessible, and essential resource on the role of business in society. Globalization. Outsourcing. Downsizing. These are some of the economic issues at the center of today's society. Time after time, we see that business is one of the most powerful forces in the modern world, profoundly affecting every facet of our lives whether we work in a corporate environment or not. Because in one way or another the world is all about economics, students need to understand and appreciate the role of business in their lives. This book overviews the most important topics and issues characterizing the role of business in today's society. Included are alphabetically arranged entries on more than 70 critical issues or topics central to the role of business in our lives. Each is written by an expert contributor and provides a summary of the topic's relevance and influence, a consideration of opposing viewpoints, and a list of resources for further research. For students and general readers, this book is an engaging, accessible, and essential resource on the role of business in everyday life.

Cover Art
Best Practice ideas and insights from the world's foremost business thinkers. - Perseus Publishing Staff; Tom Brown; Robert Heller; Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Call Number: HD 31 .B426 2003
ISBN: 0738208221
Publication Date: 2003-05-08
Best Practice puts the expertise and insight of the world's business thought leaders in your hands. Featuring 100 original essays and interviews, Best Practice captures the state of the art in management thinking and practice today-from Warren Bennis on "the four critical aspects of leadership" to Jim Collins on "growing from good to great" to Thomas Stewart on "managing intellectual capital." Edited by internationally recognized management journalists Tom Brown and Bob Heller, and featuring an introduction by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Best Practice offers unique access to the issues and ideas that will drive business forward into the twenty-first century.

Cover Art
Beyond Teams : building the collaborative organization - Michael M. Beyerlein; Susan Freedman; Craig McGee; Linda Moran
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 B49 2003
ISBN: 0787963739
Publication Date: 2002-09-17
"Finally, a book that goes beyond the ′how-to′ of team building and answers the critical question, ′How do I create a collaborative organization that reaps the harvest of long-term investment in teams?′ The ′ten principles of collaborative organizations′ outlined in this book are invaluable." <br /> -- Seth McCutcheon, CEO, Domicile Design Group LLC <br /> <br /> The flagship book for the new Collaborative Work Systems Series, Beyond Teams provides an overview of this growing field, defines the basic principles, and points the direction toward a series of books. You′ll find a framework designed to help you understand the potential and the means of achieving it throughout the key functions of business.

Cover Art
Black Faces in White Places: 10 game-changing strategies to achieve success and find greatness - Randal Pinkett; Jeffrey Robinson; Philana Patterson
Call Number: E 185.625 .P52 2011
ISBN: 9780814416808
Publication Date: 2010-10-27
If the name Randal Pinkett sounds familiar, it may be because Pinkett was the first African-American winner on The Apprentice. When he won, this black man also became the only contestant to be asked to share his victory—with a white woman. The request (and Pinkett’s subsequent refusal) set off a firestorm of controversy that inevitably focused on the issue of race in the American workplace and in society. For generations, African-Americans have been told that to succeed, they need to work twice as hard as everyone else. But as millions of black Americans were reminded by Pinkett’s experience, sometimes hard work is not enough. Black Faces in White Placesis about “the game”—that is, the competitive world in which we all live and work. The book offers 10 revolutionary strategies for playing, mastering, and changing the game for the current generation, while undertaking a wholesale redefinition of the rules for those who will follow. It is not only about shattering the old “glass ceiling,” but also about examining the four dimensions of the contemporary black experience: identity, society, meritocracy, and opportunity. Ultimately, it is about changing the very concept of success itself. Based on the authors’ considerable experiences in business, in the public eye, and in the minority, the book shows how African-American professionals can (and must) think and act both Entrepreneurially and “Intrapreneurially,” combine their collective strengths with the wisdom of others, and plant the seeds of a positive and lasting legacy.

Cover Art
Breaking into the Boys' Club : 8 ways for women to get ahead in business - Molly D. Shepard; Jane K. Stimmler; Peter J. Dean
Call Number: HD 6053 .S417 2009
ISBN: 9781590771433
Publication Date: 2009-05-16
Breaking into the Boys' Club is the ultimate guide to success for women in business. No matter what stage in your career or what job position you hold, this book offers you practical, relatable ways to evaluate your work style and workplace culture in order to better understand behavior that may be holding you back from advancing in your field. Based on extensive research, Breaking into the Boys' Club offers compelling stories, quizzes, and tips to help diagnose issues and discover powerful, step-by-step solutions to irksome office challenges. Written by leadership coaches who have "been there and seen that," this book contains straight talk about the mistakes women make and how to fix them in order to achieve more personal and professional satisfaction and success. And what about African American women? These women encounter the same issues and challenges as other corporate women-and more. The book covers the special challenges faced by these women, their relationships with business colleagues, and how they can become more comfortable within their corporate cultures. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Breakthroughhow great companies set outrageous objectives, and achieve them - Bill Davidson
Call Number: HD 58.8 .D366 2004
ISBN: 0471454400
Publication Date: 2003-11-03
<b>Breakthrough</b> will help executives lead their teams to peerless, unsurpassed performance by helping them define a grand goal and engage the organization to pursue and achieve that goal, no matter how difficult the challenge seems. Based on a ten-year landmark study of more than seventy bold, breakthrough companies such as IBM, Dayton-Hudson, Progressive Insurance, EMC, American Standard, Charles Schwab, and Dell Computer, the book shows how these remarkable companies adopted outrageous objectives and then did what it takes to achieve remarkable results.

Cover Art
Bridging the Culture Gap: a practical guide to business communication - Penny Carte; Chris Fox; Canning (Firm) Staff (Contribution by); IOD Staff
Call Number: HF 5389 .C36 2004
ISBN: 0749441704
Publication Date: 2004-06-28
Praise and Reviews "As an American who has worked in Europe for the past 3 years, I find Bridging the Culture Gap to be a practical guide for communicating and influencing across cultures. The authors use authentic and engaging anecdotes, which will help readers to understand their own culture, and other`s reactions to it in the context of everyday business." Gary Kuusisto, Director, European Learning & Development, The Gillette Company "This book gives you a practical insight into cross-cultural communication in business today, based in part on the Canning team`s deep experience in training over 1,000 managers and specialists in a unique Franco-Japanese adventure. Every International professional should find food for thought in this book." Francois Foix, Human Resources Coordinator, Renault-Nissan "Full of real-life examples and practical advice which reflects the experience and skills of its masterful but unpretentious authors." Andreas Molck-Ude, Head of Africa and Middle East Division, Munich Re "Canning offers tough and intensive training, but brilliant results. I believe this book will do the same thing for anyone looking for success in cross-cultural business." Takashi Kashiwagi, Head of Global Regulatory Approvals and Marketing Support, Aventis Japan As globalization gathers momentum, the contact between business people from other countries is becoming more frequent. The more national boundaries a company crosses, the greater the scope for misunderstanding and conflict. To succeed internationally, it is essential to be able to break the barriers of culture, language and set patterns of thinking. Bridging the Culture Gap, written by two of Canning's most experienced trainers, is a distillation of many years' work and is based on the real-life business situations of their international clients. You'll find out how to: interpret the party line communicate with style get your message across play the conversation game be sensitive to other cultures mind your manners avoid the usual faux pas win the deal and so much more. Packed with fascinating cases, cultural awareness scales, communication style tests and practical tips, this lively guide will help anyone - of any nationality - to become a better communicator. Whether you're planning to give a presentation to a cross-cultural group or about to negotiate with an overseas client, Bridging the Culture Gap will ensure that your cultural awareness antennae are well tuned.

Cover Art
Building a Business Through Good Times and Bad: lessons from 15 companies, each with a century of dividends - Louis H. Grossman; Marianne M. Jennings
Call Number: HF 5386 .G784 2002
ISBN: 1567205194
Publication Date: 2002-11-30
Grossman and Jennings examine 15 industrial companies and find unique characteristics in their values and management styles--characteristics that other companies would be wise to understand and emulate. Each of the example companies knew they were in business to make money. Dynamic, questioning, and actively in step with society's changes, they constantly asked themselves one critical question: What business are we in? The answers they found, the principles of management they discovered and practiced, and the values they recognized and adopted all led to prosperity. In the current age of gurus, buzzwords, and fad theories, these companies' stories reaffirm that there are notions, principles, and management techniques that have proved themselves over time and can lead an organization toward a profitable, enduring corporate life. The authors offer frank insights into how businesses survive and grow. Anecdotal but based on solid research, with clarifying diagrams and other illustrations, this book is a major contribution to our understanding of the past, and a view of what is best in the future of today's organizations.

Cover Art
Business as Mission: a comprehensive guide to theory and practice - C. Neal Johnson; Steven Rundle (Foreword by)
Call Number: HF 5388 .J64 2009
ISBN: 9780830838653
Publication Date: 2010-01-08
Business as mission (BAM) is a mission strategy whose time has come. As global economics become increasingly interconnected, Christian business people and entrepreneurs have unanticipated opportunities to build kingdom-strategic business ventures. But Christian companies and business leaders do not automatically accomplish missional purposes. BAM requires mastery of both the world of business and the world of missions, merging and contextualizing both into something significantly different than either alone.C. Neal Johnson offers the first comprehensive guide to business as mission for practitioners. He provides conceptual foundations for understanding BAM's unique place in global mission and prerequisites for engaging in it. Then he offers practical resources for how to do BAM, including strategic planning and step-by-step operational implementation. Drawing on a wide variety of BAM models, Johnson works through details of both mission and business realities, with an eye to such issues as management, sustainability and accountability. Business as mission is a movement with enormous potential. This book breaks new ground in how faith and work intersect and are lived out in crosscultural contexts, where job creation and community transformation go hand in hand. Come, participate in what may well be one of the most strategic mission paradigms of the 21st century.

Cover Art
Business Etiquette for Dummies - Sue Fox
Call Number: HF 5389 .F696 2001
ISBN: 0764552821
Publication Date: 2000-11-21
Offering a clear, concice format with a dash of humour, this guide to good business etiquette shows how to behave professionally in any situation, avoiding embarrassment and learning to handle communication more effectively in situations ranging from dealing with e-mail challenges to entertaining foreign clients.

Cover Art
Business for the Common Good: a Christian vision for the marketplace - Kenman L. Wong; Scott B. Rae
Call Number: HF 5388 .W66 2011
ISBN: 9780830828166
Publication Date: 2011-03-01
Is business just a way to make money? Or can the marketplace a venue for service to others? Scott B. Rae and Kenman L. Wong seek to explore this and other critical business issues from a uniquely Christian perspective, offering up a vision for work and service that is theologically grounded and practically oriented. Among the specific questions they address along the way are these:What implications does the Christian story have for the vision, mission or sense of purpose that shapes business engagement?What parts of business can be affirmed and practiced "as is" and what parts need to be rejected or transformed?What challenges exist as attempts are made to live out Christian ideals in a broken world characterized by tight margins, fierce competition and short-term investor pressures?How do Christian values inform specific functional areas of business such as the management of people, marketing and environmental sustainability?Business can be even more than an environment through which individual Christians grow in Christlikeness. In this book you'll discover how it can also be a means toward serving the common good.

Cover Art
Business History Around the World at the turn of the twenty-first century - Franco Amatori (Editor); Geoffrey Jones (Editor)
Call Number: HC 59.15 .B88 2003
ISBN: 052182107X
Publication Date: 2003-09-18
This 2003 book offered the first in-depth international survey of contemporary research and debates in business history. Over the two decades leading to its publication, enormous advances had been made in writing the history of business enterprise and business systems. Historians are documenting and analyzing the evolution of a wide range of important companies and systems, their patterns of innovation, production, and distribution, their financial affairs, their political activities, and their social impact. Each essay is written by a prominent authority who provides an assessment of the state and significance of research in his or her area. This volume is a reference work that will be of immense value to historians, economists, management researchers, and others concerned to access the latest insights on the evolution of business throughout the world.

Cover Art
Business Through the Eyes of Faith - Richard C. Chewning
Call Number: HF 5388 .C54 1990
ISBN: 0060613505
Publication Date: 1990-09-14
Is capitalism Christian? Is there a Christian perspective on business? How should a Christian use power in the workplace? In addressing such difficult questions as these, Business Through the Eyes of Faith demonstrates how God can dwell at the center of one's life even in the secular marketplace.Here is pragmatic affirmation of the role that committed Christians can play in the business world. The authors stress the connections between Christian principles and good management and provide biblical passages that support their principles and relate them to the practical issues faced by Christian managers. Issues such as employee motivation, workplace communication, business leadership, the role of profit, and social responsibility are all addressed in concrete terms and reinforced by short vignettes, suggested biblical passages to explore, and commentaries from contemporary theorists and practitioners.Business Through the Eyes of Faith shows that business can and should be a reflection of God's kingdom. It is an invaluable resource for Christian business students, managers, and those who wish to understand the concerns and motives of Christians in the business world.


More Business Books

Cover Art
Business, Religion, and Spirituality: a new synthesis - Oliver F. Williams (Editor)
Call Number: HF 5388 .B87 2003
ISBN: 0268021740
Publication Date: 2003-07-01
Spirituality seems to be a basic human good essential for human flourishing. This work raises questions about spirituality in the workplace. What are the moral questions that should guide leaders? Is spirituality being treated as simply an instrumental good, valued for its usefulness in enhancing productivity and well-being? What are the responsibilities of business leaders? Of business schools and their faculty? This work reflects on these and other pertinent questions.

Cover Art
Dogfight : how Apple and Google went to war and started a revolution - Fred Vogelstein
Call Number: HD 9696.2 .A2 V64 2013
ISBN: 9780374109202
Publication Date: 2013-11-12
Behind the bitter rivalry between Apple and Google--and how it's reshaping the way we think about technology The rise of smartphones and tablets has altered the industry of making computers. At the center of this change are Apple and Google, two companies whose philosophies, leaders, and commercial acumen have steamrolled the competition. In the age of Android and the iPad, these corporations are locked in a feud that will play out not just in the mobile marketplace but in the courts and on screens around the world. Fred Vogelstein has reported on this rivalry for more than a decade and has rare access to its major players. In Dogfight, he takes us into the offices and board rooms where company dogma translates into ruthless business; behind outsize personalities like Steve Jobs, Apple's now-lionized CEO, and Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman; and inside the deals, lawsuits, and allegations that mold the way we communicate. Apple and Google are poaching each other's employees. They bid up the price of each other's acquisitions for spite, and they forge alliances with major players like Facebook and Microsoft in pursuit of market dominance. Dogfight reads like a novel: vivid nonfiction with never-before-heard details. This is more than a story about what devices will replace our cell phones and laptops. It's about who will control the content on those devices and where that content will come from--about the future of media and the Internet in Silicon Valley, New York, and Hollywood.

Cover Art
The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business : an encyclopedia - Quentin R. Skrabec
Call Number: HF 3021 .S57 2012
ISBN: 9780313398629
Publication Date: 2012-05-04
This reference book details the top 100 groundbreaking events in the history of American business, featuring case studies of successful companies who challenged traditional operating paradigms, historical perspectives on labor laws, management practices, and economic climates, and an examination of the impact of these influences on today's business practices. * Chronology of key events in the history of American business from 1630 to the present * Helpful sidebars of the evolution of key terms used today * Comprehensive index includes category, company names, personal names, and cross references to other events * Suggestions for further reading for each article * 10 relevant charts and tables * Appendix of relevant sources * 80 key primary documents supporting major events in American business

Cover Art
The 80-20 Individual: how to accomplish more by doing less - the nine essentials of 80/20 success at work - Richard Koch
Call Number: HD 53 .K625 2003
ISBN: 038550957X
Publication Date: 2003-08-19
A new 21st century individualism is overtaking “corporation-as-king” capitalism, transforming the way we work and live. Today, real power rests in the hands of creative individuals like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg, who are changing the world one great idea at a time. In THE 80/20 INDIVIDUAL, Richard Koch reveals the secret of their success: they discovered what they do better than anyone else and rode it for all its worth. In this inspiring sequel to his classic bestseller THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE, Koch shows how to maximize success in your career and life by using the proven principle that 80 percent of changes in the world result from the most powerful 20 percent of actions and ideas. He’ll show how to use your own powerful “20 percent spike” – your most creative ideas and unique skills – to measure the amount of value you bring to your employer, clients or customers. For most people, there is a huge disparity between their intrinsic value and the compensation they receive for their efforts. THE 80/20 INDIVIDUAL shows how to narrow that gap. Drawing from his own success as an entrepreneur, as well as from the stories of scores of companies and individuals who have flourished as a result of an 80/20 mind-set, Koch offers a step-by-step method to remodeling a career or existing business, or creating a new one – one that most benefits you. He provides valuable insights on finding 80/20 partners, hiring 80/20 employees, and running an 80/20 business. By building a team that supports your efforts and excels in areas where you lack experience or knowledge, you’ll be able to focus your time and energy on your strengths. Productivity and profits will soar because you’ll be doing what you do best and enjoy the most. By using the 80/20 strategies outlined in the book, you can take control of your career and financial future.

Cover Art
The Basic Business Library: core resources. - Rashelle S. Karp (Editor); Bernard S. Schlessinger (Editor)
Call Number: Z 675 .B8 B37 2002
ISBN: 1573565121
Publication Date: 2002-12-30
The fourth edition contains an updated core list of the best current business resources, as well as a collection of new essays on important topics in business librarianship. Entries in the core list provide full bibliographic information, online ordering information, brief descriptions of authority and scope, and brief evaluations of the works' strengths and weaknesses. The essays cover such topics as: Marketing the business library Organizing business libraries and information centers Acquiring business books Developing a business reference collection Accessing government documents Evaluating online and investment resources Assessing the state of business libraries in 2001 This volume will serve as a checklist of essential business reference tools that smaller libraries can use to evaluate their collections, and provides a guide to the best practices for smaller libraries seeking to begin or expand a business reference collection. The collection of essay also makes the book useful for library science courses in business reference."

Cover Art
The Best Business Books Ever: the 100 most influential management books you'll never have time to read. - Perseus Publishing Staff
Call Number: Z 675 .B8 B48 2003
ISBN: 0738208493
Publication Date: 2003-07-10
From The Art of War to Being Digital - the 100 books that have shaped management thinking and practice. Given the urgency and immediacy of so many business problems and challenges, a solid grounding in the history and evolution of business thinking will help managers separate fad from fact and apply the cumulative wisdom of the writers whose ideas have demonstrated profound and lasting impact. From Sun Tzu's timeless Art of War to the inventors of modern management in the 1920s-'40s to the books that have the captured the New Economy Zeitgeist, this volume illuminates the key ideas and contributions of the 100 books that should form the basis of any manager's, business student's, or entrepreneur's library. It places both historical and contemporary works in context and draws fascinating parallels and points of connection between books from different places and times, all of which have contributed to our collective understanding and practice of the art of management.

Cover Art
The Big Bing black holes of time management, gaseous executive bodies, exploding careers and other theories on the origins of the business universe - Stanley Bing
Call Number: HD 58.7 .B53 2003
ISBN: 0060529555
Publication Date: 2003-10-21
A mandatory addition to the library of everyone who works for a living (or would like to).For twenty years, Stanley Bing has offered insight, wisdom, and advice from inside the belly of one of the great corporate beasts. In one essential volume, here is all you need to know to master your career, your life, and, when necessary, other weaker life forms.Bing knows whereof he speaks. He has lived the last two decades working inside a gigantic multinational corporation, kicking and screaming all the way up the ladder. During that time, he has seen it all -- mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, the death of the three-martini lunch -- and has himself been painfully reengineered a number of times. He has made a million friends and seen many of them prosper and grow, and sadly seen others sink into consultancy. He has eaten and drunk way too much, stayed in hotels far too good for him, waited for limousines in the pouring rain, and enjoyed it all. Sort of. Most important, Bing has seen management at its best and worst, and he has practiced both as he made the transition from an inexperienced player who hated pompous senior management to a polished strategist who kind of sees its point of view now and then.Bing's many fans from his days at Esquire and those who enjoy his current column in Fortune know that his take on the workplace is pure storytelling at its best -- sophisticated, amusing, and driven by the kind of insight that only a true insider can possess.The Big Bingprovides a corporate mole's-eye view of the society in which we all live and toil, creating one of the most entertaining, thought-provoking, and just plain funny bodies of work in contemporary letters.

Cover Art
The Business Meetings Sourcebook: a practical guide to better meetings and shared decision making - Eli Mina
Call Number: HF 5734.5 .B87 2002
ISBN: 081440670X
Publication Date: 2002-09-27
This is a practical guide to planning, launching and steering meetings to their most productive destinations. It shows the reader how to continually improve meetings with proven strategies and features immediately applicable solutions.

Cover Art
The Business of America - John Steele Gordon
Call Number: HC 103 .G67 2001
ISBN: 0802713831
Publication Date: 2001-05-01
For more than ten years, John Steele Gordon has written the widely read "The Business of America" column in American Heritage magazine. Marked by a combination of erudition, wit, and eloquence, Gordon's stories have celebrated the high points, and occasional low points, in the history of business in this country, from colonial days to the present. Now, the best of his mini-histories have been gathered in one volume. As much as each stands on its own, together they gain in significance as they go beyond mere business to present an intriguing lens on the broad sweep of American history. Gordon deftly connects the past with the present as he compares Frederick Philipse's successful cornering of the wampum market in 1666 with the Hunt brothers' failed attempt to corner the silver market in 1979. He looks anew at famous industrialists like Cornelius Vanderbilt and Henry Ford, and uncovers little-remembered heroes such as Oliver Evans, the founding father of the American industrial revolution, and Samuel Slater, who launched the textile industry in this country. He revels alike in the stories of philanthropist Peter Cooper, inventor Alexander Graham Bell, and the father of television syndication, Desi Arnaz. Gordon reveals how broad trends have developed (government debt and inflation, for example) and how specific words (boondoggle, pork barrel) have entered our language. He even tells the story of America's greatest cheese, Liederkranz, now lost forever. In addition to being a superb historian, John Steele Gordon is a great storyteller. Surveying almost 400 years of enterprise on this continent, The Business of America makes invaluable connections between eras and allows us a new appreciation of the richness of the American story.

Cover Art
The World's Newest Profession: management consulting in the twentieth century - Christopher D. McKenna
Call Number: HD 69 .C6 M395 2006
ISBN: 0521810396
Publication Date: 2006-06-19
In The World's Newest Profession Christopher McKenna offers a history of management consulting in the twentieth century. Although management consulting may not yet be a recognized profession, the leading consulting firms have been advising and reshaping the largest organizations in the world since the 1920s. This groundbreaking study details how the elite consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company and Booz Allen & Hamilton, expanded after US regulatory changes during the 1930s, how they changed giant corporations, nonprofits, and the state during the 1950s, and why consultants became so influential in the global economy after 1960. As they grew in number, consultants would introduce organizations to 'corporate culture' and 'decentralization' but they faced vilification for their role in the Enron crisis and for legitimating corporate blunders. Through detailed case studies based on unprecedented access to internal files and personal interviews, The World's Newest Profession explores how management consultants came to be so influential within our culture and explains exactly what consultants really do in the global economy.

Cover Art
Twitter Revolutionhow social media and mobile marketing is changing the way we do business & market online - Warren Whitlock; Deborah Micek
Call Number: HF 5415.1265 .M53 2008
ISBN: 9781934275078
Publication Date: 2008-10-15
Imagine a simple tool that allows you to create profitable relationships with like-minded people around the country, and around the world. Now imagine doing that in tight little messages of 140-characters or less. That's the power of Twitter. In the Twitter Revolution, you'll fast track your success on the hottest social media network - whether you're a business owner, sales professional, or politician trying to get your message out, you'll learn: How to attract a flood of Followers/Fans/Clients, How to make yourself Follow-Worthy, Time savings applications to increase your Twitter efficiency and improve your user experience, How to market, brand yourself and increase your influence using social media as a free PR tool. Twitter is one of the most popular word-of-mouth new media channels; this book shows you exactly how to put it to work for you. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Wisdom of the CEO 29 global leaders tackle today's most pressing business challenges - G. William Dauphinais; Grady Means; Colin Price
Call Number: HD 38.2 .D377 2000
ISBN: 0471357626
Publication Date: 2000-01-24
How Will Yahoo! Stay on Top in the Twenty-First Century? Sony? DuPont? Why Not Ask Their CEOs? Wisdom of the CEO introduces you to 29 visionaries who are actively changing today′s business paradigm. These top global business leaders explain how they are confronting the eight key issues driving business today-Globalization, Growth, Shareholder Value, Innovation, E-Business, Disruptive Technology, Organization, and Knowledge Management-and give you valuable guidance for maintaining and strengthening your own company′s market share. Listen to the voices of experience as they discuss hot-button issues including:<br /> ∗ The Internet-How will e-commerce change customer demands and expectations? K. Blake Darcy, CEO of online trading powerhouse DLJdirect, explains the new rules.<br /> ∗ Shareholder Value-Can a leader focus all of a company′s strategic efforts on shareholder value? Sir Brian Pitman explains how managers throughout the Lloyds organization-acting as value-creation strategists-are helping him to do just that.<br /> ∗ Disruptive Technology-Can established companies exploit disruptive technologies as effectively as their start-up competitors? CEO Roger G. Ackerman reveals how Corning can-and does.<br /> PricewaterhouseCoopers is renowned for its commitment to helping world-class companies make better business decisions and hone their competitive strategies. With Wisdom of the CEO, Dauphinais, Means, and Price assemble an impressive, unprecedented gathering of today′s leading business minds to discuss the trends that are propelling global business into the twenty-first century-and how they are positioning their companies to take full advantage of those trends.

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Women in Business: the changing face of leadership - Patricia Werhane; Margaret Heffernan (Foreword by); Elizabeth Powell; Laurel Ofstein; Margaret Posig; Lisa Gundry
Call Number: HD 6054.3 .W636 2007
ISBN: 9780275994549
Publication Date: 2007-10-01
Female executives of large companies are still in short supply in the U.S., but they have made great strides in recent years and their number is growing. Patricia Werhane and four other leadership experts interviewed twenty-two prominent women--including executives at Kraft, Boeing, and Harley Davidson--to uncover their leadership styles, reveal their most effective practices, and find out how they broke through the glass ceiling. This celebration of stellar executives highlights their achievements, the values and visions that guide them, and the contributions they've made to both their companies and industries. Besides enjoying fascinating stories, readers--both men and women--will gain insights that help them manage and lead better. Despite enormous strides in the status of women in business, female CEOs of "Fortune" 500 companies can be counted on two hands, and less than 15 percent of "Fortune" 500 board seats are held by women. These daunting statistics, however, belie another phenomenon: The iceberg of male domination in the boardroom is beginning to break up and melt. More and more women are assuming positions of real leadership. And it's none too soon. With the increasing diversity of the workforce, businesses need the wisdom successful female executives can offer. To encourage more women to step up to the plate, this book tells many stories of perseverance and inventiveness. But it digs deeper to reveal common qualities and characteristics that reflect a style of leadership that is in stark contrast--in every major dimension, from communication styles to team building to crisis management--to the traditional, white-male model that has dominated practice, theory, and management education. While men tend to be transactional leaders, the women profiled in this book are nothing less than inspiring, transformational leaders. The result is an incisive, engaging, thought-provoking, and ultimately empowering narrative that will serve as a guide for women now entering, progressing, and leading in the workplace--as well as the men with whom they work.

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Working Across Cultures - John Hooker
Call Number: HM 1211 .H66 2004
ISBN: 0804748071
Publication Date: 2003-07-30
Cultural understanding is indispensable for people who live and work abroad or in multicultural settings, but few have appropriate knowledge and training in this area. Working Across Cultures addresses this need. Suitable for general readers yet intellectually challenging, the book illustrates how to thrive in unfamiliar cultures by understanding and tapping into the stress management mechanisms used by the people who live there. The book begins by refuting the notion that professional life interacts with culture only at the level of etiquette. Distinguishing between rule-based and relationship-based cultures, the author examines the roles of authority, individualism, competition, security, negotiation, contracts, supervision, lifestyle, and even humor in different cultures. He shows how different concepts of time, space, information, and wealth shape everyday life across cultures. The book concludes with a comprehensive reading list for more than one hundred countries.

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Working with You Is Killing Me freeing yourself from emotional traps at work - Katherine Crowley; Kathi Elster
Call Number: HF 5548.8 .C685 2006
ISBN: 0446576743
Publication Date: 2006-03-07
This authoritative manual provides valuable insights for turning conflicts inthe workplace into productive working relationships.

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Workplace Communication for the 21st Century : tools and strategies that impact the bottom line - Jason S. Wrench (Editor)
Call Number: HD 30.3 .W667 2013 v.1-v.2
ISBN: 9780313396311
Publication Date: 2012-11-01
Written in clear, non-technical language, this book explains how employees and employers can maximize internal and external organizational communication—for both personal benefit and to the entity as a whole.

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World View: global strategies for the new economy - Jeffrey E. Garten (Editor)
Call Number: HD 62.4 .W67 2000
ISBN: 1578511852
Publication Date: 2000-01-02
Discusses on how to globalize to survive in the economy. This title offers examples of strategies and best practices used by successful companies worldwide in moving toward global markets.

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Write to the Point: how to communicate in business with style and purpose - Salvatore J. Iacone
Call Number: HF 5718.3 .I236 2003
ISBN: 0785820930
Publication Date: 2003-01-01
Write to the Point is an informal, step-by-step guide to improving the writing skills of business and technical professionals for both traditional and modern electronic forms of written communication. The goal of this guide is to help you to write with greater ease, precision and clarity. All levels of business and technical personnel whose writing skills are essential to job performance and productivity will find this easy-to-read guide invaluable and immediately useful for their daily needs! Write to the Point will also benefit the general writer, those for whom English is a second language, and students preparing to write college entry essays. Book jacket.

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Writing Winning Business Proposals: Your Guide to Landing the Client, Making the Sale, Persuading the Boss - Richard C. Freed; Shervin Freed; Joe Romano
Call Number: HF 5718.5 .F74 2003
ISBN: 9780071396875
Publication Date: 2003-04-16
Gives you the skills, tactics, and strategies you need to write proposals that will win new clients, make sales, or convince your boss that your idea will revolutionize the company. It provides the tools and expertise you need to understand the baseline logic to determine your buyer's desired results.


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